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Don’t Certify Electors and Electoral College Vote Without Full Recount


Don’t Certify Electors and Electoral College Vote Without Full Recount

Marjorie Cohn, Jeanne Mirer

The American people deserve to know that the outcome of this election is actually valid.

We are tired of hearing the pundits say that the election is over and there is nothing we can do when there are significant questions raised by the recounts that have been going on in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, as well issues raised in a recent lawsuit seeking a recount in Florida.


"The American people deserve to know that the outcome of this election is actually valid." That'll be a first.

and this is because Hillary didn't win, no? Maybe the Ds should have thought about all this when they were cheating Sanders out of the primary. Ya got no one to blame but yerselves.


I agree they did the fix and that should come out too, while the recount is going on. All of these areas are tampered with, they should all be exposed at once.


I like the way you think. How's it go: what's good for the goose is good for the gander too.


Its a hot mess I tell ya, a frickin' hot mess.
I feel like a burn patient that has had all of the bandages ripped off at once.
Has there been shenanigans, by both Dnc and Rnc, well hell yes.
Will we, the people ever get to know the truth? Time (and a hell of a lot of money spent) will tell...
A big, ugly hot mess.


"Hillary Clinton has garnered almost 3 million more popular votes than Donald Trump."

Good thing California voted overwhelmingly for her with almost 4 million votes. We wouldn't be having this argument otherwise.


AMEN! There is no possible way that Dumptruck won this election without the " fix" he so often ranted about. With T-dump the prez-elect, does he now think the fix was in? He knows he lost the popular vote by 2.7 MILLION votes but he goes to twitter to claim that there over 2 million illegal votes cast. At least 20 states come into question...all of which use electronic voting machines, gerrymandered districts, changed/closed/moved polling centers without notice, added restrictive voter id laws, and otherwise attempted to disenfranchise voters: elderly, people of color including Native Americans, African American, and Hispanic Americans and they just happen to blood red states!


"the CIA reported the intent of the Russians to influence the results of the election". This kind of thing weakens the case for a thorough recount. Since the CIA has provided no evidence.

Problems like no vote recorded for president in Detroit and Flint balloting argue for a recount of course, but the neoMcCarthyism above doesn't help.


I am certainly tired of hearing that.

There are numerous problems with the 2016 Presidential election, that in itself is a problem. Where do you go to find the answers - which path do you take?

There are three core problems, as I see it.

1) Propaganda: this comes in many flavors, form simple nudging to outright fabrications. Too many voters accepted what the were being told and voted accordingly.

2) Gov't interference: sure the Russians played a large part, but so did the US gov't - three MAJOR announcements less than two weeks from the election played an equal, if not larger, part in Defeating Clinton. The last item probably kept a few voters home in every state, not only the one mentioned in the alert.

a) 11 days out: Comey's email review restarted
b) 2 days out: Comey's All clear ... nothing new found, everything can proceed as normal.
c) 1 day out: Intelligence (FBI & DHS) alert about terrorist, Al Qaeda, attacks in NY, TX, and VA allegedly to occur on Monday 7 Nov.

3) Crosscheck and other poll purging or voter suppression. The programmatic removal of voters from the polls with surgical precision, denying a ballot based on ID when the state does not require ID, and other normal suppression techniques all totaled more than the 80,000 vote lead by Trump. In NC alone, 400,000 voters were purged form the polls, only to be reinstated, I guess they were, when it was caught and then reversed by a Federal judge.

Look, elections have always been riled with corruption, it just hasn't been corrupt on the scale of this election.

I think the best thing to do would be to invalidate the election and have a new one, a clean one.

Recounts won't change the results, too many legal ways to stop or challenge the results. Too many ways to make it worse than it already is - MI or WI won't count ballots in a sealed package it the count written on the pkg doesn't match the ballots cast or if the pkg has a tear in it. In one city, that's 600 out of 1600 precincts. It's the law, so if a pkg is intentionally torn to prevent the recount - that is hard to prove.

None of the causes can be proven because poll purging denied voters the opportunity to cast a ballot, brainwashing is too subtle, and intelligence interference ??? the other side could argue maybe that helped Clinton, hard to say (sure it's rather clear who benefited, but the law requires proof).

These won't stand up in court.

This all sucks, but the only other way to prevent Trump form taking office would be for the Electors to determine that he is unqualified to hold the distinguished off of President.

This scenario is underway, but recent developments don't show promise

I disagree with the premise of having to change state law. The Electoral College is a Federal Agency and as such the Electors are Federal agents, not state agents. Their sole purpose and their single job is to vote for the qualified person to be President of ALL states.

This is an historical election that could test the checks and balance of the Electoral College, why it exists. It exists to prevent anyone form taking the office of President if mischief occurred during the election and by that mischief an unqualified person was elected.

It is up to the Electors to deliberate on the election of 2016 and the person they will vote for to be President. If they put the Republic before Party and State, they can, with clarity, vote their conscious.