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Don’t Count on the Precedent of Watergate to Help Depose Trump. We Got Lucky


Don’t Count on the Precedent of Watergate to Help Depose Trump. We Got Lucky.

Neal Gabler

“Our Constitution works.” So declared newly installed President Gerald Ford in 1974 after Richard Nixon’s resignation. “Our great republic is a government of laws and not of men.”

Oh glory be! All’s well that ends well. That has been the conventional wisdom ever since. Nixon was checked by checks and balanced by balances. The republic was saved, proving, in the words not only of Ford but of just about everyone, that the system does indeed work.


The other 1974 Gerald Ford quote was “our national nightmare is over”.

Anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome or locked in a closet soon realized that OUR NATIONAL NIGHTMARE WAS ACCELERATING and would hit mach 2 when Saint Ron ascended the throne.

The nightmare continues.


Once again a near useless defeatist article that assures us that there is nothing that we can do so why bother resisting. What is with people like this? What do they get out of running interference for Trump? This phony progressive tries to convince us that Trump is going to stay and moreover that back during Watergate, that It wasn’t what we all saw. No one is above the law was true! Unfortunately they got pardoned but hey, Nixon was forced to resign.

What I want to know is what do people like Gabler get out of discouraging Americans from resisting?

To paraphrase the title >>> Don’t count on Gabler to help depose Trump.


A Day That Should Live in Infamy

“‘Our Constitution works.’ So declared newly installed President Gerald Ford in 1974 after Richard Nixon’s resignation”…

…in a speech he did not write…

…immediately after Ford’s swearing-in on August 9, 1974…

…(that is: later the same day after Nixon resigned)…and…

…thirty days before September 8, 1974, when Ford gave him a presidential pardon for “for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in” during his presidency…


According to 45, the Constitution is “archaic.” But that’s okay.


Honest question: How do you see us resisting, sufficient to remove him from office?


rdc: Absolutely right.


There is an incredible difference in our country now (despite the media’s very typical silence about it all). It is like Occupy Wall Street’s catalytic effect on people who up until that time felt imprisioned by what appeared to be a malaise if not a stupor of non protest - of non resistance. OWS changed that perception and people woke up to protest once again. So much had been lost and everyone sensed that it would be a long road back from political inertia but the first steps had been taken.

Something akin to a sense of community action (nationwide) occurred in the Woman’s March! It was very powerful because so much of it was spontaneously shared as if the March grew on its own. That showed a broad spectrum of political understanding - of resistance existed already, that created a wellspring of effectiveness. All those who tell you that the march didn’t mean much are full of baloney! That big of a march sent shivers up innumerable politician’s spines. They count on our apathy but fear our commitment. They really do. Everything is fine to them when everybody just quietly takes the beatings and the setbacks. They don’t fear pundits but they do fear a million marching feet. They do because they know how inconvenient joining a march is. It disrupts your routine and moreover it requires effort on your part rather than you sitting at home grumbling at the TV. That cannot be dismissed - people making an effort in large numbers to protest.

Look around you right now! There is a sense of panic (which actually does scare me) in the Trump/republican regime. Even the Repubs know that things are happening too fast - too crazy - too often to be ignored. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

It is up to the citizenry to let their voices be heard. Even just talking about Trump while at work changes people’s view now. The media keeps telling us that Trump’s supporters still love him yet at the same time the reality is that his support is dropping fast! So how does that work? We are being subjected to manipulation with the hope that we grow discouraged but I think it is way past all that by now.

Even the Repubs have begun to avoid association with Trump. They sense he was a terrible mistake and they feel the panic themselves. In short, they regret Trump big time!

It is up to us to talk with our neighbors, coworkers and family and friends. That is how real democracy works. A population that discusses the same subject is one helluva lot of conversations… on impeachment. The more it is discussed the more the pressure builds. Trump is way past unsuitable and it is becoming all too obvious that he needs be removed from office whether by resignation or impeachment. Keeping the pressure on bears fruit!

There came a time during Vietnam when it seemed like even those who had supported the war had stopped doing so. It seemed like the whole country wanted to end the war by then. Everybody seemed to be saying that the war should end. The government/military understood then that they had lost the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans about the war.


Thank you very much, for your reasoned reply.


I remember how my parents’ generation began to talk against the war. They were very upset that they, the WW II generation and everyone else were all talking about how the war should end. They started out in full support of it mind you. The sense that everyone was talking about ending it had a major effect on them.

Talk is not cheap… it is necessary. People listen to each other when people are serious and concerned.


To turn the rest of his supporters by rubbing their noses in all the lip flops, threats, lies and self pitying proclamations so that a ground swell of public demand that he resign is created, that the message “We don’t want you here!” to the point where it gets through his defensive shield of cluelessness and hurts his feelings too much to be able to make himself stay.


I do believe that the premise of Mr. Gabler’s “argument” and his reasoning are quite sound. His facts are substantially accurate. His logic and conclusion are valid, at least from philosophical and rhetorical perspectives. And, if he were to engage in a similar type of analytical and critical reasoning from a legal perspective, I would not be doing my due diligence if I were to ignore him outright, especially if it were because of my perception as to his “true” motives.

Accordingly, I do respect his viewpoint. And, I don’t need to necessarily agree with the theme, whether it be pessimistic or optimistic. Although, at the very least, a strategist could focus on the article’s content as a primer in what not to be overly confident about or what is lacking in the instant case: e.g., so as to sufficiently make up for the lack thereof with some comparable or superior strategy or element.


However he is not engaging from a legal perspective. He is offering only his opinion which he has a right to but he does this by dissuading others from resisting and discouraging people from protesting or even to maintain a different opinion about whether Trump can be removed from office.

For those who need this stuff, I could suggest any number of conservative/rightwing sites where articles such as this are normally found.

Resistance is not futile!


Another line that I remember was “No one wants to see the President of the United States go to prison.”

Gerald Ford, a cooperating member of the bogus, Allen Dulles overseen, Warren Commission, once President, personally kept the United States from showing the world that we actually have a Functioning Democracy, by short circuiting any further prosecution of Nixon.


Thanks Wereflea, for your encouraging comments. I especially appreciate this line: “They count on our apathy but fear our commitment.” I, too, have the sense that people talking about (and of course writing/calling about it and showing up to witness the utter unsuitability for office of #45 will bear fruit.


Hate to spoil a narrative but Watergate was probably about something much deeper than stealing campaign secrets from George McGovern who was trailing Mr. Nixon by double digits and George Wallace out of the race after being shot in a Maryland shopping center parking lot a month prior to the break-in. Unless, we’re talking coup d’état, the Donald will have to resign on his own accord.


You totally have channeled what I think is true as well. But you did leave out the fact that Trump never wanted this job and has been working all through May to his presidency