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Don’t Do Anything About Climate Disaster, USA Today Warns Dems


Don’t Do Anything About Climate Disaster, USA Today Warns Dems

Miranda Spencer

“Democrats Will Push on Climate Change,” declared the lead story on the front page of the November 27 USA Today. (The online version bore the more verbose headline, “Once Democrats Take Charge of the House, Addressing Climate Change Will Become Top Priority Again.”)


Congress has left climate action to the states by default and some states are taking action. If the Democrats can gain control of the presidency again the new president could do some actions with executive orders as Obama did. There are so many states that produce fossil fuels that it is difficult for Congress to act on climate change. And with all the fracking for natural gas and oil going on there are now more states in this category than ever.


Relying on the arsonist to put out the fire… what a brilliant idea:

Obama: Suddenly America Is the Biggest Oil Producer, That Was Me People

“You wouldn’t always know it, but it went up every year I was president. That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people," Obama said.


USA Today is so right. Now, is the end of functioning human civilization and the only habitable planet really worth tackling? Is it a big political risk to try to stop the end of the world as we know it? Let’s consult polls, cause surely any logical political system would actually debate this, right? God fucking forbid that USA Today instead ask why a political system doesn’t prioritize such a thing, critically analyzing how we got here, who is making sure we don’t address this issue and why. Let’s also pretend too that if the political system doesn’t take into account the non market nature of many environmental impacts, if the economic system doesn’t price those things, that those things don’t exist. Any attempt at taking those actual costs into account isn’t creating a cost that doesn’t exist, and not taking those costs into account doesn’t make them go away. We either take them into account, because they exist, or it all comes down. Mr. Market is missing lots of information and is a key driver in the environmental crisis.

Let’s also not think critically about how we actually get those that don’t recognize the importance of this to actually do so, and to change minds. Let’s just look at some data showing it may be risky, and run from the hills, as any brave group of people would do.


Once again, spot on.
Big Picture from JR: The actions (or lack of) from our political system, and the values of our economic system fail people, and life on Earth.

Maybe we should make a correction?

Who are “we?” --not those driving either the political or economic systems drawing each of us around like puppets on strings.


There are great gains in civil liberties and human rights that will accrue to healing Earth.

A few one percenters will lose the ability to treat humans as wage slaves and the environment as their private dump. Otherwise; Quality of life will improve for every person.

Everyone will gain security, dignity and good health as we the people pass by representative oligarchy and establish autonomous democracy that can focus distributed human intelligence.

The path forward is justice with nature, justice for future generations and justice for everyone alive today. Heal Earth with human rights and enjoy rebounding bounty as population gently declines while also using less stuff per person.

Capitalism is the fading dim past. Mature humanity using autonomous democracy is the bright tomorrow ahead.