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Don’t Expect Much Change in Post-Vienna US Middle East Policy


Don’t Expect Much Change in Post-Vienna US Middle East Policy

Gareth Porter

If and when the Iran nuclear agreement gets through Congress, many people in Washington hope that Obama will articulate a more realistic strategy for the Middle East than what we have heard from his administration in the past.

But Obama has evidently decided this is not the time to articulate anything about the region’s future that he does not see as helping to sell the agreement on Capitol Hill. The real question is whether there is a clear idea waiting to be made public when the timing is right.


'Then Obama addressed the rest of the region:

“There is the possibility that if you look at what’s going on the Middle East right now, more and more states begin to recognise that their enemy is chaos and ISIL and disaffected young people, Shia and Sunni, who are attracted to, you know, ideologies that are in opposition to every regime here. And – and that’s something that I think we should be willing to promote if in fact they can get there.”’

This chaos was deemed as desirable for geopolitical purposes by the president’s mutual admirer Zbigniew Brzezinski’s 1997 book, “The Grand Chessboard”. I hear Jon Stewart singing “On top of Bullshit Mountain…”


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Would that the limitations restraining “Obama’s diplomatic flexibility” were external, rather internal.


Just for once, Mr. President, the US might try changing it’s ways for a change!


Obushma is a war criminal and should be brought up on charges, along with the Shrub and his Dick. He has assassinated US citizens, one of them an innocent juvenile, without any due process what so ever. He murders children indiscriminately in the name of righteousness. If he was anything else, he would have been eliminated by the powers of the Project for a New American Century. I don’t expect ANYTHING out of him except more war, both domestically and internationally. His regime is as evil as the last, and the one before that, and the one before that, etc., etc., etc…