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Don’t Fall for the Hype of Free Trade Agreements

Don’t Fall for the Hype of Free Trade Agreements

Jim Goodman

Approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA 2.0 also known USMCA) will do little to reverse the problems of the NAFTA trade agreement of 1994. Nothing in the proposed replacement agreement will prevent job outsourcing, nor is there any part of the agreement that would reverse our current agricultural trade deficit. So what’s the deal with the “Motorcade for Trade” tour?

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The only “free” thing that this country has seen recently was the $1.5 Trillion tax giveaway/scam Trump and the Republicans gave the top .01%


Supply side management IMO is the way to go yet that system is what under attack by the Corporatists.

This talk about increasing efficiency or “economies of scale” comes with a heavy price and that huge environmental degradation. Just by way of example , I grew up on a small farm and both sides of my family were farming families. Farms in those days had a number of sloughs bushes and the like on them and the farmer tended to leave those as windbreaks , shelter for cattle and things like that . Our own farm had a number of sloughs that the bankers and “experts” advised my father plow under and put into production. These sloughs supported populations of frogs, ducks , geese and insects. Neither my dad or any of his brothers would go this route as they all felt that the other life we share this world with needed their space. This was typical of the farming community in those days and of those family farms.

This has all changed in the past few decades. It now all about getting all the land possible into production each and every year to increase productivity. There no room for ANYTHING but increasing yields and the “return per acre of land”. As the traditional family farm collapses so does that environmental stewardship they once practiced. Free trade deals lead to overproduction. The more that is produced for export the more that HAS to be produced per acre as the prices received for what is produced drops. It a stupid shortsighted system.


TPP is Not Dead: It’s Now Called the Trade In Services Agreement


I encourage people to read this article as it very important.


Explain supply side IMO- also this deforestation of land world wide while other species starve is unacceptable.

Supply side management like this In Canada and keep aware the “free traders” try to get rid of it.

A farmer wants to grow eggs. An Egg Marketing Board will give him a quota of eggs he is allowed to produce and guarantees a floor price for it. The amount produced is structured so there not a sudden flood of eggs or people trying to produce more and more to undercut another.

The farmer is ensured that his eggs will always be purchased and he will always generate some sort of profit. Due to the quota there no incentive for the farmer to overproduce eggs.

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Thank you- I might have asked you this before- but are u an economist? This is very interesting. In the US I have heard that farmers have been involved in overproduction.

And if they overproduce- why not donate to the homeless if this is not happening already?

No I am no economist but it makes a certain amount of sense to me. We need more Cooperation and less competition.The competitive model accelerates environmental destruction as people try to squeeze ever more out of a finite resource and in order to do that they take shortcuts.

The time was a farmer would put a section of land into pasture for 10 years plus so the soil could regenerate. Now that farmland in pasture is deemed a loss of “productivity” they are pressured to keep growing a crop out of it every year and keeping the soil productive via artificial fertilizers. I think we need to slow down and understand tha less can be more.

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Exactly, and realize that deforestation for mcmansions is out of the question. Never understood that mentality- it reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s song about paradise and the parking lot.