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Don’t Focus on Gorsuch, Focus on Trump


Don’t Focus on Gorsuch, Focus on Trump

Robert Reich

Don’t get caught up in the predictable brawl over Neil Gorsuch’s credentials or his ideology. That normalizes the Trump presidency.

Instead, there should be no vote on Gorsuch’s nomination until Trump’s legitimacy as a president is established.

Which means the Senate intelligence committee and F.B.I. must first conclude that Russian operatives were not responsible for Trump’s electoral victory, Trump must reveal his taxes, and he must put his assets into a blind trust.


While I fully appreciate Robert Reich's admonition to maintain focus on Trump, the documentation files that can be compiled - with tremendous thanks to all of the investigative reporters!! - on the appointees are no less important.


I believe Robert Reich is going back to square one: the REAL ISSUE is whether Trump is a legitimate president FIRST, then if he is, that he needs to act like a president - revealing his tax returns and put his business dealings in a blind trust (this is what ALL presidents previously have done). TRUMP SHOULD GET NO DIFFERENT TREATMENT Congress! Someone should be overseeing this in Congress - like Senator Schumer, Leader of the Senator for the Dems. IS HE? Robert Reich is ON THE MARK, for saying THIS IS TOP PRIORITY!


I can't see why this is a good idea. I think the key word in his argument is should. There should be no vote unless Trump legitimacy is established. That's fine, but how do you make that happen? There are lots of things that should happen, but until and/or unless they can actually be made to happen, we should focus on what we can make happen, and that is the filibuster of Gorsuch.


So if Trump is an illegitimate president, what does that mean? That means we end up with the theocratic, neocon, bigoted Mike Pence, who will appoint Gorsuch anyway, so what is the point?


Why should the impeachments stop at Trump. Keep impeaching the bastards until someone fit for the job comes along.


Yo, Bobby! Don't focus solely on Trump or even the GOP - clean up your own House (and Senate) first - focus on the duopoly ...