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Don’t Give In to Donald Trump’s Shock-and-Awe Campaign—Stand Up and Speak Out


Don’t Give In to Donald Trump’s Shock-and-Awe Campaign—Stand Up and Speak Out

Laila Lalami

In the two weeks since he raised his right hand and swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, Donald Trump has shut down the entire refugee program for 120 days; pledged that Christian refugees would be given priority when the program resumes; blocked visas to visitors from seven Muslim countries; given immigration officials power to deny entry to green-card holders from those Muslim countries; promised to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants; redefined the category of “criminals subject to deportation” to include people wh


There are some good democrats but the party elite(powerbrokers) are part of the problem as was Clinton both Hillary and Bill, the new minority leaders in Congress and the relected Debbie Wasserman Schults and Donna Brazille, Corey Booker and............

Come on dems serve your country and its people not the interest of your corporate masters.


Preparing for the inevitable.

Thank you, Lalia, for encouraging people to stand up and fight against the right wing anti-humanist actions of Donald Trump.

I want to engage progressives in going further than responding to Trump's right wing actions. We need to brainstorm on what actions the Trump administration might take and how we can prepare for such actions.

It is only a matter of time before there is an attack against US 'interests' abroad or, perhaps, an act of violence domestically, that the Trump administration will use to promote the notion that the US is under attack.

Remember how the congress and Senate rallied behind George W. (baby) Bush's War on Terrorism?

Remember how Democrats and Republicans voted, en masse, for the 'Patriot Act'?

Remember how the media were falling over themselves to get in-bed(ed) with the US military?

Remember how the public lashed out against people who were critical of the US military response, the attacks against Muslims, the attacks agains those who did not sport US flags on their cars or homes?

The response will be similar when something occurs that the Trump administration portrays as an attack against the US. Repression will escalate fast and we need to do more than just protest in reaction to the Trump administrations actions.

I encourage thoughtful consideration of what oppressive actions the Trump administration may take, what we can put in place to be prepared for such actions, and how we can resist.


"she worried that the president might deport us. “He can’t deport you, you were born here,” I said. “But what about you?” she asked. “He can’t,” I insisted, “I’m a citizen.”"

Now check out what the British government is doing about deportations and British-born children of immigrants.

As for Herr Twittler; his policies are playing beautifully into the hands of the Chinese government, which is imperialist and totalitarian..The Chinese are active in financing oil infrastructure in Iran, and have been similarly active in other countries. Herr Twittler's policy of being a nazi idiot will alienate a great many from dealing with the USA. Obama drove the Russians into a trade alliance with China; Herr Twittler is just enhancing the alienation of the USA.


I kind of expected Obama to behave in this fashion, when he was first elected, only that he would be Righting Wrongs, as he had pledged to do, if we elected him.

We voted for Change that we could Believe In.

We expected :

Hearings, and Trials, on those who started a War with Lies, and False Flags.

Hearings, and Trials, on those who Crashed Our Economy.

Hearings, and Trials, on those who disappeared Billions of our Taxpayer Dollars in Iraq.

Hearings and Trials, on those who subverted Our Constitution by foisting, on us Citizens, the laughably titled Patriot Act.


You see, he would have done all those things, except, first we had to MAKE HIM DO IT.

Sure, you see, a President can't do anything, he said, unless the Citizens first Make Him Do It.

So, now we're faced with a Two-Fold Epiphany.

One, a President sure CAN get things done, on his own, if he has a mind to.


Two, it really is time for us to finally show a President, just What it is that WE Want, and somehow, now, we must find a way to Make Him Do It.


Like Hell, it is.


The Hell, it is.


Sorry, but it is.

Now, go someplace where you're needed.


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