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Don’t Grade Justice on a Warped Curve: Assessing the Case of Jeffrey Sterling


Don’t Grade Justice on a Warped Curve: Assessing the Case of Jeffrey Sterling

Common Dreams staff

Yes, I saw the glum faces of prosecutors in the courtroom a few days ago, when the judge sentenced CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling to three and a half years in prison -- far from the 19 to 24 years they’d suggested would be appropriate.

Yes, I get that there was a huge gap between the punishment the government sought and what it got -- a gap that can be understood as a rebuke to the dominant hard-line elements at the Justice Department.


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It is only thanks to courageous individuals like Sterling, Snowden, Assange, Manning, Ellsberg and others that we the people know many of the crimes and follies that our government commits. The viciousness with which the government attacks these people says nothing about “national security” and everything about our glorious leaders’ hatred and fear of anyone (outside of the ruling class) who dares question their actions.


When lies of gargantuan proportion are fixed into place, the punishments leveraged upon any heretics bold enough to expose the fictions and incongruities, are being treated in the same way as that of the town thief of earlier eras being left hanging from the town square.

This explains WHY this punitive apparatus is so firmly in place now:


You should be asking the judge Mr. Solomon why David Betrayus got off with a slap on the wrist and Mr. Sterling got three and a half years. You folks should have been beating down the judges chambers doors demanding that the judge put in writing why three and a half years for Mr. Sterling and Betrayus skates away with a slap on the wrist! Folks like you should also be questioning the honesty of the Department of Justice. Bankers walk, whistleblowers get stalked!