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Don’t Grant Global Meat Corporations Immunity, Hold Them Accountable for Covid-19 Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/26/dont-grant-global-meat-corporations-immunity-hold-them-accountable-covid-19


I used to hear the phase “those that control the food supply, control the world”. It seems that is more true today. Big Agr is part of that control.


We need a rollback of limited liability in the entire economy. Here’s what i wrote in the other thread:

The institution of “limited liability” for investors (and for corporations, boards, executives) has turned out to have such horrific real-world consequences, that limited liability itself needs to be severely limited, or abolished.

Sure, “limited liability” encourages investment, encourages innovation, encourages enterprise. But it encourages criminal enterprise. It encourages treating the negative real-world outcomes of enterprise as “externalities,” not to be accounted for. It encourages a complete lack of accountability.

The limited-liability investor-owned corporation needs to be abolished. The economy (and the system of accounting) needs to operate on a basis that encourages human and ecological regeneration, not on a basis that rewards whoever can get away with the most.


Please, everyone, watch a critically important 2 minute video about this issue and send the link to everyone you know. Unfortunately this site does not allow me to include the link but if you go to YouTube and query on Allies of Meat Workers, you will find it. This is a critical make or break moment for these workers!

You can post links like this:


It’s not a “live” link, but just cut-and-paste the address, without the initial ~ tilde.

If this is not the video you mean, please post the correct link.

Ah-yup.  Nestlé and Coca-Cola control most of the water, JBS and Monsanto control much of the food, Big Medicine (Insurance + Pharma) controls “our” Amerikan government, and Amazon delivers it all.  Won’t be long 'til clean air – what little is left of it – will be commoditized too.

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Meanwhile, back at the subject we’re supposedly focused on, I am reminded of a meat-packing song of which I (mis-)
remember only a few fragments:

But . . .   But . . .   Our Presidunce, and His Family, and His Cabinet, and all our Senators, and all the members of our House of Representatives, and all our Governors, and . . . , and . . . , and . . .    Wouldn’t they all go broke in a system like that???

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That’s it, thanks for much and everyone, PLEASE watch the video and send it around to all your contacts after acting on it.

It’s a right to work state, brother.

Right to work means right to die without recourse or compensation.

End of story.

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As long as these corporations can continue the modern-day slavery of refugee and immigrant workers without union representation, they will do so. (And as long as they can strong-arm and nickel and dime farmers and ranchers who produce the animals they slaughter they will do that as well.)

I keep wondering when a consumer death of COVID-19 complications is clearly linked to these products. It might take that to turn the tide since the workers seem to be considered disposable. Or perhaps a global boycott of corporate meats.

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