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Don’t Just Fire Officer James Frascatore—Arrest Him


Don’t Just Fire Officer James Frascatore—Arrest Him

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

New York City Police Officer James Frascatore has given new meaning to the Grand Slam of tennis. Last week, he violently assaulted retired tennis champion James Blake in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, tackling Blake as he was waiting for a ride to watch the U.S. Open. Blake, a 35-year-old African-American, was formerly the top men’s tennis player in the United States, was fourth in the world and has scores of trophies from around the globe. Blake didn’t know what hit him.


I deleted my post, now here I am back to say the only thing that comes to my mind....and gut: I am sickened by the action of these thugs in blue. Shocked. Outraged. They need to be imprisoned.


Welcome to the racist police state that is the contemporary United States of America...


.... So you think these guys would have been better off if they had guns on them when they were jumped? Not sure what else your point might be.


I don't get how you are linking this story with (a cartoon parody of) the gun control debate.

If either of these people who had been attacked by the police had been carrying weapons, they would have been murdered. You bring up the Black Panthers. Look what happened to them. Look what happened to MOVE. When has there been a successful instance of police brutality being addressed by expanded gun ownership?

There's already tons of people in the U.S who carry guns, and many of them are victimized by the police. And yet you don't see many cops being shot. Which is probably a good thing, because you can bet that the response would be murder. If you think you can outgun the cops then you aren't paying attention.

I'm not even making a case for gun control. I just don't see the connection at all, beyond some comic book fantasy of a civil war against cops.


Cops are criminals.


In a state that allows law abiding citizens to carry that guy might get shot for doing that to someone. I would venture to say he wouldn't pull that kind of thing in a state that allowed carry. Because he has got to be a chickens--t to do that and he would be scared. An armed society is a polite society.


Like Somalia?


I hate to say this...but as long as middle aged and older white men are running the show, this crap will continue. They are basically functioning like their Germanic barbarian ancestors: brutal, ignorant, ruthless, relentlessly self serving, willing to attack anyone and anything standing in their way. And YES there are plenty of exceptions to this general statement, but the overwhelming majority, IHMO, fit this bill.


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