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Don’t Know Much About History


Don’t Know Much About History

Michael Winship

Gene Tunney, the champion prizefighter of the 1920s, wanted to promote an image of himself as a great intellectual. Trying to prove it, he always carried in his pocket a copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Many members of the press weren’t buying it. When Tunney published a volume titled A Man Must Fight, one sportswriter began his story about it with this immortal line: “Gene Tunney, who has written one book and read several others…”


The 'only' history Donald Trump knows well and cares about is, 'His Story.'


"While he is so ignorant we cannot be free."

Trump is a symptom of American amnesia. Our ignorance of our own history is far more dangerous to us than Trump's.


The "admitted flaws" are reason enough to send it to the trash.

While it might have been an advanced and cogent document two centuries ago, the world has changed radically, and it has outlived its relevance.

A new constitution that recognizes kindness and socialism as the wave of the future is necessary to turn the US away from its foolish capitalist activities, both domestic and foreign.


At this point, the last thing you should want is a constitutional convention. That would be like sawing off the limb of a tree while sitting on the outer side.


Most people and parties in positions of power throughout history seek to revise history to enable them to attain and sustain their power. Trump just revises history with less finesse than most other people in positions of power.


"While he is so ignorant we cannot be free."

But WE would have to be supremely ignorant to think there is even a chance in hell that Trump will grow, show interest in actually learning, listen, have the kind of doubt that all human beings whose decisions felt so many should have.

There is virtually no chance he is going to grow now. From s viewpoint, why should he? He is a lazy lout, that hasn't actually had to ever learn except real estate deals and marketing his brand. Getting attention is his only goal. He's the Kardashian president, doesn't care to actually do things, just be seen as powerful.


Yeah except that isn't what you would get. Probably quite the opposite.


Actually, the destruction of history through the decades by bipartisan corruptions is THE primary reason people vote for lies, deceived, thinking they are free. With history obliterated, the anti democratic economics of corporatist governance is cyclically re-enabled. There can be no sane discussion of 'centrist' politics when mainstream public discourse thinks history started yesterday, that history does not accurately vilify the center, that history is useless, and that the serious issues we face ARE NOT caused by voting center yet again.
The failures of the imagination are only superseded by the corruptions of political cognitions and the abdication of humanistic values.


But why are so many people who are not ignorant of history going along with Trump? They must be sacrificing the future of this country for their own career ambitions. The people with weak character have taken over. They can't see beyond their next job promotion. "It's all about me." "Looking out for number one." Those should be the mottos of Trump and his gang of self-serving followers.


It is apparent that during his four years (HS) at the New York Military Academy (for pugnacious and delinquent rich boys), he only learned how to shine his shoes, buttons, and belt and tie his tie. The uniform was his personal chick magnet and represented nothing else. At least his mother had some peace while he was out of the house.

Why read books, study, and learn something new when he already has the answers to any and all questions? And if he does not have the right answers, then he can sick his band of ambulance-chasing attorneys (and PR pukes) on his naysayers/detractors and truth-tellers bullying them to back off.

Brainless, witless, and totally worthless devil in a human body. And history will not paint a pretty picture of the imperious oaf.


American stupidity is worse than terrorism - Russia

Published on Oct 7, 2016
Maria Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Affairs spokesperson, lets loose on a Western journalist after she is asked "Why is Russia supporting Assad, who is killing civilians?" The problem with Western mainstream media is that it relies on ignorance to create a worldview that consists of a series of RANDOM and DISCONNECTED events taken out of context. I think she made her points pretty clear

The same fact-free taken-out-of-historical-context thinking drives the North Korea propaganda: "One day, out of the blue, North Korean leaders started threatening the US with nuclear weapons. This is unacceptable."

No mention of the devastation wrought upon N. Korea by the US during the Korean War. No mention of the fact that an official state of war still exists. No mention of the fact that there is only an armistice in place, meaning both sides stop shooting at each other but all troops will remain in position. No need to discuss an actual peace treaty that would end the war, remove troops from either side of the DMZ and define diplomatic processes for a transition to peace time. By all accounts (unreported by our MSM of course) the North would like to normalize relations, but the US only wants to ratchet up the pressure, ostensibly to force the North to the negotiating table. What madness! The US simply wants to maintain its military presence in the region to pressure China; it is using the North Korea situation to justify its occupation of South Korea (no, we don't call it that) and Okinawa and Japan. And with an American public with no understanding of even the most recent history and a media playing handmaiden to the oligarchs there's no way meaningful popular resistance can form.

What perfidy!


"By all accounts...the North would like to normalize relations..." Now, since I've never heard any of those "accounts," let alone "all," then I'm left thinking your ideas on this are badly skewed.


A Constitutional Convention these days would be a disaster. Turning the hard right loose on the Constitution would be a mistake. It may have worked in the late 60s-early 70s, but those days are long gone. Instead of an adaptable(to a great extent) document, we would get a very long, complicated document which would require too much work and force the repeated adoption of "variances" instead of amendments. We also need to get off of the so-called "originalist" bullshit. That's a conservative trick.


In 2000 Bill Clinton participated in "six-nation talks" that drew up a resolution to the conflict, with North Korea's participation. GW Bush refused to honor it and that's when N. Korea started churning out nuclear weapons.

That's very recent history.
Perhaps you weren't paying attention.

Or, listen to this quote from HRC (starting at about 1:50) where she readily concedes that both Kim Jong Un and his father have always been ready to negotiate .. just not on her terms.


The far right is actually trying to get a constitutional convention together to do a rewrite: require a balanced budget, no income tax, make sure corporations are persons, etc.


Of course the whole world would love to see "normalize(d) relations" between N Korea and everyone else, but without some hope of preliminary sparing getting at least a slight chance of agreement, then publicized negotiations will come to naught. You seem totally certain about your pov when you say, "GW Bush refused to honor it and that's when N. Korea started churning out nuclear weapons." I know some would say that N Korea was not in compliance. Again, your certainty seems out of place. I do not hear any clamoring in the world for your pov.


That happens to be a fact of recent history, not my point of view.

This is my last response to you. I have no intentions of being dragged into a lengthy back and forth based on your ignorance of recent events.



I doubt very much if Trump has read A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. What do you think?


Trump doesn't read. Except maybe twitter responses, but certainly not books.