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Don’t Leave Equality to the Supreme Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/09/dont-leave-equality-supreme-court

Oh this is so sad. People are who they are and trying to make laws punishing people for who they are—seems sad and insane. If you can’t make people equal because they are all human—then more groups of people will be denied jobs and places to rent or rest-tautrants to eat in. If it’s not skin color, or language, or religion, these who want to make themselves seem superior will love this law—more people dissed by the government-------and the government is dissing so many humans already
When times are hard and awful, like now, humans get meaner it seems— and anything that makes another human seem different from the group— will often make that person’s life a horror. The 13th amendment still isn’t working for many black people, and in spite of the 1st Amendment----- churches, mosques and synagogs are constantly being attacked.
Supreme Court, many of the laws foisted upon men, women, and all kinds of immigrants have begun in the Supreme Court. It’s sad to find that the Supreme Court is often backward moving, racist and clinging to old negative history. A person hopes that in the 21st century, the Men and Women in Black have ALL advanced and can see all humanity equally!