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Don’t Let Big Oil Open a New Front in Its War on Environmental Defenders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/15/dont-let-big-oil-open-new-front-its-war-environmental-defenders


This is indefensible, gruel and proves how justice is not served equally. I read about this a decade ago and Eucador is still fighting these battles and activits have been killed all around Central America for defending the environment all for the greed of mighty corporations. Profits before people.


I feel for you Steven, and I hope the courts come to their senses in your case, but I do have to correct you on one point in your story. BP’s Deep Water Horizon blow-out was no accident or spill, either. There are quite a few events leading up to this catastrophe that prove it, some public knowledge, some not.

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Perhaps foremost among the Deepwater Horizon disaster was the failure of the Obama admin. (and previous Republicon) to mandate acoustic switches in the Gulf and elsewhere that would have stopped the leak and spill - at only $500k that would have been a bargain - the “blowout”, explosions, fire and inability to extinguish the fire and eventual sinking of the platform were the worst oil disaster in US history - industry getting off scot-free and the public paying the price!
Obama’s interior Sec, the odious Ken Salazar was a prime example of Obama’s failures of leadership, especially environmental - a fraud and phony faux “progressive” from giddyup to whoa! Many of his failures are now being exploited by the trump regime of environmental criminal rapists!

“An ‘acoustic switch’ would have prevented this catastrophe - it’s a failsafe that shuts the flow of oil off at the source - they cost only about half a million dollars each, and are required in off-shore drilling platforms in most of the world…except for the United States. This was one of the new deregulations devised by Dick Cheney ”

~http://www.oil-electric.com/2010/05/tragedy-in-gulf.html - complete overview of the Gulf Disaster

~https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/the-spill-the-scandal-and-the-president-193093/ - Obama’s incompetent leadership and criminal Sec of Interiot Ken Salazar

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Wherever the oil “industry” extracts oil and/or gas the trail of pollution, abuses and murders against native peoples - defenders - the forever consequences for the people affected and the utter failure of oil companies to apply even the most basis protections is a global disgrace and Crime Against Humanity!’ The world looks away and ALL governments are complicit to the crimes and murders!

Consider the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and massive pollution of the Ogoniland.in Nigeria, with complicity - conspiracy between RDS and the Nigerian gov. scum!

~https://www.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=a43f979996aa4da3bac7cae270a995e0 - Ogoni People vs. Shell history/overview

~https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/10/ken-saro-wiwa-father-nigeria-ogoniland-oil-pollution - Framing and Murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa by Nigerian Gov


A huge number of people have gotten sick from exosure to petroleum byproducts in the air and environment. Chemicals of this nature induce a condition called “Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance” manypeople know it as MCS. The body just starts saying no and exposure to more cheicals makes people exponentially more sick. The immune system cant handle it any more.

The science on this is well studied. Actually a world famous scientist at the National Toxicoogy Program was the first person to tell me about this.

Look up the horrid health impacts of living near fracking or having fracking waste water get into your water. In many parts of the country the water and salt sluury thats a byproduct of fracking is also radioactive. They should never spread it on roads. That causes radioactive contamination right next to homes.

Trade agreements are trying to force a global race to the bottom gutting all kinds of environmental laws all around the world. See the ciel dot org web site for more on this.

Politicians who signed us into these deals should be imprisoned for a heinous crime and the products of their corruption, all these deals, voided as frauds on the nation and planet.

make them pay!

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I’m not in the oil industry, so have never heard of an acoustic switch before. But I was in a strategic position in the early morning hours the day after it happened. There were quite a few things that the public was never aware of surrounding the event. Things like the regular Captain of the rig who was very experienced, was replaced with a novice the day before, Halliburton (responsible for the concrete well casing) used an inferior mix that their own engineers didn’t believe would hold back the pressure of the well, shortly before the explosion. The drillers on the drill platform had pulled the bit up through the BOP (blow-out preventer), to change it (I think), and realized they had rubber chunks on the drill deck, gasket material from the BOP, most likely rendering the BOP ineffective and unable to pinch off the well casing in an emergency. All of these issues, any one of them should have shut the drilling process down, but BP pushed on, and well, we know the result of these safety failures.
BP had had a string of safety failures in the couple of years leading up to the DWH event, in AK and TX, and should have been the last company given a permit to drill at the extreme depths they were drilling at on DWH. Gas wells were common in the Northern Gulf for years, but oil drilling was fairly new in this area, so there were no contingency plans for major leaks, or equipment to deal with them, another failure on a enormous level.
Most of this technical info came from a friend of mine who was an insurance agent who’s company had underwritten equipment on the DWH rig, his company lost about $25 million that night.

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Models show that as soon as 2080 the entire area deemed in the tropics can be made uninhabitable by man due to the heat. This includes virtually all of Africa, the Continent of North America from just North of Mexico to upper Argentina, Australia, the entire Middle east, all of Indonesia and Malaysia. Heat stress will kill 10s of millions in these areas with the only way to survive being to use more AC so people locked inside all day which of course leads to more energy use and more warming.

This will lead to systemic collapse the world over with mass human migrations towards the polar regions.

The year 2080 might very well come earlier as climate model after climate model suggests the scope of warming greater then what initially predicted. Meanwhile Governments of the world play on fiddles.

Here in Canada there dissension within the Governing Liberal Party. Some are calling for massive investments in Green energy programs so as to get Canada off of fossil fuels. Others are pushing back claiming that the Business Community alarmed at the deficit run up due to COVID and that a higher deficit is not sustainable.

Canada ran up a higher debt in relation to its economy in WW2 to fight the NAZIs and the NAZIs were far less a threat then Global warming.