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Don’t Let Congress Give Trump a Blank Check to Declare Worldwide War


Don’t Let Congress Give Trump a Blank Check to Declare Worldwide War

Christopher Anders

Under a proposal expected to be introduced in the Senate very soon, President Trump would get a blank check from Congress to go to war virtually anywhere on the planet. The ACLU has sent a letter to all senators strongly opposing this new Authorization for Use of Military Force, also known as the AUMF.


Congress!!! You mean the congress bought and paid for in Tel Aviv!


What world does this guy live in?

Every president since FDR (and most before him) have had blank checks to carry out imperial wars. The history of the U.S. is a history of genocide of the indigenous peoples in the Americas, the enslavement of indigenous peoples, Africans and their descendants, and perpetual warfare around the globe.

These wars, genocides and slaughters on behalf of capitalism and patriarchal white supremacy have consistently been supported (and executed) by a critical mass of the population and have always been certified by the Kabuki Congress.

This is what the Tweeting Idiot of Orange has inherited. He had a blank check coming in the door.


Blank check or not, if Trump decides to go thermonuclear anywhere there could be consequences.


If anybody goes thermonuclear anywhere, the consequences will be massive and purely negative.


Really hard to make sense of this.