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Don’t Let School Lockdown Drills Become the New Normal

Don’t Let School Lockdown Drills Become the New Normal

Steven Singer

I got an interesting phone call the other day from my daughter’s elementary school.

The counselor warned me that my little one’s class would conduct a lockdown drill – the first the kids had ever experienced.


This “must” be stopped, not only by the parents of these children, but, the children themselves.

Do Congress members have drills like this?

No Fucking Way!

Demand Strong Gun Control Measures.

Demand Security at “all” schools.

Stop this “Fear Training” for children.

Get rid of any politician that resists any of these preventative measures.

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These drills are NOT necessary. And these drills are the new normal. All because of people like Singer and all the other Common Screamers, and all of the 99% and 1%, because you all continue to scream zeig heil to our war of terror for subsidizing the oil and gas profiteers pumping to China and India, along with the weapons profiteers.

Instead of screaming zeig heil, I recommend screaming King’s Breaking The Silence…thus getting humanity back on the track of human dignity.

…so Donald John Trump controls all the machine guns; not such a good idea, this gun control.

What should be controlled and ended is having our war of terror for pumping gas and oil to China and India as the organizing principle of the United States of America.

End our war of terror, and the border wall and immigration issues become moot, the school house massacres disappear. Being united as assassins turns to being united as americans…human dignity prevails.

We cannot do that with the Duopoly Matt.

My kid’s about to graduate high school, and they’ve been doing lockdown drills since kindergarten. Just because this experience is new to you doesn’t mean it’s actually new. Most schools have been doing some version of these drills since Columbine; some started even earlier. An entire generation has now grown up on lockdown. It’s WAY too late to start worrying that it will become the new normal when it’s all this generation has ever known.

“Shooter”; “Lockdown”; “Shelter in Place”…are all euphemisms for a failed society. I’m old enough to remember air raid drills in the early time of WW2. The propagandizing of fear is the meat of any political elite program. It distracts from the reality of every day life. The US citizenry believe they have no other choices; that’s because they don’t really understand history. And, most of all they do not understand the power they have to make changes. Once they understand that power it will be time to, “Duck and Cover”.

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That it was the school counselor who had to call the parents to prepare the kids says that the school officials knew damned well that this would twist the kids’ hearts.

And lockdown drills have terrorized kids. Not all are as cool as this little girl.

And anyway, what’s the point of a lockdown drill that everyone knows is “just a drill”? I turn off my radio when the “emergency response system” test comes on. If I’d gotten that call from the counselor, I would have kept my child home the day of the test. Keeping the classroom door locked at all times is teaching the kids fear, and I would pull mine to another teacher or school.

Unlikely to happen, indeed. There have been more than 70 million school days in US K-12 institutions for every one of the 6 days from Columbine to Parkland that there have been mass shootings in K-12 schools. My mayor is asking to put guns in the hands of the “door monitors” who serve across the street from my posted “no hunting” property and down that road that I travel to go almost anywhere. The damage that lockdown drills have done to kids’ hearts is immeasurable, but in the opposite direction from the immeasurably small risk that they’ll be called on to throw those books at a shooter.