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Don’t Let the Ilhan Omar Fight Hide Two Essential Truths


Don’t Let the Ilhan Omar Fight Hide Two Essential Truths

Michael Winship

The other night, I was watching an NBC News report on the thousands of endangered red-crowned cranes whose migration route takes them through the DMZ between North and South Korea. Amidst land mines and other dangers, they somehow manage to survive.



Your condescending description of Omar’s “impolitic” comments is cowardly. Gird up your loins and stop wheezing.



Israel has a longstanding policy. That policy is to take over Palestinian land. In 1973, Ariel Sharon said this:

“We’ll make a pastrami sandwich out of them. We’ll insert a strip of Jewish settlement, in between the Palestinians, and then another strip of Jewish settlement, right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years’ time, neither the United Nations, nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart.”

AIPAC doesn’t want this policy to be discussed openly in the US. But here’s the reality:



“Yes, the horrors of the Holocaust and the murderous assaults against Jews that continue in the Middle East and throughout the world, from Pittsburgh to Paris, are proof of the need for a Jewish state”

OK, so you provide the slippery slope that “proves” that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic: violence against Jews means they need a homeland, Israel is that homeland, if you criticize Israel you are therefore criticizing the need to redress historic violence against Jews therefore if you don’t support Israel, you support the historic violence against Jews and you are anti-Semitic.

Another liberal bigot.

“one of whom – a Christian, by the way – sat across from me and with a straight face insisted that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.”

Bingo! There it is, the old line, “Well, I once heard somebody from Palestine say something negative about the Jews and since I’ve been to Palestine, that grants me the authority to make the generalization that Palestinians are violent.”



Thank you, Michael Winship. Ilhan Omar’s comments were spot on as is your analysis of the response that followed. Criticism of the state of Israel and their grotesque disbursement of money to U.S. politicians is not antisemitism. The shameless cruelty perpetrated on the Palestinians by Israel is disgustingly inhumane and deserves condemnation.



Take that crazy racist crap out of here. Get psychiatric help for yourself before you buy a firearm.



I flagged it.



Don’t Let the Ilhan Omar [Sideshow] Hide Two Essential Truths

Criticism of Israel — and AIPAC — is NOT anti-semitic!




The comments were not racist. Call them bigoted if you must but then that is an ad hominem attack. Two examples of Jews engaging or supporting violence against nonJews pre 1930 were given. Please respond to those obectively.
The role of Jews, as Jews, in the Russian Revolution is documented. One hypothesis for their role in large scale murdering of Orthodox priests was revenge for the pogroms of the late 1800s

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Wasn’t Cousin It a Muslim?



I flagged flapdoodles comment because it contained a threat of violence.
Pointing out that Jews prior to the creation if Israel and for other reasons engaged in violence against non Jews should not be considered a violation of community standards.
I ask you to withdraw your flag of my original post and to join in flagging flapdoodle for his threat of violence.

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Pro-Tip for you: Before you post again, please take a moment to wipe your spittle off the screen.



Hi nephewsam I found that comment weird too( " a Christian sat across from me and with a straight face insisted that Jews were responsive for the 9/11 attacks.")
Hmm there was a report and it was called the dancing Israelis. It seem that when 9/11 was going on , a white truck with some men filming the attack was making them whoop and yell and dancing around. The lady in new Jersey called to report them…hmmm, the FBI had them all leave for Israel. So, I think that might have been what the man was referring to about Israel and 9/11.

The thing that is sad about this is that Jewish rightly say, “Never Again.” about the holocaust. But now, with Netanyahu and the Likud government-----it seems that the state of Israeli and many people in it are saying KILL, again and again! And they say this about the Palestinians.-----and this has been going on for 70 years------an eternal holocaust—and hearing people only one generation away from the holocaust----is horrifying. This is why it is very hard to cut the state of Israel any slack, as they revere their holocaust and totally ignore this 70 year one against the Palestinians. : (



“…Certainly, in almost every instance, AIPAC has backed whoever has been in power in Israel, including the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu…”

Chris Hedges begs to differ on this point.

“…AIPAC, while it presents itself as an impartial supporter of Israel, has long been an arm of the Israeli right. It vehemently opposed the Oslo Accord and the peace process with the Palestinians engineered by Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. It poured money and resources into the 1992 Israeli election campaign to back Rabin’s political opponents in the Likud party. Rabin did not invite the leaders of the Israel lobby to his inauguration and, according to an aide in his office, referred to the leaders of the Israel lobby as “scumbags.” He repeatedly denounced the lobby as an impediment to Israel’s security and democracy.
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz characterized Rabin’s remarks to American Jewish leaders during a visit to the United States as “brutal.” “You have hurt Israel,” the newspaper quoted Rabin as saying. “I will not allow you to conduct my dealings with the [U.S.] administration.”
Washington Jewish Week reported that Rabin told the AIPAC leadership, “You failed at everything. You waged lost battles. … You caused damage to Israel. … You’re too negative. … You create too much antagonism.”
The Israel lobby, after Rabin’s assassination in 1995 by a right-wing Jewish fanatic and the 1996 electoral victory by Likud under the leadership of Netanyahu, returned to the good graces of the Israeli government…”



The fact remains that the main Jewish organization during the Russian Revolution was the Labor Bund which was secular and anti-Zionist.

A short history by myself of it




I did not say that Zionist Jews were principal agents of the Revolution. Jews, as any other group, as individuals, were involved or not involved in many different actions. And Zionism was underway by 1880, as an interest of Russian. My point was that Jews have not always been victims.



Correction, there is no demonstrated need for a “Jewish state,” particularly not one built on apartheid, murder and theft of native lands. No need for a “Christian state,” a “Muslim state,” or a “Buddhist state.” Also, anyone who has remotely studied the facts around the events of 9-11 should be left with many questions, and the probable involvement of the CIA and Mossad is nothing to be dismissed. After all, we know without a doubt that Saudi Arabia was much more deeply implicated than is commonly admitted - it is in the 28 missing/withheld pages from the congressional 9-11 investigation. Given what we know - all of what we know about the events that day and particularly the ongoing cozy relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the writer’s comments come off as nothing more than an insincere attempt to be politically correct, roll his eyes, and ridicule the notion that 9-11 was anything but what the government claims.

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So two of the five dancing Israelis were on Israeli TV after their release from custody talking about being in New York to “document the event”. Much like the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the American media ignored the uncomfortable facts that an ally was not acting like a true ally. Oh, and the messaging service Odigo warned of the attacks before it happened. Sit across someone else and, with a straight face, explain these uncomfortable facts.

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Hi larryconjar—sigh and this is all just as sad as the stories about a man calling and threatening Synagogs s and Jewish schools-----sigh—and it turned out that it was a man in Israel, using a voice modifier which made him sound like a woman—and from inside Israel he was threatening Jewish people in America.
Israel has been a strange nation and no wonder so many Jewish people in America walk away from Netanyahu and his party. When awful things are done, it seems that Israel spends all its time on distracting away from the event

The Holocaust was a long time ago, and Netanyahu and friends cheapen that reality and that history by acting as if no other nation and no other people have been murdered and maligned ----sigh —see Indigenous people in America, or black people in America or Hispanic people in America----as evil as the Holocaust but for centuries longer and now 70 long years ago ----the Israeli holocaust on the Palestinians continues on. : (



As an older jewish American and a military veteran I get a lot of flak when I tell people I support Representative Omar. I don’t argue with people anymore to prove that I actually do know what I think is right. I carry a copy of a letter from this site; **[JewsWithIlhan.org]
It is an open letter signed by over 1200 Jewish Americans of all walks of life. I support these Jewish Americans and all the rest of us who may not have signed it but do support the young lady from Mn.