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Don’t Let the White House’s Dysfunction Distract You From the Things Trump Is Getting Done


Don’t Let the White House’s Dysfunction Distract You From the Things Trump Is Getting Done

Greg Kaufmann

While the media and much of the public have been consumed with the spectacle of dysfunction and failure in the Trump White House—The Mooch, the Russia investigation, and the demise of the Republican Party’s plans to repeal the Affordable Car Act—the administration has quietly succeeded in doing some real damage that has received little attention. In normal times, these actions likely would get more coverage, and that points to a problem of access to vital information as citizens and activists try to adjust to the daily tectonic shifts of Trump.


Not to mention getting Neil Gosuck confirmed to SCOTUS which will have a larger and longer impact than all of Trump’s other accomplishments to date combined.

“The demise of the Republican Party’s plans to repeal the ACA” has resulted in millions of Murkins losing medical insurance without Congress even approving any legislation. This defacto dismantling of the ACA is a more effective accomplishment for Trump and the GOP than formal repeal would have been. Now he has more leverage to blame the Democrats for downward spiraling Murkin “health care” in upcoming elections…


The Obama presidency had the chance of selecting at least one left wing judge, but the make up of the congress dictated who would actually become judge.

So why are we assigning the Gorusch nomination to Trump?


What we are experiencing is a war between immoral power with powerless morality and that constitutes the major crisis we are facing today


“The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. … If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.”

-Bannon at CPAC, 2/2017


“…[L]eft wing judge…”
On which planet?


Obama DID make two SCOTUS appointments: Sotomayor, a centrist, and Kagan, moderate right leaning (centrist and moderate only within the context of today’s rightward moving standards).

Had Obama not pushed through his corporate welfare program disguised as “health care reform”, Congress would continue to be controlled by Democrats and Obama WOULD have been able to appoint Scalia’s replacement in 2016 instead of Trump doing it in 2017.


Sotomayor and Kagan were selected because anyone a smidgen left at those times would not have been approved by the fascist congress.

Healthcare or otherwise, Obama’s pretend left lean was thoroughly exposed when he picked Gorsuch light - Merrick Garland.

We are just sitting ducks till we dilute the intense brainwashing of the sheeple and elect a non juvenile congress.


The Trump administration is a manifestation of the will of 35% of the public. These people must be disenfranchised by the 65% who still retain some sense of morality, logic and common sense. That means they have to vote and not merely assume that things will go on as usual no matter who is elected.


This piece is chock full of things that we need to know, but they get drowned out and ignored because of the daily freak show in the White House. I hear some say that Trump hasn’t really done much harm
yet; Yes he has! He and his administration have been steadily nibbling away at environmental, safety, and civil rights protections, “under the radar” whilst keeping most of the Media entranced by Russia, the “mooch”, and the childish tweeting about “Leaks”, “Fake News”, and North Korea.

Meanwhile, the Department Heads are busy “deconstructing” government, in accordance with Bannon’s plans. Of course, they are mostly destroying the parts that the Large Corporations find inconvenient to their insatiable drive for more and more profit. What is best for the common good is not even considered!


Good point! That carcass can be laid where it rightly belongs: at Mitch McConnell’s door.


Hey Greg Kaufmann… good piece and thank you! for all of the links to voice positions!
Signed and signed again. Hope to see similar pieces in the future!
And thank you to Alison Casady for the research! no doubt responsible for at least some of the links!


trump is not getting anything DONE. He is dismanteling our way of life in this country plus he wants a war; He just has no clue of what he’s doing.


Obama seemed to be more concerned with courting a few Republican votes to help bolster his “there is no Red America, there is no Blue America” rhetoric, than he was with corraling his own huge majority in doing something of lasting value. Now his corporate-subsidizing, signature legislation will rot on the vine.

Perhaps he didn’t have the skills. Perhaps he trusted the wrong people. Perhaps he was naive enough to believe the feel-good pablum in his speeches, even as Republicans made it clear they’d unite in complete opposition. Perhaps–and this is my contention–he was nothing more than another placeholder in a kabuki show.

In any event, he did manage to show that his own party is a meaningless tool of corporate power.


Thank you Democracy Now and Amy Goodman for comments today on the media–specifically MSNBC and CNN. Don’t be fooled the corporate media love Trump and they would love nothing more than Trump for a second term. There was a comment the other day on the Lawrence O’Donnell show saying that the general’s of the US had failed----this comment was quickly dismissed-but really it is so true-the general’s have failed,the political class in the US has failed,the insurance industry has failed,and the bought and paid for media in the US is a complete failure.The media has turned into some kind of mind control thing-----don’t look behind that curtain------what is happening to the Earth?what is happening to our food?what has happened to a “healthcare” system based on profit?what about an economy were the divide between rich and poor continues to grow and gets little media coverage?


Headline sez: “Don’t Let the White House’s Dysfunction Distract You From the Things Trump Is Getting Done”

It’s difficult not to get a little distracted when one clicks on this commentary to find it accompanied by a photo that looks like a screen grab of the ‘cabinet meeting’ scene from the film Idiocracy.


And yet, with the exception of Common Dreams and only a very few others, that’s exactly what’s happening at alomst every progressive (or formerly progressive) and formerly reliable outlet and site.

Blanket the pages with reactionary outrage about every Trump statement or tweet -and every histrionic sideshow about the Russians


Obama was a Bait and Switch Ringer.


Amen, Brother!


Greg, excellent piece! Thanks for the heads-up. We need this kind of information to keep our Trump-knowledge deeper than his publicized tweets and asinine personality, as well as the rest of the damage he is doing in full sight.