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Don’t Let the White House’s Dysfunction Distract You From the Things Trump Is Getting Done


Evelyn, I think he DOES know what he’s doing, except that his vision is short-sighted (probably what you mean). With some understanding of his background, one can almost predict what he will do. I can imagine him pre-election watching FoxNews and slowly realizing that if he were president, he’d get rid of everything he didn’t like and support whatever might benefit him and his businesses, with Fox’s toxicity. He would also use his domination tactics on those who displeased him as he did in business and maybe The Apprentice. He’s NEVER been concerned about the fall-out on other people, who are not real to him, in the sense that paper dolls are not real to little girls – they can dress them up and move them around as they please or easily discard them if the little girl is angry about something else.


OMG! Trump’s wife is wearing a sleeveless dress in that picture! The horrors of indecency!


@ raydelcamino

Couple of Problems? First the ACA was made a Constitutional Law by the US Supreme Court in 2012. Which makes Virtually Impossible to Break. And Second, Neil Gorsuch DOESN’T even have to HEAR the Case. When it can be Passed to ANY Federal Court to be Ruled On. The US Supreme Court receives ~40,000 Applications per year and ONLY Rules on ~8,000 of them. It’s Chief Justice ROBERTS Court, NOT Justice Neil Gorsuch Court.


It may be the administration that is generating these distractions but it is only possible because of the reporting of the “liberal” corporate media. I have yet to hear any mention of net, neutrality, the acceptance of lethal insecticides, the rape of our public school system(such as it is), the closing of women’s health clinics, the potential privatization of our highway system, income disparity, the renewed bilking by investment councilors, the removal of protections of our drinking water, the attacks by private interests on our public lands, etc, etc,etc,by the fourth estate except on forums like this one.


Ever heard the phrase “The buck stops here.”?


You mean that he is doing us all? You think this is Nothing? DT metaphorically has monstrous hands.


Dismantling everything that makes the US unique, our clean air, clean water, our national monuments & parks, education, health, etc etc etc Tje list just goes on and on and on.

Get him out!!!