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Don’t Let This Power-Obsessed, Manic President Wear You Down

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/26/dont-let-power-obsessed-manic-president-wear-you-down

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Too late!! Our so called lawmakers and laws of the land are not working to protect us from thiefs and snake oil salesmen. All the hard work of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have been shreded. Reagan started the destruction of America and our 2 democratic Presidents were players also.


I never believed in burning books, however, once the curse of Trump is over, every single book with his name in it would better serve mankind if it was burned.

The stain of that family on humanity must be erased.


Thanks, dude! What you said; I have been trying to tell folks for years.

Alas, I must beg to differ with you. We need to have his books available for the future, just as Mein Kampf. They show how his kind think, and the way they deal with the world. Just as I gagged and retched as I read them, I did read copies of the works of Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell et al(that I retrieved from dumpster diving). Know your enemy-from the Art of War, 180 degrees from any Art of whatever ghost-written for Trump.
However, I would agree with involuntary bans on reproduction on the whole extended Trump family…


Please stop calling this “impersonator” President.

After the curse he brought with him leaves the White House, they must erase the number 45 from the history books.

For all time.


Gee, has anyone tried jangling keys in front of his face?

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“Pourquoi” Bardamu?

Our author here appears to think that it would distract him.

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Roll pile heap it on until it seems normal. Where are people’s perspective The absurdity reached levels long ago. yet here we are…
Never is there a full accounting best wishes

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Thank You for this clearing.
Helpful to set some baselines in these crazy times.

In light of what Seth…said, PB, would you be willing to burn instead Dump and each deplorable in effigy…for weeks?

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To me it is not what this asshole does that is wearing me down it is that the Dems are enabling him to do whatever with their only answer being “vote Biden” when we demand they do more. That and hearing all the “progressives” fall in line with them is what is wearing me down to the point of near numbness. The fact that NEITHER political party has any hope for us and in fact with always actively try to crush any resistance we try.



You didn’t even need to ask that question. You know my answer.

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Yeap, me too. Julie

He’s not wearing me down. His tribe of deranged cult followers enrage me to the point that I must tune them out. I can only hope that we get the opposite of trump on Election Day.

The Dems already made sure that won’t happen.

Start now! Add Redfield to the group.

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Why should a president of this description - of any party - be allowed to remain in office, let alone run for a second term? Does the author have an answer to that?