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Don’t Let Trump Get Away with ‘Alternative Facts’

Don’t Let Trump Get Away with ‘Alternative Facts’

David Uberti

Call them what you will—whoppers, untruths, lies—but casual falsehoods have been the hallmark of President Donald Trump’s young political career.

The latest example came on Saturday, when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer berated journalists for “deliberately false reporting” on the underwhelming attendance for Trump’s inauguration. Spicer’s error-ridden diatribe—on his first day in the taxpayer-funded job—came after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Washington, New York and elsewhere to protest Trump’s ascent to power.


The nations Fourth Estate has been corrupted, bought-up by un-taxed vast wealth, subverted, threatened, and characterized by general cowardice to perform their critical function in any free state.
When faced with the very real deadly threats of the trump regime, and culture of bald-faced lies/deceit, our media must stand-up somehow and defend the truth and nation!
It will take more than alternative media, it will take those not entirely propaganda tools, beholden to big-money to reach the sleepers and complacent.

"Truth is singular, its versions are misstruths"! - David Mitchell - Sonmi-451

The current regimes Goebbels mouthpieces of “alternative facts” must be pushed and pushed until they paint themselves into a dark corner where no other reality BUT the truth is obvious! The extremism and delusional nature of this entire regime will make that easier…

To paraphrase Sonmi-451 - “If we remain invisible, the truth would stay hidden. We cannot allow that.
And what if no one believes this truth?
Millions already do.”


Alternative facts have been tolerated by the media, the White House and the public for a long time.
If Trumpism actually causes an auto-correct on this incendiary issue, then we may turn the corner and actually recognize the alternative universe America proclaims as truth is an undemocratic fabrication of a militaristic and economic hyper-nationalism with smiling corporate sponsors.


Yes, there must be zero tolerance of these lies. This is a country with the best universities in the world. The US pioneered universal education. We are talking about basic facts here such as one and one equals two. We can’t let the most religious least educated portion of society take over. We must continue progress toward empirical knowledge that began in Europe several hundred years ago and not slide back to a state of ignorance from which Western society emerged. Yes, knowledge has produced a lot of unsettling truths. One of them is that we are now on a collision course with nature and unless we get our act together fast everything we have worked for will be destroyed. People who understand the need for truth must stand up and be counted or be overwhelmed by the forces of ignorance and lies.


Quite right, Edmundo, though it’s unclear Trumpismo will perform any auto-correct. If, however, the mainstream press’s hostility to Trump should prompt them to review their own fondness for “alternative facts”–such as Iraqi WMD, Russians invading Crimea, and Assad “gassing his own people” (an assertion made by Obama at the UN even after it was belied by the UN’s own War Crimes Commission and an independent study at MIT)–then so much the better. Better late than never. Unlikely to happen, however.


Clovis, I’m troubled by your idea of alternative facts. Yes, the Iraqi WMD bit was disgusting, especially the NYT’s endless front page Judith Miller crap, but your 2 other points, Crimea and Assad, are problematic. On Crimea, perhaps this was mainly done by Crimean pro-Russian forces, but that seems like a stretch, realistically. On Assad, former Iranian President Rafsanjani said Assad did it as has Human Rights Watch.

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You’re a bit selective on your Assad defense. UN chemical weapons investigators did find the Syrian military used chemical weapons against civilians. They even identified the military units involved. There is also evdence that an ISIS unit used a mustard gas like weapon against non ISIS rebels. One theory being this was captured from Syrian military stocks as ISIS has shown no ability to develope or “import” such weapons on their own.

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Sure. Thanks, Donald. Truther hero.

BWilliamson, I’m a Truther.

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All three things you mentioned were very hard to get the facts straight on.Two of them occurred in dictatorships hostile to the US (Iraq and Syria) and the other involved the actions of a dictatorship (Russia)… Trump on the other hand disputes photos of the Washington Mall that were easy to obtain and clearly showed differences in crowd size.


In the observations of the hyper collusion between hollywood and clinton; between “reality” (ahem) TV and drumph… the full metal jacket militarization via media conflating institutional abuses and adventurism/colonization by “regime change” - the conflicts have dripped like ancient Chinese water torture into the imbecility of “fake news”.

I think it worth mentioning that film director Ang Lee, in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, wrestles with the theme of making the fake look real and what that kind of manipulation does to the human psyche and relationships (go to min 4).

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Not from what I’ve seen.

I want answers to the many questions yet unanswered. Not interested in debating the issue on this forum, however there ARE serious individuals like myself who hold a conviction it is important to get those answers, and to highlight the fact that serious questions remain all these years hence, about the seminal event of our lifetimes.

Truther for me is not in the slightest derogatory. I’m fine with that label.

There are absurdities promoted by certain “truthers”. I’m not one of those.

I know it is a completely no win situation to go deeper than this on this forum, so I will stop here.

I admit, I’m just devastated after reading your post.

I mean, you are on to us “lefties”. You have figured out that we are all an extension of George Soros!!!

And here we have been trying to keep our part in that Soros corn-spiracy secret.

Next thing you know, you are going to call all of us out for our many many connections to Al Gore.

Please go easy on us, we lefties, liberals, communists, socialists and the like, are just lost in the Forest of the Left, and we can’t find the Righteous Forest of the Right, where only truth prevails.

I mean, we should know all of that by now right? Right wingers are only corn-cerned about speaking the truth.

Just look at Donald Trump!!! A paragon of truth telling, I must admit. You can hang on every single utterance of spoken word, or tweet.

You have really caused me to think, think, think real hard about where I have departed from the good and righteous road to truth, that leads to subservience to right wing, or at the very least, solid conservative orthodoxy.

An orthodoxy so replete with upstanding citizens and leaders, it just blows my mind (now that you have caused me to see the light) that I haven’t recognized that alternative truth until now.

From Norquist to Gingrich, from Ollie North to Negroponte, from Nixon to Reagan, from David Duke to Bannon, from George Fucking W. Bush to the elder Bush, from Donald Rumsfeld to Dick Fucking Cheney, from Henry Kissinger to Colin Powell, from David Petraeus to John Bolton, from O’Reilley to Limbaugh, from Dr. Laura to Ann Coulter, the truth is on their side.

There has been just so much truth told on alt-right sites, I have to get up to speed quick, now that I’m in the age of alt-Truth. Now that I’ve seen the light, that night is day, black is white, he isn’t holding up 2 fingers in the air, but actually 3, I’m all for getting me some truth.

Where should I go for more, now that I’m hungry for alt-Truth. What’s Karl Rove up to these days? Perhaps I can check in with him. And how about those Koch Brothers, I can certainly benefit from their alt-Truth climate websites where I can deprogram myself from having been influenced by Al Gore.

Okay, I’m practicing. So when I go to forums not of the alt-Truth variety, I just repeat Soros, and Al Gore right?

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I have to say communists, socialists, lefties, and stuff like that to win arguments. Damn I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Oh yes, the new tag line for everything is Fake News. I must remember that one, because that pretty much is all one has to say.

I mean, objective truth and investigation are just so damn stale. Alt-Truth rules the day, and the alt-Truth hero is Trump.

Until your post, I hadn’t really seen the light, had not revered this brilliant man, this Billionaire, in the correct light!

In the past, I just corn-sidered his lawsuits against workers trying to form unions, and his outsourcing jobs to India and China, examples of what his actual agenda might be. One that didn’t really corn-cern a particular principled position relative to helping “the people” get higher pay and better jobs.

But now, with alt-Truth perspective, I can understand why so many workers have put their eggs in his basket.

It makes perfect sense.

Just like it makes perfect sense, that draining the swamp of corruption in D.C., meant appointing the wealthiest cabinet in US history, made up of people who have spent their entire professional careers making themselves rich while ripping off everyone else.

I mean what the hell was I thinking? I should have been engaging in alt-thought.

Note to the astute reader…

I’m aware of the sad nature of alt-truth of oligarchy, so please refrain from pursuing any hypocrisy based argument. Please consider, the post I’m replying to.


That is complete nonsense. The UN War Crimes Commission report on the Gouta poisoning–because that’s what we’re talking about–was quite clear in saying there was no evidence to link the attack to the Assad regime, and that what evidence there was pointed to the attack coming from the rebel side. Not to mention that there was no motive To state the facts, the real facts, as I have done, is not apologizing for Assad. Read Gareth Porter, read Robert Parry, read Eva Bartlett, the people trying against all odds to fight tsunamis of propaganda coming from the Western governments and media to destroy yet another secular Arab country. You apologists for the US regime-change crowd disgust me. You, directly, with your mini-propaganda efforts are therefore responsible, like them, for all the death and destruction the US military has been inflicting on the poor people of that part of the world. And you act as if Trump alone is the problem. You have far more in common with him than you realize.

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“…Chuck Todd aggressively pushed back…”

“…The New York times likewise…”

Great show, for until they can give President Pence his coming Free Ride.


I’m my own bitch and i know lying bastards when I see them. Every administration lies to We the People ALL THE TIME, only the previous ones have done it so much better. We’re talking Trump amateur hour here. When you lie, you must make it a lot harder to disprove than gathering time-stamped photos and transit statistics. Trump, like past presidents, will have to sell big lies. He will need the press–not Twitter–to do it. Downright stupid to waste whatever integrity capital he has on inauguration attendance numbers.

If We the People don’t come together soon, the great experiment of American democracy will have failed without coming to full fruition. If you comment here to find common ground that’s fine, but if your purpose is to insult and divide this community or the growing democracy movement, your standing as a patriotic American is called into question.


Thanks for your contributions Clovis. Trying to find truth in today’s world is like trying to find chicken lips. The sarin attack on Ghouta Syria a case in point - was it an Assad attack, a false-flag attack by a state party, or other group in the region with the expertise and intention to maintain the civil war? The investigative writers you reference are respected journalists committed to truth. That cannot be said of the governments and other forces involved in the civil war or behind it well away from the death and destruction - none can be trusted to tell the truth.

The fact is civilians in an “opposition”-controlled area were killed in a sarin gas attack delivered apparently by surface to surface rocket - numbers of victims ranged about from 300 to 1700 - men women and children, innocent by any measure - a crime against humanity and war crime by any standard.
The fact a UN team investigating another gas attack was close in country when the attack occurred and the Assad regime granted access to all is odd - the UN investigated over several days when fighting allowed and detailed the attack. The identity of group or state player was never stated, but ALL are guilty and the innocents are dead but the depraved killers will never beheld to account, either those who directed it or funded it or armed the players.

War is the most brutal most hideous most futile human act - the fact that many behind the scenes that make profit and gain advantage or power from such unspeakable horror is perhaps the real crime. Peace


The comment was re “alternative facts” and examples of such, including Syria and the Crimea, in government assertions, spook agency claims, media propaganda, and political lies/manipulation of public opinion.

The sarin rocket attack on the Damascus Ghouta neighborhoods has not been shown definitively to be perpetrated by the Assad regime or any other possible perp. Those attacks were a war-crime and atrocity. The UN did not ID “military units involved” in that attack - others involving chlorine gas barrel-bombs have been laid at Assad’s forces door by UN investigators.

“Obama did not tell the whole story this autumn when he tried to make the case that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August. In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts. Most significant, he failed to acknowledge something known to the US intelligence community: that the Syrian army is not the only party in the country’s civil war with access to sarin, the nerve agent that a UN study concluded – without assessing responsibility – had been used in the rocket attack.”

So Assad killed some people in Syria with poison gas attacks, but it can’t be proven he killed everyone who died in poison gas attacks in Syria. A truly stunning defense of a “secular” regime. Trump isn’t the only problem. Not at all. There are people like you.