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Don’t Reauthorize NSA Spying in a Must-Pass Funding Bill

Don’t Reauthorize NSA Spying in a Must-Pass Funding Bill

India McKinney

Some legislators want to reauthorizea a controversial NSA spying authority called Section 702, without meaningful reform, by attaching it to must-pass spending legislation. That's a big mistake.

It is troubling that a secretive NSA surveillance program may be reauthorized in a secret legislative backroom deal. But this program is too important to be hidden in a big funding bill, and members shouldn’t be forced to choose between shutting down the federal government or violating the Fourth Amendment. (Image: EFF)

702 is so scary and in the wrong hands it is a nightmare, like the wrong hands of today! When it was first passed I don’t think congress envisioned a government like we have now. The tool called the NSA is now a monkey-wrench thrown into the spinning gears of our Republic. OOOPPPSSS, my hand slipped and now I’ve a bunch of stripped nuts.

Simple, dump 702, no fuss no muss, amerika is way better off without 702!