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Don’t Stop the Revolution: The Sanders Movement After Orlando



Is there a fire hot enough to which to hold HRC's feet?
Methinks not.


Senator Sanders may not receive the Presidential nomination, however that is only half the battle.The other half is to revolutionise Congress. Bernie should extend his influence to getting Congressmen of integrity elected.

The political powers of both parties have yet to acknowledge or recognise the fundamental ethic behind the popularity of both Sanders and Trump: the American people are simply tired of Politics as Usual. To not extend The Revolution into Congressional races would be to miss a rare opportunity to clean up Congres.

The reason we Sanders Revolutionaries could have a real effect on Congressional election outcomes is that most elections are decided by a few percentage points and a concerted vote by a relative few can decide the contest. Considering the number of votes, both Democrat and Republican, Bernie got in the primaries; he has an extremely powerful tool at his disposal; upwards of 20%-25% of the electorate. The problem is which candidates to focus on.

On his web page Bernie could have his recommendations for each Congressional seat up for grabs this election season. Imagine a spreadsheet type page: One would click on one’s State then any of the Candidates. The spreadsheet columns would have Bernie's’ recommendation and the candidate's’ position on the critical issues etc.. Whatever variation on this theme is fine; the point being that it focuses Bernie’s revolution on Congress, which is actually more critical to effecting change than is the Presidency.

Whether the subject is the 1%, and their unfair share of the national wealth, inaction on Climate Change, True Election Reform (TEF) or other critical issues we will not get action until Special Interest Influence is removed from Congress. Only the Voters can change the mentality of Congress. Congress writes the election laws and only our elected representatives can change them. Hence the primary criterion on Bernie’s spreadsheet would be: “does this candidate believe in True Election Reform”?.

As an Independent Bernie can ignore partisan politics and make the Congressional Candidate's attitude and commitment to TEF the criterion for his recommendation. This is nothing more than the candidates foregoing an action that in most Democracies is illegal. Under more moral standards 90+% of the members of the US Senate and House of Representative would be in jail.

This is rare opportunity to actually make our votes meaningful. I hope Senator Sanders will stay with the program and make it happen.


Unfortunate, according to CNN, it looks as if he is about to announce his support for the Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy. Thanks are due to him because his presidential run did get the movement to change things' ball rolling, but if he's going to go the "party loyalty" route and back HRC who is undoubtedly the lesser of two evils, but not by much, it should be thanks and good bye.

Since he didn't have the intestinal fortitude (aka "guts") to accept Jill Stein's offer to let him be the Green Party top of the ticket with her as VP candidate; if he had done that it would still be entitled to have it still be called "The Sanders Revolution." Now it looks to me like he's turning in his revolutionary name tag despite his anti TPP rants recently published. So the Revolution, if it is to continue, will need a new name. I hope it isn't named after an individual who can then find some way to let us down.


For a guy who started at 3% and limited name recognition Sanders did very well. Had he been able to do better with minority voters he might have actually won. Both Sanders and Clinton compromised for the sake of party unity to defeat Trump. The first priority is stopping Trump. If that is successful then the next priority is trying to get many of the items in the platform passed. Unless the Democrats wind up controlling both the House and Senate there is no reason for optimism but sometimes it takes many years to finally achieve a political goal.


"Exceptionally progressive"!? Are you kidding me?

HRC commits wide-spread election fraud in order to secure her coronation and stack the platform committee with corporate hacks and we're supposed to pat ourselves on the back for that?!

Okay - we got them to a $15 minimum wage and a hybrid version of free college education but they kept all the juicy bits for themselves! On top of that, there's no guarantee that once the election is over that they won't go back on their word. After all, that worked out SOOO well for Obama.


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Now the journey ends, not a pretty sight. Bernie's was a noble effort, but alas, it ends in Unity, New Hampshire. What "they" want now is for Bernie's supporters to drink of the River Lethe, a potion of forgetfulness, then smile and be happy. Both "presumptive" candidates will have to limit campaign appearances to controlled venues to avoid unpleasantries, i.e., angry crowds. It's likely to be a campaign of Nasty to the nth. I wouldn't be shocked if Trump refused to debate more than one time, if that.The Democrats are getting what they gamed the system for--disaster. KIndergarteners could read through the wiles of Little Debbie, HIllary, the MSM and Wall Street, the game was rigged against Bernie from the beginning, alternative media saved Bernie's campaign. That's all folks.


I think this is more what Bernie had in mind when he started the race. He decided to run as a Democrat and he wanted to change the platform at the convention. Him returning to the Senate was inevitable if he didn't win. I don't feel this is a betrayal of his desire to change our government but more a reality that with us fighting for change out here and him pushing from the Senate it would bring those changes faster. He has awakened and rallied millions of people, we can't sell that short. The revolution must go on and now there are millions more looking for ways to do that.


Apparently, most people here think Bernie will endorse Clinton. ....just because CNN says he will? I don't think he will. I don't think he will tomorrow and maybe not until the convention fight is over. Maybe not even then. It is not too late for him to accept Stein's truly selfless offer to take her place on the Green party ticket.

Yes, Bernie may do what will break our hearts but he just may not. Let's have faith a little longer folks....how come none of these Sanders supporters who went to Orlando haven't made public statements urging Bernie to keep on running? What' wrong with those people and what's wrong with this author? If Sanders doesn't run part of the reason will be because not enuf of us have persuaded him he should. And that's on us.


I don't feel betrayed either, only disappointed he is forced to endorse the witch. But I was disappointed when he ran as a Democrat and not Independent. He did what he said he would do though and I am quite sure he won't go back to the Senate and be silent, he will keep working for the revolution.


The movement4bernie.com has that in mind I think.


Sorry Bernie, those of us who came to support a true leftist revolt in the party are walking away from lying, crooked Hillary and moving on to the Greens in the Fall. We are not convertible to the Red Queen. Holding out the possibility of a few table scraps she will snatch away once victory is guaranteed is not fooling us. She is evil and WILL take this country into another immoral, illegal, but oh so profitable war for her owners. Join us in walking away from this coming train wreck and show your revulsion by supporting the Greens in the Fall. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Didn't they already come up with the final platform? In which things like expanding social security were rejected?


Mr. Eskow's definition of "keeping up the fight" appears to be to vote Clinton.

My definition of "keeping up the fight" is to vote Green, rejecting blue and red.

Although the money I sent Sanders was well spent in completing phase I of the revolution, we are now entering phase 2 with or without Sanders on board. Good work Bernie, we will keep up the fight.


We do need to grieve - this is hard. What I can't ignore is that Bernie also ignited my spirit, and that is not going away. Have your grief, I have mine too. We wanted to join forces and change the game - and we have. No, we didn't go all the way - that was probably unrealistic. But this is a movement that cannot be stopped.


After 3+ decades of serious voting, never for 2 party presidents, I hear Bernie's message "the movement" not the person is the focus. We have the potential power to co-operate, communicate and integrate truth and justice for all into our broken system. Not an easy or swift win, but a goal requiring courage beginning at the very local level. Doris Haddock's walk across the country for campaign reform spurred me on - Bernie is the newest role model in the news. The electoral system must be overhauled (understatement), the 'economic growth' cancer treated with serious sustainability while avoiding, with great effort, the drama of conflict and violence. We shall overcome.


Good morning. You are so right. Revolutions that are named after a particular individual seem wrong. Tried to recall other movements in the past named after a sole individual and couldn't think of any....except "The Sanders Movement" which I have just seen here.

Bernie Sanders aka "Bernout" Sanders aka the Great Revolutionary Sheep Herder for the Democratic Party.

Jill Stein 2016


Yeah, I feel you. have to wait and see….



Precisely! To suggest that the revolution will be anything but snuffed out under Clinton is delusional. Liberals are being played, again.