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‘Don’t Underestimate Me’: Bernie Sanders Knows a Thing or Two About Winning


‘Don’t Underestimate Me’: Bernie Sanders Knows a Thing or Two About Winning

John Nichols

BURLINGTON, VermontFor the first century after the founding of the Grand Old Party in 1854, Republicans dominated the politics of the state of Vermont like no other. For more than 100 years, Vermont Republicans won every major race for every statewide office. Republican presidential candidates from John Fremont in 1856 to George H.W. Bush in 1988—with the single exception of Barry Goldwater in 1964—won the Green Mountain State.


Demonstrations for Bernie could make up for bad publicity and lack of airtime. Bernie is the only candidate fighting against rising income disparity, a universal concern.

Instead of on Wall Street, Occupy demonstrations in front of the homes of the criminal 1% would be difficult to ignore and would bring the message home to all concerned about trillion dollar corporate and banking bailouts of the criminal class.

for Bernie:

Occupy the 1%


I have to confess that when expressing some tepid support for Bernie the day before yesterday I’d somehow thought he was running as an independent. Now that I know he’s gunning for the Dem ticket, which he’ll never get, and that he’ll merely manage to add a few “liberal” wrinkles to Killary’s candidacy, I’m officially joining the ranks of CD naysayers. The Democratic party has no credibility whatsoever and is just a window-dressed version of its evil twin, the Repugs. What is needed is a strong independent ticket that would rally the great mass of discontents across the nation longing for peace, stability and honesty in governance. It’s the only way to (democratically) upset the system’s apple cart of corruption and death. Everyone should look to the inspiring example of Spain’s Podemos party, which is giving renewed hope in the democratic process. Viva Podemos!


If Trumbka was serious when he told the Congressional Dims who support TPP that unions would stop funding them, the unions need to form a new party.


This article mentioned that Sanders got the Democratic nomination for the Senate race in 2006 but then decided to finish that race as an Independent – what if that is his plan now? When you’re running for president can you change ‘teams’ in the middle of the race? What if he peeled off enough electoral votes that even if he didn’t get the Dem nomination he could still decide to run as an Independent? I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions – that’s why I’m asking them. :confused: