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Donald and Ronald

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/18/donald-and-ronald

Trump started his campaign with racism, riding down the escalator.

Ever since then, Trump’s legacy and approval rating have been heading in the same direction.


When all is said and done, regarding Trump’s life, in that moment one sees, just before leaving the land of the living, it will suddenly flash before Trump’s eyes, his soul, if anyone can actually call it that, is destined to head in the same direction his life has been heading ever since that fateful escalator ride.


To Hell.

Perhaps though unseen, crimes against humanity, never truly go unpunished.

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I suppose that the Presidential pardon power is sometimes used to correct a miscarriage of justice or when mercy is appropriate, but too often it is used to let real bad guys and Presidential cronies off the hook. We need to limit the pardon power. Maybe pardons should be subject to review and reversal by the CommonDreams community.

While we’re at it, the community may also want the power to ‘reverse the absence’ of a pardon - so that the group can save Manning, Assange, et al.

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During the Reagan Years you were either living in a Cave isolated from the world or a Conservative Republican not to realize that Ronald Reagan was an Affable, Polite, Smiling Racial Bigot.

He gave credibility to his Bigoted Conservative followers that it was okay to hate people who were on Welfare, the Welfare Queens

And his bunch of Greedy Bastards had no problem with trying to dismantle Social Security and use the money saved by throwing Old People out on the Street to give his wealthy friends another Tax Cut similar to his Trickle Urinate Down Policies.


He will be reincarnated as a rat carrying the plague vector flea, that will infest D.C. Since by that time the CDC will be de-funded, there will be no agency able to treat plague. I shall leave the rest to your imagination…

Scarborough is a douchebag now AND when MSGOP was trying to imitate Fox around 2000 with even Michael Savage on the air for a time. Joe’s a go along, get along guy since he has a “popular” morning show.