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Donald 'I Concede NOTHING!' Trump Retweets Utterly Unhinged Randy Quaid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/donald-i-concede-nothing-trump-retweets-utterly-unhinged-randy-quaid

As in any echo chamber, the noise must be deafening as people try to out-shout each other. The Republicans must be enjoying the Trump feces show, or they would tell Donny to just take a hike.



Real tomato ketchup Eddie?

Nothing but the best!

I don’t take him seriously, but I think this is the politics of cousin Eddie, wherever he is.

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Why does anyone care what these people say? They are actors and reality TV pseudo-somethings. What they think and say has absolutely no meaning. It’s the same as going into a bird shop and talking to the parrots.

Wait a minute! The parrots might actually have something to say that makes sense. It’s time for us to stop equating “fame” with “sanity.” There is no relationship between the two at all.


I may not be right but I think Brother Dennis is also a Trumper.


Some feel of them are intelligent on their own and I pay attention to what they say. (Ie Susan Sarandon). They are the exceptions.


Quaid! Wasn’t he in that sweet little film from last century called “Breaking Away”? Hmm, I just heard AOC complaining about the Senate “breaking”, so it all fits…

Trump has sent 550 tweets since election day the majority saying the election was rigged, which in his mind, means Trump was not able to cheat good enough with voter suppression ect.



Yes Shanti. His marbles AND the election.


That would be Randy Quaid’s brother Dennis who was in “Breaking Away” while Randy Quaid was in “The Last Detail” which starred Jack Nicholson. The irony is that in “The Last Detail” Randy Quaid played a prisoner in the navy who was basically prosecuted because he rebelled against authority while in real life R. Quaid has no trouble accepting what an authoritarian figure like Trump tells him and the American people.


Yes, it does appear that Trump has completely lost it. And despite Trump’s mental faculties heading south The Democrats as well as the Republicans refuse to logically invoke the 25the Amendment against this megalomaniacal president.


Just another form of advertising. It works with product sales and it works in politics. All because of money.
And let’s see trump’s whining for what it is–bullshit.
He tosses out fake, hoax, and fraud with the blame going to the left.
And like almost everything he insinuates it is their game not his. He and the republican party continue to operate in the Bizarro World spin zone.
If they are about something bad, they just the eyes and ears off of reality, and blame someone else.
Donny, the fraud is in the voter suppression tactics all across the nation. And hey dummy, we know it.

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The more he tweets the less time he has to conjure up executive orders-which is a good thing. I wish he would spend even more time golfing.

Randy Quaid played Chevy Chase’s character’s idiot brother in the National Lampoon movies. He must have been playing himself.


Trump never had it to begin, he should of been carried away immediately after stepping off the stage after his …they are not sending us there best people rant, it was obvious right then that he was not all there,

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I am trying to put together trump’s “I concede nothing” statement today along with his latching on to the stock market number. He claims the country and the 401-K’s are in great shape.
I thought (kidding), that the long lines of cars around the nation were people in line to collect their annual stock dividends.
Nope. Lined up to get food or covi-19 tests.


That’s a little over 26 tweets a day – you are too right, he really has lost it!


I found this very amusing:


There are 598 people on this list.

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Its funny that on the list for Bernie Sanders, he never ONCE accuses him of being a ‘Socialist’ which is the boogyword that his supporters are so intent on painting onto the Democrats. Even though Sanders himself calls himself a type of socialist. Why is that I wonder?

Bernie Sanders U.S. senator
“Crazy Bernie”
“Crazy Bernie Sanders”
“please show a little more anger and indignation when you get screwed!”
“Crazy Bernie”
“Crazy Bernie”
“Crazy Bernie”
“Crazy Bernie”
“Crazy Bernie”
“got duped!”
“Crazy Bernie!”
“Did Bernie go home and go to sleep?”
“he just wants to shut down and go home to bed!”
“totally sold out”
“Waste of time”
“has done such a complete fold”
“has totally given up on his fight for the people”
“has lost his energy and his strength”
“flamed out”
“no energy left!”
“just can’t go on any longer”
“ending really weak”
“has abandoned his supporters”
“not true to himself”
“selling out!”
“has totally sold out”
“is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!”
“he would be so easy to beat!”
“a disaster”
“can’t even defend his own microphone”
“Very sad!”

I don’t know. But i’m sure dump has called others socialists. And it’s quite revealing, all those tweets.