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Donald J. Trump as Osama bin Laden's Revenge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/16/donald-j-trump-osama-bin-ladens-revenge


Englehardt’s getting all philosophical, almost Dadaistically Pirandellian on us here, daring us to suffer reading (and, in my case and his, writing) very long sentences, in the midst of serving USA’s exceptionally long punitive sentence, for systemic crimes committed to sustain the sole superpower on a planet where Life itself verges on succumbing to the ceaseless assaults of our globally parasitic destruction machine, now religiously devoted to self-destruction, first of all (and that’s about as much as I can cram into a single sentence this morning, thank you very much).

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Tom’s writing belongs in Rocking Chair Weekly more than it belongs in CommonDreams.

The propaganda went beyond coon skin caps. During the 50s I had a tin lunch box with Davy Crockett killing a bear on one side and killing a Native American on the other side.

If I could afford to I would make an oppressors’ garden that would include statues of Custer being scalped, Crockett and Jim Bowie’s corpses on the Alamo deck…


In other words, “Mission(s) Accomplished.”

I thought this was Rocking Chair Weakly. I must have wandered off again.

Rock on, Tom!

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That must have hurt to write. Wasn’t all that pleasant to read either. At least it wasn’t BS.

I think any garden jockey decisions should have public approval. I nominate Jeffery Epstein, if he can have his own office at Harvard, lets narrow the gap.

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Donald Trump, suicide bomber in chief?

Yup, that’s pretty much what we’re in for I’m afraid.

You made me run to The Free Dictionary. Well done! I decided Osama had won in 2003 when shock and awe became the irrational pursuit of revenge by the government and never ending sentence of suffering for the US. The self-inflicted damage the US has caused in the last 20 years is astounding.

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More dribble about the official lies of 9/11, unreal.

I do not pretend to know what the truth is about 9/11 but this much I unequivocally and immutably do know: WE CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING WE ARE TOLD BY OUR GOVERNMENT!

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Tweetle-Dumb is the EEE-pitomization of those Confederate generals whom he so ardently admires —

I want to respect Engelhardt, but i just can’t, he almost never misses an opportunity to repeat the lies of that day.

I lost respect for Tom a long time ago…like the first time I read his disingenuous tripe!

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Well, it would be wise to question and think critically. Fist pump

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I feel your pain. I read your doubts. I was just researching specific issues related to the lies of 9/11 and I found facts that dispute (succinctly) part of the narrative the govt puts forth about that day. And it certainly could be a horrible irony here. I think we ultimately have ourselves to hold accountable. People refuse to talk about hard truths. People prefer to detach from life. People think it’s polite NOT to talk about politics. People fear the truth because it’s so damned awful and they would have to face themselves in the mirror and do something. We don’t have a high rate of eligible voters who get out and vote. It’s US.

And where does Putin fit in? I just figured it out! Donald lies about everything. We know he is hiding something bigly in his finances/taxes. We suspect he doesn’t have the wealth he brags about, right? Yet, he claims, and very loudly and often, he did, that he self funded his 2016 campaign. Noooo, Putin funded his campaign. That’s why he’s Putin’s handmaiden. (Or another good plot twist in this book in my head).

True kind of like your spouse is playing around on you and you refuse to believe what your friends.are telling you.

No matter what one believes about what happened on 9/11 I find it strange that even though there are many alternative 9/11 theories by reputable scientists and some may be ridiculous conspiracy theories; nevertheless, some may be credible, but never any articles on CD or any interviews on progressive sites like Democracy Now!