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Donald John Trump’s "Seditious Abuse"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/29/donald-john-trumps-seditious-abuse

Trump has set this country up for a Progressive revolution. There are leaders of such ilk with the energy spanning generations. Unfortunately, Biden isn’t one, but the hell ride of the last five years of driving the country into division will be attenuated but not extinguished. Trump being the stochastic terrorist that he is will release many of his rabid dogs in random places. I quake at the thought, but am a realist. I feel safe where I live, but worry for those who will fall to these cult creatures. I hope they have self-identified and the FBI will catch as many as they can before they wreak too much havoc, but I do expect some havoc to be wreaked. I quake as I type this for the innocents who will be lost to this monster.


Can’t someone slip some Ex-Lax into one of his Big Macs?

Or, perhaps I guess we should just let him explode. Like most all GOP, he’s full of sh*t.


Let’s not forget that the Repulsicans have been on the anti-federal government bandwagon for four decades. Shrink the beast, starve the beast, and pull out its teeth have been their goals for executive branch agencies with a few exceptions. tRumpus was both their most favored son and worst nightmare. Close your eyes, drink the cool-aid, get on board, and ride the DJT Fright Train through the ruins of effective national government and into the corporatists dreamland. The anemic federal response to the pandemic that he engineered with hardly any complaint from his party and pushing the states to shoulder the burden is an outcome Repulsican’s once could only dream of. I don’t believe his defeat will derail their efforts. Then, of course there is Georgia.

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Perhaps the White House chef can prepare a batch of Alice B. Toklas brownies for Herr Trump. It needs premium grade hashish for peak experience, but I’m sure decent marijuana would do. Then there’s the old college trick of sneaking in some Ex-Lax to the battter…
Remember that hugely delicious chocolate cake served to the Chinese president early in 2017??

Can you hear the drums, trumpnando?
I remember long ago before you ever came to town
In the spotlight now trumpnando
You are muttering to yourself and loudly blowing your own horn
I can hear the drums of war
and calls for insurrection coming from your mouth.

The end is closer now trumpnando
Every hour, every minute seems to last eternally
You are so afraid trumpnando
You are orange and full of sh!t and unprepared to finally leave
And I’m not ashamed to say
the roar of your voice, your ugly face, almost make me heave.

There was something in the air that night,
The votes went right, trumpnando
You lost the presidency and EC,
To liberty, trumpnando
Though you never thought that you would lose,
One thing you’ll regret
If we have to convict you in state court, we will poor sport, trumpnando

Now you’re old and gray trumpnando
And for many years we’ve had to see your tiny hands
Can you feel the rage, trumpnando
We still recall the time you tried to fence the Rio Grande
We can see it in your eyes
how you just tried to be dictator of our land.

There was something in the air that night,
The votes went right, trumpnando
You tarnished the presidency and GOP, trumpnando
Though you thought that you could overturn,
The winner is set
If we have to put your ass in jail, we will you whale, trumpnando

Yes whatever it is we have to do
We’ll do to you, trumpnando