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Donald Jr.’s Meeting Is a Legal Game-Changer


Donald Jr.’s Meeting Is a Legal Game-Changer

Eugene Robinson

From now on, ignore the conventional wisdom about how the Russia scandal is not “resonating” with President Trump’s still-loyal base. The question at this point is what strikes a chord with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — and what kind of legal jeopardy Trump’s closest associates, including his eldest son and son-in-law, might eventually face.


What I believe is that we only hear about the details that they haven't been able sweep under the rug or sanitize sufficiently to avoid scrutiny. It would be absurd to think that they aren't doing their damnedest to hide the dirty laundry from the press and from investigators. The very fact that revelations such as this keep showing up gives us some idea of just how much of this corrupt and unethical (perhaps even treasonous) behavior has been going on!


Please Liberals Democrats............................... I'm begging you...................................... give this Russia-gate thing a rest. I realize that's all you got as you've have nothing else to offer the American people.

Where was this outrage when Obama and Clinton were destroying Libya?? Talk about meddling!!!


This is serious stuff. It is a shame so many people on the left who we need to fight Trump are spending most of their time attacking their favorite punching bag, the DNC. Isn't it amazing how many of people associated with Trump have had a memory lapse when it comes to meetings with Russians? Most of these people, such as Donald Jr., are too young to be having early signs of dementia and why would their main memory lapses involve meetings with Russians of all things so there is probably another explanation. It appears that there is a Trump cover-up that is very slowly unraveling. It will take months of investigation to learn the truth. There remains a need for an independent investigation by Congress and it is something people should continue to demand takes place.


Beg on, Speechless, it won't work. You folks have been saying the same thing since trump got elected,that there's nothing to this, and yet we keep moving forward at what is lightning speed when compared to how Watergate developed. And yet people like you continue to insist that there's nothing here. How stupid do you think people are? You must have mistaken the majority of Americans as being as clueless as trump's base. You and your lot are pathetic liars and deniers. Now, why don't you go crawl back in the hole you emerged from, we aren't buying the crap you're peddling.


It may feel good, for a moment, to do personal attacks on people with whom you don't agree, but it's pretty ineffective in getting your view of things to effect people's thinking.
I think Speechless made a very good point. What happened in Libya was a million times more destructive than any Russian meddling might have been, yet the Democratic Party and voters stood by with barely a whimper.


Also... this from today's Robert Parry article on Consortiumnews.com
"Plus, if you rely on The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the U.S. mainstream media for your news, you won’t have to think about the far more substantive case of the Steele Dossier in which Hillary Clinton’s allies spent gobs of money seeking out sources in Russia to serve up dirt on Donald Trump."


Glad I could make your day :).


Sure hope so, but based on evidence re Russia thus far, not holding breath.


Now for the rest of the story. This reminds me of the Texas saying, "big hat, no cattle." Despite this huffing and puffing, the status quo holds, until evidence is forthcoming that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian Government, not Russians, there is no there there. Robert Parry documents incidents in the recent past involving U. S. candidates', or their representatives' shenanigans with foreign parties seeking to affect U. S. elections. A reminder, Eugene Robinson was one of the most vocal supporters of HIllary, and critic of Bernie Sanders.

"Exclusive: The new Russia-gate furor is over Donald Trump Jr. meeting a Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton, but the Clinton team’s Russian cash-for-trash search against Trump Sr. is all but forgotten, writes Robert Parry."



Actually, I've long since given up on using reason to get my points across with people who are showing that they are incapable of using facts to inform their opinions and continue to dredge up Obama, Hillary, etc to justify their lack of interest in seeing the truth for what it is, not for what they wish it were. So I now could care less about attempting to get my point across and I use their means of communication.

PS If you're so concerned about what went down in Syria, you must be horrified about Bush's Iraq quagmire, right?


Don't kid yourself. What will make my day is when trump et al are led out of the White House in disgrace...and that day is coming sooner than expected at the current rate of development.


Uh, I can read the emails to Trump Jr. and don't need Parry to tell me how over-involved all his twisty plots are. It's a sure sign of someone who can't accept reality that he has to constantly invent a new one to excuse what has been staring us in the face since November. If this were HRC, we all know things would be different and we'd be raging everyday about her neoliberal conspiracy to work with Russian oligarchs to do "X." Hell, there'd be six threads on it everyday.

Anyone with half a brain knows, and as was publicly reported before the Russia "stuff" even came up, that our over leveraged president sought outside finances when he was going under in the 2000s and couldn't secure loans anymore. He turned to places like Russia for fast cash to deal with his creditors here, adopting a new set of people he owed money to. All these dumbass plots that people like Parry espouse to concoct excuses--and they are that, masked with typical know-nothing MIC-neolib-neocon blabber--for a man who 1) never released his tax returns; 2) didn't take his financial disclosures seriously; 3) bankrupted multiple companies while knowingly screwing retirees and others in the process; 4) appointed an NSC Director who took undisclosed money from foreign governments, lied on his security clearance forms, and acted as an unregistered foreign agent for another government; and 5) constantly and consistently seems to defend and praise an oligarchic autocrat whose pals finance his livelihood, is credibility straining of the highest order.

At this point now, we have incontrovertible evidence from Trump Jr. himself of what most rational people suspected based on the continuous lies and distortions of the Trump crew. When there's a massive consistency of nearly all the top presidential staff claiming to have never met with representatives of the Russian government, including omitting meetings on security clearance forms, only for us to learn they did meet with them, it takes a fool to pretend things are otherwise. Hell, the US Attorney General lied to the Senate--oops, meant to say "forgot to tell"--about at least two such meetings, only later of which he admitted to prior to recusing himself from involvement in an ongoing investigation involving the foreign government representative he met secretly with! Sorry, I carry no truck for the bury-your-head idiocy I see from the Parry nonsense purveyors, when reality is staring you in the face.

'No Longer A Question': Trump Jr.'s Emails Show Collusion, Analysts Say

Of course...the Iraq invasion was one of the worst criminal acts ever committed.
Did you think I would support such an atrocity because I don't go along with the whole Russia bashing syndrome?
If you do, then, respectfully, maybe you misunderstand the motives and sentiments of those trying to prevent the creeping deterioration of Russia-American relations, which could fairly easily lead to nuclear war.


Oh, what a great day that will be!

Why then we'll have Pence in the Oval Office and he'll be a lap dog of the MIC and he'll be much more effective at getting the right wing "sink government in the bath tub" crowd and arranging it so women who get abortions go to jail.

Yes, what a great day!


This wasn't a Russian government official. It was a lawyer with "ties to the Kremlin." In other words a lawyer who had interacted with the government. It takes a leap of faith to go from the reality that this individual had dealt with the Kremlin in legal matters to the idea that she was a secret agent of Putin.

Also, HRC DID do this kind of stuff with Russia. Also with the Saudis, the Gulf States, and Israel.


Love your parsing. If you've gotta go that deep, good luck. In the meantime, I'll stick with people who haven't had to twist themselves into pretzels to understand what we are seeing, journalists who have been following Trump for a long time. I'll just post this so you can continue playing twister:


Read your link. Not a concrete mention of an actual Russian government tie in. Just the words of Mr. Goldstone, which are dubious and par for the course in the dirty Trumpian universe.

In the meantime, if Hilary's campaign was even more actively trying to dig up dirt in much the same way, wouldn't she be just as guilty of whatever you're accusing Trump of? We saw the emails in which her campaign discussed religious smears of Bernie--they weren't above dirty tricks. And we saw Trump explicitly call for Russia to release any hacked dirt on Clinton during the campaign--his base ate it up and it worked on that basis alone. From that standpoint, so will this.

I'm not defending Trump, I never have or will. I hope this crushes his presidency. But LibWing's right. Pence will be worse. And your Dems are still the same, sinking party. And the reality/perception (you'll chose the latter, I choose the former) that Hilary is up to her neck in 'collusion' will live on.


PS If you're so concerned about what went down in Syria, you must be horrified about Bush's Iraq quagmire, right?

Absolutely!!! Bush and cohorts should be in jail along with Obama and Clinton for continuing the onslaught in the Mid-East. No Trump supporter either. He's a war criminal too, dropping a 22.000 pound bomb on one of the poorest countries on the planet.....reprehensible!

But I sat here for 8 years while liberal Democrats went silent when it was Obama's turn to bomb. Now this Russia-gate? You're falling right into the hands of the Neocons who have Russia as their target because Russia stepped in to defend their ally in Syria.

No one meddles in the affairs of other countries more than the US does. Have you ever heard of the CIA?


The thing is, Hillary didn't do what Trump's people did. Did HRC or her campaign staff lie on security clearance forms? Did they lie about lying on the forms? Did they lie about being foreign agents, taking foreign money, and lie about taking payments? Did they lie about having secret meetings with representatives of a foreign government then get caught in said lie?

I think you know the answer.