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Donald Trump and Germany in the 1930s: Reflections After a Visit to Nuremberg


Donald Trump and Germany in the 1930s: Reflections After a Visit to Nuremberg

Nuremberg, a historic medieval city, was widely known in the 1930s as the most pro-Nazi city in Germany. Last December it was also the origin of a wonderful seven day cruise on the Danube River for my wife and me. Conscious of its historical significance, we had come early to see the city, especially to tour its World War II sites.


Let’s remember that the 1930s in Germany were rife with book burning. The antidote? Read! Read everything you can get your hands on. The books with which you are sure to support, the books about which you are are uncertain, the books about which you are most prejudiced, read them all and often. It’s the only way.


The “stair descent like an angel from heaven” was part of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ divine leader persona that he created.

As I pointed out in a CD post last October, the Democrats adopted this chapter of Goebbels playbook at least two years ago by hampering the efforts of any candidate competing with Clinton the divine. Any of you readers would love to have a buck for each time the media has mentioned “coronation” and “Hillary” in the same paragraph.


Thank you, Mr. Gillet. Those persons whose anger inhibits their empathy (added to those who innately hold an “empathy deficit”) have no problem with Trump’s comment that enabled the roughing up of a Black citizen, or his salute to torture, or his advocating the routine tearing apart of immigrant families, or his blanket condemnation of all Muslims for the actions taken by a relative few (with those actions largely the result of defensive measures taken in response to planned wars of aggression–The Supreme Crime against humanity as per Nuremberg’s findings).

Those who identify with Trump have no problem looking away from the deployment of The Scapegoat (this time in the form of the Muslim or Hispanic immigrant) and how it’s used to direct routine harm at specified “others.”

Many of us see Germany’s history repeating inside the U.S.

Left out from your article is the fact that many Nazis were imported into academe and the military after W.W. II. The program (Project Paperclip) was never openly discussed and many doubt that it existed at all; but the poisoned fruits are in full sight and they are rotting society (in this case, America’s) to its core.


Germany mythology centers on the MALE super-hero.

The sexed up image of the male warrior when taken to unearthly levels is commensurate with worship of Mars, the god of war.

This mythology and its tie-in to Hitler’s rise to power was chronicled in the novel by Leon Uris entitled, “Armageddon.”

The inhibition of Germans to oppose this authoritarian father figure was brilliantly explained by Wilhelm Reich. (Much of his material is banned because it ties the inversion of primal sexual force as induced by the Religious Castigation of Original Sin to wide-scale political impotence. Reich’s thesis is quite compelling.)

There’s also the seduction of male-bonding as seen in earlier military societies. And homosexual bonding was a huge factor among the Nazi upper echelon. This was documented in the book, “The Pink Swaztika” and I also find it convincing…

When the ONLY value held up is that of violent force, then a society’s capacity to feel empathy, compassion, and connection… particularly with what Jesus referred to as “the least of these” is absolutely decimated.

Those who cannot identify with their would-be targets/victims and are inured to empathy can kill with efficiency and vigor. In other words, they make perfect soldiers.

Again, when the ideal of soldiering and war become a society’s primary drivers, that means it is fully under thrall to the war-god, Mars = Mars Rules.

And the increasing primacy of the military inside the U.S.–as condition brought on through wars triggered by a False Flag–has set our nation (perhaps half of its citizens) into the same dark hypnotic trance as that seen in Germany.

Of course, the economic contractions brought on by policies that SENT wealth ONLY to the top of the fiduciary “food chain” also catalyzed lots of anger. And just as the German Nazi engineers understood: that anger could be very effectively channeled towards a specific scape goat population.

With the anger assuaged in that manner, individuals would seldom look to the real architects of financial affairs–the real causative agencies–and instead just react with blind rage.

MANY parallels can be made between the USA today and Nazi Germany and not because working people are to blame. Centuries of patriarchal conditioning incline many people to seek and follow leaders. When leaders lie, use media channels to repeat false news narratives; and Hollywood films to sex up war and acts of aggression, and RELIGIOUS “leaders” grant them cover for these acts of planned carnage… then it should be no surprise that the angry, disaffected mostly white male masses will react as THEY reacted 8 decades ago.

Trump’s followers today were the brown-shirts (or their supporters) of yesterday.


Defending Trump? Disgusting.

Trump said he’d bring back water-boarding and do a lot more than that.

When a crowd is caught in a mood of excitement (pumped up) and one individual stands up who questions what they’re excited about, all of that “Free Energy” can be readily directed at said person. And Trump encouraged that knowing the person could end up beaten up.

From gang rape to group rituals of violence, when males get together… the group’s heightened capacity for aggression often erupts.


Stein holds the moral high ground but also has zero percent chance of winning. So your stated position is like that of a Senator who votes against a bill knowing it’s going to pass. He can just vote that way to set up the ILLUSION that he supports a different agenda.


Hey, genius, the verbiage should read: “You’re changing topics.”

And apart from that, I happen to be a non-linear thinker. Since you have to put every idea into a box (apparently) and I am showing how a lot of things are related…within a circular context… YOU can’t follow.

If you think it bothers me that someone who can’t differentiate between your and you’re can’t follow my “line” of reasoning and the complexities it takes into account; let me assure you I won’t lose a moment of sleep over “that concern.”

YOU may be stationed at your little computer module for the entire day, but I have things to do.

Look for someone else to annoy.


"Regarding our military: ‘We’ve gotta make our military so strong, so big, so powerful, that nobody’s going to mess with us (a line he frequently uses)’.”

Do you really think that Hillary Clinton would disagree with that?


" Many of us see Germany’s history repeating inside the U.S."

Yes, and all the Fourth Reich needed was a charismatic fascist, like Hitler to finish the job. And if Trump becomes POTUS maybe you could write a sequel to Sinclair Lewis’s book: IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE , TO IT HAS HAPPENED HERE!


Yes, I don’t like Trump but what about Hillary? She is already worse than him. Although many of us want Bernie Sanders but apparently this country is still suffering from the illusion of Hillary. If so then obviously nothing good is waiting for this nation in the future.


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No, your point, as always, is to dissemble, distort, distract, and refuse to actually engage with anyone, while pretending that others are somehow too stupid or blind or ideological to have a conversation with you. Just absolutely amazing how everyone is incapable of understanding your simple communication!

In case any other readers have not noticed: Non-believer is not honest.


I often wondered on the genesis of the difference between the German and Germany as the “Fatherland” and the Russian referring to "Mother Russia’.


Off topic, but those PBS-viewing liberals DO love those expensive and elite “Viking River Cruises ™” - proud sponsor of “Downton Abbey”.


Gotcha Mr. Gillet!

Godwins law! Godwin’s Law! - on the very first post!

(But sometimes Hitler analogies ARE apt!)


Bingo in the G (get it ) row!
Inverted totalitarianism to say the least. Amerika is more of a covert stasi empire than Nazi Germany; more of a clandestine military dictatorship; a much more subtle fascism that has enabled the ruling class to have been able to brainwash the US masses with the canard, that they are living in a democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth!


I have observed that our local Downton Abbey addicts are royalphiles who also have dyed in the wool loyalty to the Clintons and other Murkin royalty.


Anybody who has studied Hitler in detail realizes that the more subtle chapters of Goebbels playbook contributed as much to his success as the theatrical chapters. Karl Rove, Rahm Emmanuel and other US fascist strategists have selectively applied Goebbels work to achieve stunning results during the past half century. US strategists realized early on that goose stepping and stairways from heaven would work against their propaganda programs.


Probably one only has to study the history of the South with the KKK and the lynchings of blacks to realize that Trump presents a potential danger. During the worst times in the South it was the solid citizens who donned sheets to go out and terrorize the black population. There have been many attacks on Muslims in this country, some of them stirred up by the words of Trump. Anybody who witnessed the days following the US invasion of Iraq should realize the anger against foreigners that can be stirred up in the US on a phone basis. Trump has already called for shutting down mosques and requiring Muslims to carry ID cards. Can you imagine if Trump was president and there some terrorist attack claimed to be related to jihadists on US soil? It is not far fetched that Trump would call a state of emergency and all freedoms would be lost.