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Donald Trump and Rome's Mad Emperors


Donald Trump and Rome's Mad Emperors

Kirk Freudenburg

Since placing his hand on the Bible on Jan. 20, 2017 before tens of thousands of adoring...what shall we call them, infuriables? hilaricides?...Donald Trump has garnered dozens of comparisons to Rome's mad emperors from among some of the most prominent journalists of our day.


How about describing Trump as a hybrid, a Nero-Caligula hybrid. Maybe that’s what his phrase “make America great again” was…A reference to dying Rome.


It interesting to note that in REALITY Caligula , as a Roman Emperor, was not the madman that he was portrayed as being. Most of the accounts of his trepidations were written many years after the fact and were fictions. The truth is that as far as Emperors go he was not out of the ordinary. They were all pretty much the same . Caligula was certainly a sociopath and ruthless and venal , but than so were the rest of the lot. In such systems it how the 1 percent maintains its power.

I suggest the same holds true today in spite of the revisionism that tries to turn GW Bush into some sort of Saint as they did with St Ronnie and even as they overlook all of Barack Obama’s crimes.


Identity politics aside finding metaphorical names for Mr Trump accomplishes nothing. The Bush II administration was far more reckless than the present one, at least until now. The president appoints the cabinet and is confirmed by the Senate. Most of his appointments were off the Heritage Foundation’s wet dream wish list. These are the real players. Mike Pompeo is the new State Dept head. John Bolton is the appointed head of national security. These are the ones pulling the levers of power and heavily influence the easily manipulated Mr Trump. These are the real enemies. The neocons are slowly infiltrating the highest levels of government. These are the real enemies and Mr Trump doen’t have the discipline or spine to keep an even counter play to their incessant call to arms. This is the troubling aspect of our present situation. Mr Trump only signs bad legislation and commands the top spot of the military. Who/m pulls these string/s is/are the one/s to actually worry about.


… but, but, but … he’s a very, very smart guy and a stable genius …


We have stunningly elegant resources to tease apart the rhetoric of strangulation policies demanded by fractional reserve banking, resource exploitation and the dinosaur scale late stage predatory capitalism and the psychological and social disorders generated by the milton friedmans of the world.

Produced in 2011, ZEITGEIST 3 continues to be a salient and film version of documentation for many of the questions clobbered and silenced by the current media wars on human heart.


MNIA: Make Nero Irrelevant Again?
Augustus vs Nero: Bush-dark vs. the Prictator?

They’re all worthless – shove them down the rabbit hole and celebrate their demise!


Right you are!  Tweetle-Dumb is only the surface manifestation of the underlying rot — a pustule on the corpse of the body politic.

And he has the best words, indubitabobolly . . .


Just as the fall of the Roam Empire spawned the dark ages that lasted the better part of a millenium, for the past three plus decades the downward spiral of the Murkin empire is spawning a neofeudal dark age.


…and a pathological liar, but, everyone has faults, don’t they?

Well, not to the degree Trump does.

He sets the bar so low, how low?

Lower than pond scum.