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Donald Trump and the ‘Banality of Evil’


Donald Trump and the ‘Banality of Evil’

Peter Dreier

Donald Trump’s comment on Tuesday about how “Second Amendment people” could stop Hillary Clinton if she gets elected is hardly subtle. This is a clear provocation to commit murder, however he and his handlers may try to spin it.


Some more "banality of evil" for you.

And of course this wonderful gem:
"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California" Hillary Clinton May, 2008


I dislike Donald Trump and think it would be a disaster if he got elected. You are using people's dislike for Trump to push your own agenda. I strongly believe in our second amendment right to bear arms, and I don't want to see that precious right weakened in any way. I am not a gun enthusiast, and I would never want to own a gun. Our founding fathers strongly believed that we needed the right to bear arms to protect us against our government. The need for that is stronger than ever. Some would give up our rights for comfort or security. Some are trying to frighten the voters, using Donald Trump, to get a low down criminal elected. Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president.


Another concern in conjunction with these almost daily statements from Trump that seem sociopathic are his responses to critics which seem equally abnormal. Typically he denies it took place. In response to this latest incident his campaign said he was talking about voting to keep Clinton from becoming president when clearly his statement was about what if Clinton did become president. A normal candidate would probably say that is was supposed to be joke and apologize (although it is hard to imaging another candidate making such a statement). His mode of operation is to never apologize for anything. He made fun of a disabled reporter and never apologized. He told another politician who when referring to Elizabeth Warren used an Indian war whoop not to apologize. Probably hardly any parent would tolerate this attitude in their child. It appears based on polling that much of the public has had it with Trump and there is now talk of a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. To college-educated women in particular Trump's statements have not become banal and he is no longer tolerated. Many of these women typically vote Republican. And many Republican leaders have heard enough and are abandoning ship. The only thing keeping this election from being a total rout is Clinton's e-mail situation. For some reason she has been able to provide a clear acceptable explanation. A hardcore group of Trump supporters will remain loyal. Survey results show a large percentage consider Clinton to be the devil. For real. A large percentage also believe the general election is rigged. Things could change and Trump could get back into close contention but with each disturbing statement he makes that seems more and more unlikely.


Trump has a unique formula for keeping himself front and center in the news. First, say outrageous things. Then, grab all the headlines. Third, deny the intent of his words and declare himself a victim of the biased media.

This also serves to keep the focus off of Clinton. When the DNC emails targeting Sanders were revealed, he stole the headlines with his comments about having Putin find the rest of Clinton's emails. Now, with new emails from the State Department suggesting favoritism for Clinton Foundation donors, it's all about him and his outrageous 2nd Amendment statement.



Trump most likely will lose in a mini landslide this fall, the bad news, Hillary is president, and Trump's GOP will be angrier than ever. They will control the party, win the off year elections, and nominate another "too dangerous for the office," candidate in 2020. The circle continues, next time the incumbent Hillary, it will be argued, is better than the next horrible candidate X, vote for Hillary and save the country from the new Ogre, and so it goes.



What of the current administration ? This article as an ex CIA director and close confidante of the current administration calling for the USA to covertly kill Russians to send them a message. This guy has publicly stated that he endorses Ms Hilary Clinton.

This is far more dangerous than anything Trump has said.


Among the near countless Trump foot-in-mouth stupidity extremist/terrorist blatherings, there are also his newly announced economic adviser team of old white billionaires. the despicable R'Cons have gotten what they have always stood-for in Donald Trump......
(The Dem DNC/DLC corporate/war-whore wing has gotten what it now represents as well)

“Capitalism Is a Lot More Important Than Democracy” -- Stephen Moore, a distinguished (?) visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and co-founder of the Club for Growth, which supports candidates who advocate slashing the tax rates of the top 1 percent.

"Stephen Moore is also, like Trump, a charlatan" - both pathological liars - or people that cannot any longer distinguish between truth and falsity - apparently so accustomed to lying, to falsity, it has eaten their brains out......This fracking idiot is very scary to consider in the Oval Office......


Remember when Sarah Palin used target practice bulls eyes to target democrats in congressional races. One was Gabbie Giffords district.
Have you seen the videos that show Ms. Clinton's seizures? Coughing fits? Falling down? She had that concussion a couple of years ago. I've read that these symptoms can be post brain injury . What do you think?Shouldn't we be told the truth about her health?


How could I forget all the suspicious deaths, especially since "another one" happened recently.


Peter Dreier and the banal evil of only attacking the evil the establishment doesn't endorse.


The problem is that Trump says terrible things, and Hillary actually has a long record of doing terrible things.


And what about when Hillary didn't concede to Obama because he might be assassinated?

On May 23, 2008:

"Hillary Clinton today cited the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign to explain why she was remaining in the race despite long odds.

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California," Clinton told the editorial board of a South Dakota newspaper. " I don't understand it," Clinton added, alluding to the calls for her to quit." http://www.politico.com/blogs/jonathanmartin/0508/Hillary_cites_RFK_assasination_in_explaining_why_shes_still_in_race.html


I am astounded that Clinton and her apologists should dare to use Hannah Arendt's phrase at all, let alone for people like Donald Trump or Julian Assange, the two examples I am aware of.

I suppose this is all obvious to most readers here, but Dreier lands fifty miles into the popcorn box, so I am going to be a little cautious. Check your perceptions:

Banal: so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

Julian Assange is an Australian expatriate ex-prodigy who, after legal trouble for computer activities as a minor participates in constructing and running a publication system for anonymous revelations against dangerous despots.

Banal? No.

Donald Trump is a flamboyant, loudmouthed huckster who rode his ex-wife's tell-all scandal-book into a public persona that he eventually recognized qualified him as a Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States of America.

Evil? Yeah, could be. But banal, obviously no.

Hillary Clinton rides family connections and marriage into national politics, then accepts deals with international finance, MIC, and hydrocarbon businesses to centralize power.

Banal? Does anybody think not? Evil?

If she is not, then it is not evil we have to worry about.

The persistence and the depth of the apologias for Clinton are chilling. Much as the Bernie Sanders campaign, while it lasted, did us all a great service by showing us that there was heart and soul and energy left in the Democratic electorate. The apologias for Clinton show us how deeply perverse and dangerous some parts of the party are and how easily the catch-phrases born of egalitarian struggle can be manipulated and trashed.


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Having said for 20 years that, to the Clintons, "It's not what you know, or even who you know. It's what you can get away with," I agree with many of the Hillary haters commenting. I never imagined voting for a Clinton since. However, Hillary -- last person standing -- listens to advisors, reads books and position papers, opens her brain before her mouth, has a history of caring about issues I think are important (tho I often have disagreed with her conclusions). Trump, on the other hand, thinks he has "a very good brain" when all the data constantly illustrates his megalomania gets in the way of rational thought.

What advantage was there for him to attack Ted Cruz AFTER the GOP convention?
Why attack a Gold Star family when one KNOWS one needs veterans votes?
Why attack a "Mexican" judge who ruled that the case which illustrates how much a con artist Trump would NOT take place until after the election?
Why double-down on those attacks and prolong media coverage that illustrates one's inability to think rationally?

Trump is illustrating clearly why he is the Putin candidate and the ISIS candidate. America's enemies want Trump in the White House because the data is crystal clear: he can be manipulated into doing stupid things which help our enemies by his refusal to think beyond his own immediate gratification.


Well said, but he's pushing some of my my buttons and I abhor Hillary more.


"The banality of evil." Interesting choice of words. "Banal evil is characterized by a belief that what one is doing is not evil, rather, what they are engaging in is a behavior that is, or has been, normalized by the society in which they reside."

Interestingly, this defines our liberal medias' approach to covering US poverty during the past 20 years of this country's hellish war on the poor. We can read about the masses of families torn apart by our welfare "reform" agenda, read that the overall life expectancy of the US poor has plunged, etc., and it all somehow just feels right. Normal. Banal.