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Donald Trump and the Dangers of Dehumanizing the Enemy


Donald Trump and the Dangers of Dehumanizing the Enemy

Betsy Hartmann

Portraying the enemy as lower creatures encourages society en masse to participate in acts of violence or to accept the "collateral damage" of massive civilian casualties without so much as a moral blink of the eye.


When drumpf makes all his noise about getting the Moslems and how awful the Moslems are, he is fully aware that it just plays into the recruitment campaigns of all the different jihadist groups. The fact that drumpf does it anyway strongly suggests that as long as the terrorist attempts don’t target him, he is not only comfortable with them, but he wants to encourage them. A possible reason that he wants to push people into joining terrorist groups is that if people are afraid enough, he can claim to protect him and thereby control those people.

“Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -­ kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervour ­- with the cry of grave national emergency. Always, there has been some terrible evil at home, or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it.” – General Douglas MacArth


It’s significant that this brief article is drawing far fewer views than others focused on partisan politics.


Could the reason for so few responders is that demonizing ones enemy knows no Political party bounds?
One can find same rhetoric when “Progressives” talk of GOO party heads and Trump with his political base.
Point in hand: In conservative circles my term,“Progressives” is a very derogatory and pernorative term that borders on a "cuss word, and damn sure demonized millions of American.
The US military has always demonized or made out the enemy as sub-human.
Being a “goyim” is pretty well being demonized by our great and friendly Ally Israel; so of course we help them kill of those devil worshipping Arabs.
Those rag heads, sand nigg…s, infidels, Islamic fanatics eho beat women and rape white eomen and little children.
Those ignorant savages who want to kill all christian white folk, because they hate our freedoms.
The overbearing gleefull "you are gonna go to he’ll unless you be born again, and easpish New England he/shes who condencendingly look down on the loor dark skins whose primative ctural traits need to be brought up to their white personal level of cultured purity.
, a means that is destructive to the pigmented self esteem as calling them boy or a Mex Beaner.
Gonna be hard to break that trait of feminization towards ones adversaries wether it be in politics. Union non-union, religion or love and war.


Donald Trump is the “animal”.


Maybe portraying criminals as the enemy, is part of the problem?


Dehumanizing the enemy to justify war is as old as war itself. It always partners with its complement propaganda strategies of patriotism, racism, exceptionalism, god is on our side or some other variation of the chosen people theme. This country has used this propaganda suite from the very beginning to justify genocide and expand it’s borders. It sure as hell didn’t start with Trump and it is rdeeply embedded in American culture to this day. When was the last time you heard any politician say that this country was NOT exceptional? That, of course, is simply another way of saying that other countries and those who live there are not. Bombs away!


This is the filter through which we must interpret everything! They want us to be fearful. They depend upon it! This is true of nearly all advertising, for that is what it is. Who profits? Who pays? They lie. They have always lied. They will continue to lie.


On boarding the helicopter for his Asian trip, Trump announced that “we’ll be hitting them (ISIS) back ten times harder.” Amid the blizzard of his inappropriate comments, it is easy to miss the significance of this one. By “hitting them back” he means that he wants more indiscriminate bombing in Iraq, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other Muslim nations. Since January, the US military has become much more unrestrained in these campaigns with even less concern about civilian casualties, which may well be the majority of dead and injured in places like Raaka, Mosul and Sana. For any who care to see, Trump makes a clear linkage between the dead on the NYC bike path and the dead in the Muslim world. This is a war crime under international law, which bans collective punishment as a motive for military action.

Seventy -five years ago, the Nazis killed 10 or 100 or 200 innocent civilians in reprisal for every German soldier killed by the resistance in occupied Europe, and Trump is quite explicit in his desire to move in the same direction.


Since early 1960’s the US has been responsible for an estimated 25-30 millions, and in that time frame we lost under 100,000 deaths.
Responsible for estimated 500,000 deaths for children under 5 years of age by Iraq embargo of 12 years in length, and esti.ated 1,000,000 more deaths and displacement into poverty of 3,000,000 more Iraqi civilians.
Iraq war dead of ours was under 5500.
LIbya we cannot count the dead as their dying is still ongoing, whileb Hillary and Clitonistas cackled like jackels.
We know not the #s of dead caused by our South of Border incursions, nor truthfully numbers of aiding Indonesia and millions of our NATO bullets and bombs,; daily use in 17 African nations, nor the death tolls of our allies Al’Q and ISIL and our subsequent invasion of Syria and bombing of Yemen.
I am better than average in math, but my mind shuns away from trying to figure ratio of our kills compared to our killed, the mind wants to know on the one hand but on the other, the insanity of gross barbarity by my nation of birth peoples,scares me to death.
So I will fight this gross injustice , for in not doing so I would already be dead on inside,
, Contrary to those who say it is an honor to serve in military, there can be no honor while co.mitting disho potable acts.


“Portraying the enemy as lower creatures encourages society en masse to participate in acts of violence or to accept the “collateral damage” of massive civilian casualties without so much as a moral blink of the eye.”

Both Betsey Hartmann’s article and Hidebehind’s observation merit careful reflection. If I correctly read Hidebehind, she or he finds the substitution of derogatory terms (Obomber, Republithugs, Amerika, Crooked Hillary, Littlefingers) the antithesis of the careful, reasoned, respectful, insightful, analysis that focuses on policy disputes, not on insults, that is essential not only for convincing those who disagree with us but for forming a coherent, reformative program among those who agree with us.

With respect for zopilote, Donald Trump is not the “animal;”he is a rhetorically potent human being, in a dangerously powerful position, put there by voters who saw in him their last hope after being scorned as unworthy of consideration by the DNC, Clinton, and many other Democrats.

The votes of those scorned in '16 will be needed to replace Trump, Kelly, and others with those who can and will be "touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Those votes will not be gained by imitating the language of the President.