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Donald Trump and the Next Big Crash


Donald Trump and the Next Big Crash

Nomi Prins

Warning: What you are about to read is not about Russia, the 2016 election, or the latest person to depart from the White House in a storm of tweets. It’s the Beltway story hiding in plain sight with trillions of dollars in play and an economy to commandeer.


In Trump, Wall Street was handed that worlds greatest fall guy. They are going to damn sure use him. Bet on it.


Brings to mind what Obama said to the bankers in 2009: “I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.” I’d say this time we make damn sure the pitchforks are ready, willing and able to do their duty!


Read and heed. Another crash is coming. It will be the Great Meltdown of 2008 on steroids.

Nomi Prins, in a sane and responsible administration, would be, should be, Secretary of the Treasury.


Hillary’s common sense would not have allowed many actions not happen.


Not to worry — most other entities in Washington have been playing with less than a full deck for several decades now . . .   Why should the Fed be any different from the rest of the swamp cesspool??

“Hilliary’s COMMON sense?”   Are you KIDDING me??   The grammatical confusion of your post aside, The Clintons, Inc. is a totally owned subsidiary of Wall Street, with substantial investments from Big Ag, Big Insur­ance, Big Pharma, the M-IC and the Fossil Fuel cartels.  Hilliary & Co. would have supported whatever policy helped make her ELITIST (not “common”) fellow Fat Cats fatter.

Ah-Yup, Neofeudalism.   That’s where we’re a-headin’ — if’n climate change don’t bump us all off first!!


Thanks to Congress putting US taxpayers on the hook for more than $20 trillion in various schemes to bail out the too big to fail banks, those banks (that controlled 25% of all US bank assets when they crashed the global economy in 2008) now control more than 50% of US bank assets, with no end in sight of their march to monopoly.


The .0001% know that real wealth is in land, resources, infrastructure and a few well paid mercenaries and minions to carry out their policies and to protect them from the pitchforks. Every tune there is a crisis more private and public assets go on the auction block and the .0001% increase their wealth. The incentive for those in control is to create crises not prevent them.
Their objective is to turn the 99% into serfs slaving to survive while they remain in obscurity behind high walls on large self sustaining estates like feudal lords. Piketty wrote that the return on investment over the last 200 years was 5%. That means wealth doubles every 14 years yet not family doubles every 14 yeats, meaning individual wealth keeps increasing. Curiously all the billionaires listed in Forbes are new. No Rockefeller, Morgan, Stanley, Rothschild et al are on the list. Their identities are hidden as well as their wealth and property. They fear the pitchforks and will gladly let the Forbes list take the pitchforks.


In a nutshell, neofeudalism, Antisandman.

Although overall return on investment (ROI) may have averaged 5% during the past 200 years, the 1%'s investments in owning most of the US congress have been exponentially higher than 5% and higher than any investment in history.

That is why the 1% are buying politicians in other nations at a rapid pace.


Of course Ray. No astute investor wastes money. We can change that by passing laws to mandate public financing of elections to eliminate the legal bribery. Common Cause has been working for that for decades to little avail, but as the 99% are devastated they may realize public campaign financing may be their most effective pitchfork.


I assume this is sarcasm?


We can see this in the Puerto Rico prime land grab going on since the hurricane. A potential private island for the richest of the rich. With a cadre of built in serfs. Also in Barbuda.


Well Trump did claim this economy.That said,the fed needs to be abolished as Ron Paul has repeatedly suggested


Citizens United ruling needs to go as well.


No way,My choice would be Ron Paul,who has been right all along


commonly lost to the people responding to me…thanks!


And Obama would never ever bail out Wall Street and stick the people with what about 7-8 trillion in debt. Stop with the my evil bastard is better then your evil bastard. It’s old and is what got us here in the first place. Neither is acceptable…and neither of the parties are acceptable and none of the bastards in Congress are acceptable and the system corruption is not acceptable…and never was.


I was being facetious.


Opps:) It really can easily be read incorrectly as a pro Hillary rebuke. At least to me. Sorry.


They aint marchin’ to monopoly, the money bag global banking cartel has already arrived at a full monopoly. The only solution is for the people to rise up - globally - and fight the good fight to overthrow the chains of capitalism. This needs to be done non-violently if possible, but lampposts are definitely beckoning, along with the pitchforks that Obama mentioned…