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Donald Trump and the Reichstag Syndrome


Donald Trump and the Reichstag Syndrome

William E. Connolly

Donald Trump is sounding very dangerous these days.


Their Reichstag Fire will be the inevitable terrorist attack from some radical jihadists that enter the US as refugees. Its a matter of when, not if. There will also be a white supremist attack on an African American Church or Mosque as well. But that is beside the point.

WE DO need to have a plan of response when the next jihadist terror attack occurs. We cant hope it doesn't, because it will. And Trump, Bannon, and the ISIS leadership are masterbating themselves to multiple orgasms over that eventuality.


Isn't it a fine American tradition now that every commander-in-chief gets to be a wartime president ?
Trump doesn't want Obamas used war,he'd like a fresh one


This is all pretty frightening stuff.

But unfortunately, all the declarations that we will be nonviolent will be for naught, because if our demonstrations reach the economically disruptive scale needed to force change, the other side is not going to be nonviolent in their response.


I generally agree with your assessment - but why do you think they will come in as refugees? It is easier to come in for academic study or with a skill needed skill that is in short supply among US citizens - my unfashionable field, civil engineering, being one of those with a shortage that is largely being filled by Middle Easterners and South Asians.


As Obama , himself stated, non-violence could not defeat Hitler. The problem in Germany was that a huge communist party there did not prepare for clandestine warfare in Germany They were demoralized after 3 unsuccessful insurrections from 1919 to 1925 and became a legalistic parliamentary organization. That was the failure of a spineless leadership. In the US non-violence will not stop the movement toward fascism only a massive communist party with most of its members non-public organizing the working class and sending thousands of members into the military and police forces to neutralize them can hope to defeat the growing fascist threat of intensified racism and war. It is a daunting task but social democrats and the neo-liberals will not pose a serious anti-fascist threat. We can not rely on our class enemies to do the work. We have to get off our asses, dust off the cob-webs and get to work organizing on our jobs and in our communities all forms of resistance ranging from work actions, strikes, occupations, and rebellions. They are coming the gloves are off more racist murders by police are in the works. Charlotte will look like nothing in comparison. I am not pulling any strings , this is just the rich history of the working class. Sometimes it takes a while for us to get organized and fight back, but when do nothing can stop us, but our own weaknesses.


Here's where J.Edgar Comey comes in, the FBI has much practice with sting operations that they have arranged and run only to arrest the poor fools that took the bait and made the FBI look the hero for foiling the terrorists plot at the last minute. What happens when they let one or two proceed?


What kind of resistance to Fascism were happening in Nazi Germany? I feel that would be a good thing to study for people who are currently living in the U.S.


I am suspicious of those "masked thugs" that invaded a peaceful demonstration at UC Berkeley a few days ago. Garden variety rioters are not usually dressed in black and masked. Breitbart News said they were funded by a progressive billionaire. I think they were sponsored by the alt right to give Donald Trump an excuse to suppress citizen protests. Martial law may be in our future, too.


Go to wikipedia and search for "German Resistance to Nazism". There were many organizations that resisted, but for different reasons, different combinations of reasons, when unity would have made a difference. What struck me was that the diversity prevented a unified effort - very similar to the fragmented situation in the US today. Unless all those groups can find common ground, agreement on strategy and on goals, fascism will tighten its death grip on democracy and freedom.


I get what your saying. There are many ways to infiltrate into the country, of which masquerading as a refugee is one. As far as I know, there have been no terrorist attacks by individuals who had refugee status at one time. But to me, than simply means we are due, since no vetting system is perfect all the time.

My fear is when the scenario I outline comes to pass, the multitudes of innocent, law abiding refugees will pay the price. Their will always be bad apples of EVERY demographic coming into this country, including refugees.

We should continue to allow them to come in while vetting them as best we can. When the enevitable terrorist attack comes, the law-abiding refugees will need us to stand up for them more than ever.


Well, yes that is the fear. Some have said we have had similar attacks in our country already, but post 9/11 we no longer have the protections we once did.
One more big attack like in 2001 and its all over for any semblance of a real democracy. Heck, today we are rated as a flawed democracy by the Economic intelligence unit downgraded from a full Democracy and thats pre- Trump


Yes there was, and it was brutally suppressed, especially after the Reichstag Fires that many believe was a false flag attack.



America policy has been remarkably consistent since the fall of the Soviet Union. The policy is to Balkanize the Middle East and Balkans. The 7 countries on both Obamas and Trumps target list have been a priority for over 25 years. These 7 countries as of 2000 did not have privately owned Central Banks. The governments printed their own money and have oil. Coincidence?

Russia is also a target for its intereference in the Crimea and supporting Syria and Iran, and its oil. China as well due to its relations with Russia and competition for oil resources in Africa, not to mention its economic and military power which threatens the US as the worlds only Super Power.


An attack the scale of Sept 11 is very unlikely - remember that heavier locked cockpit doors alone would have prevented Sept 11. We now have those cockpit doors along with lots of other security airline measures. Also buying high explosives and blasting caps is now governed by strict rules in all 50 states. So something like Oklahoma City would also be very difficult. The most likely type of terrorist attack will be using easily obtainable assault rifles - easily modified to fully-automatic - and large magazines (gotta love the 2nd Amendment). Also, Nice-style truck runover attack. The worst-case death toll for these will be a small fraction of Sept 11.

But for Trump's proposes - any kind or multiple homicide in the US - only 2 or 3 people - at the hands of someone of Middle-Eastern descent, "terrorist" or not, will be all he needs to bring the gallivant down...


"Our job as citizens is to spread the word...to increase the likelihood of resistance against, if and when it happens."

We'll get no help from the Captured Media, as to this day, they are trotting out the Official Story of 9/11 on every Anniversary of THAT False Flag, coast to coast, on National TV, Radio, and Print, with any contradiction Marginalized and Ridiculed.


I agree. To save the biodiversity and work towards peace on this planet we must massively disrupt many interwoven corridors of capitalist tradition. This will be capital violence and violence against economic growth. Unfortunately, this is the only violence the other side cares about. Violence against property, against inanimate objects can be grounds to ruin a human life. Yet, violence once removed, through capitalist or corporeal or psychological means, is encouraged by way of societal "success". If anything I hope this frightening mess is rock bottom for a consciousness recovery.


Well, i dont want to speculate on possible ways for these guys to attack us for obvious reasons, but I dont think you are right that there are not other ways of causing comparable damage. Bojinka Plot comes to mind. Plus we dont seem to have many security measures on chartered flights.

You bring up a good point on the cockpit doors, but there were so many other factors. Pilots were trained to do what hijackers asked. FAA allowed box cutters (no security failure there) . FBI ignored reports of these guys on flight simulators who did not care about landing. Immigration officer failures. Etc.


Thank you for this redwriteman.

I agree completely.

For an example of what may happen, if we are not very prepared, we need only look at how effective George (baby) Bush was in getting a 'Washington Consensus' a mainstream media buy-in for his perpetual terror war. This even with millions coming out against the Iraq war etc.

Sure that mainstream media, now, is highly critical of Trump. When he launches a war, there is no doubt that the media will tow the war line, and journalists will, once again, race to get in-bed(ed) with the US military.


His fascist leaning, xenophobia, misogynism, and narcissism aside, there are two things to like about President Trump:

  1. He calls torture, torture, not 'enhanced interrogation'.

  2. He acknowledges that the US is 'not so innocent' and has killed lots of innocent people.