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Donald Trump and the Republicans Work Every Day to Destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


Donald Trump and the Republicans Work Every Day to Destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Alex Lawson

During Donald Trump’s campaign for president, he promised over and over again to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Now, in the lead-up to the midterm elections, Trump is claiming to have kept that promise.


This is a dance that never ends.

Every election the Ds claim to be saving SS from the meanie Rs. This doesn’t mean Rs won’t cut SS if allowed, they probably would, however, they wouldn’t touch it when Obama put cuts to SS on the table w/Rs.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

In the end SS/Medicare get pinprick cuts and more costs shoved onto beneficiaries. It never improves, it rarely increases in benefits (Medicare), or payments (SS) and the elderly, et al, suffer quietly believing it is the best they can get. More obscenity from our elected public “servants.”


For progressives to conflate Republicans with Democrats is self-defeating; a bad tactic. “Voting for the lesser evil is evil” is a most damaging thing Nader said when running as a Green. Many or most Democrats suck but Republicans work for the devil. Republicans rule because they all vote while many progressives won’t vote or will vote third party. Reps had a plan to take over the school boards, pack the courts, etc. that slowly and incrementally allowed them to become the ruling party while progressives nit pick away for want of instant gratification. Herding liberals is like herding cats.

So which is the “stupid party”?


Message to all Republican politicians :

Kill Our Social Security and We’ll Kill You!

Join the Movement.


The irony of it all is that if they are successful, in the end they will end up destroying themselves. You put millions of old people on the street and it will be the final straw. This country will break…


Exactly my point. If they succeed, they only succeed in ultimately destroying themselves. You would think they would understand…but they don’t.


Our message must be clear.

Steal From Us By Stealing Our Social Security,
And Anarchy Will Follow Them To Their End.


The current Republican Congress members are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed to begin with. Just take a look at Louie Gohmert, for a good example.


I’m not sure if they don’t understand, or they truly think they are untouchable. If this is the case, they will be sadly mistaken.


Both of them, when rank-and-file Democrats continue to support both misleaders and MCs that consistently vote with the Republican vandals.


If we had an honest money system, stopped the stupid, immoral wars, in this technologial age we’d only have to work four hours a day and social security and health care would not be an issue. Sometimes I think welfare is being used as a bribe to accept warfare. Endless warfare. Like MLK said, without a moral revolution in this country we will have endless marches against the corrupt state. Gopherit


Far be it from me to contradict Alex Lawson or his excellent employer. But as an economist with considerable understanding of the Social Security System, its foibles, its shortcomings, and its enemies, I can’t help but feel that Mr. Lawson is being a little too polite to those “enemies,” as “progressives” routinely do.

The banksters and others of the One Percent have been fulminating against Social Security since before it was written into law. They have never ceased nor wavered in their enmity for those who would challenge their absolute right–one might even say their DIVINE right, like that of the kings of old–to the rake-off, the tribute (payment) to them for their imprimatur and their permission for the provision of financial services–or for that matter, providing anything at all–to members of the Great Unwashed WITHOUT that rake-off for themselves.


Relax. Democrats have maintained the lead in dismantling the “safety net” since the 1990s. Republicans moved on to other issues. Democrats began “reforming” Social Security the way they “reformed” our former welfare programs – one part at a time. They targeted the disabled/seriously ill, who then became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000. Finally, Obama was able to get disability benefits restored, but soon enough Dems in Congress resumed making cuts.

Interestingly, what came to be called AFDC, our former primary welfare program, was first included in FDR’s Social Security Act, a key part of the New Deal. It was later separated to focus on the needs of young families in poverty. (Our “failed welfare system” actually had a success rate of over 80%, providing just enough stability to enable recipients to move on into jobs, using welfare short-term.) Democrats got rid of that, and quietly turned their attention to Social Security.


And the two parties in power serve the 1%.


“It’s the policies, stupid.” Since the 1990s, Democrats have successfully implemented more of the hard right agenda than Republicans would have dared to try. Now, most voting choices come down to economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class. Democrats threw the poor off the cliff in the 1990s. Countless poor American families were torn apart, and the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of ever developed nation. Are you saying that the poor should vote Democrat out of gratitude? Meanwhile, Democrats have worked for over a year to build support for a catastrophic nuclear world war on lies that are flimsier than Bush’s claims about “Iraq’s stockpiles of WMD.”


Alex, Thanks for this important article (and very clear title). You provided a powerful summary of the facts.


No argument on that. Thanks for the reminder about the origins of AFDC, which I had forgotten. Not the point of discussion here, but relevant. There is a streak in human nature that seems especially prominent in the countries that adopted Protestantism early, that I had never really recognized until I moved to a state of the former Confederacy. There are quite a lot of people who would rather deprive a dozen persons of what is rightfully theirs than see one person receive a single unearned penny. Other ways of saying that include “mean-spirited” and “un-Christian,” and geography aside it seems to be more prevalent among people who have internalized that “Protestant ethic” than among the general population minus the One Percent.


Unfortunately, Republicans are worse. Not voting or voting third party will keep these fascists in power. Ultimately the system is rigged and only progressive Democrats address that fact


All politicians want to be wealthy, it’s why they run for office. A cake job doing nothing but feeling important while they rape and pillage humanity for their own personal gain. The scum grovel for authority, a minute few respect people and work in their favor. The higher up the more corrupt.