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Donald Trump and the White Ford Bronco Presidency

Donald Trump and the White Ford Bronco Presidency

Tom Engelhardt

A record? Come on! Don’t minimize what’s happening. It’s far too unique, too unprecedented even to be classified as “historic.” Call it mega-historic, if you wish. Never from Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar to Soviet despot Joseph Stalin, from the Sun King Louis the XIV to President Ronald Reagan, from George Washington to Barack Obama, has anyone — star, icon, personality, president, autocrat, emperor -- been covered in anything like this fashion.

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I keep waiting for Trump to say, “I did not have sexual relations with that/those women.”

“If the gloves don’t fit, you have to acquit.”

(emphasis mine)

Well and exactly put by Mr. Engelhardt. A significant part of our population has become totally irrational and delusional. An impeachment will not change this, and may even make
it worse, by conferring a martyr status upon the leader of this cult.

Stormy (pardon the pun) days ahead, I fear!


Just as Nixon would not have resigned if his inner circle hadn’t already been taken out, pushing Trump out without first taking out Ayatollah Pence and the rest of Trump’s band of pirates will indeed strengthen the GOP.

Nearly two decades prior to 1984 (during the Viet Nam era) the surveillance state was well established at all levels of military and domestic policing in the US. In March 1968 (50 years ago), similar to today’s high school age activists, I was a 16 year old high school student working on Eugene McCarthy’s POTUS primary campaign and participating in anti-Viet Nam marches and rallies. Unlike today’s high school activists I would not be able to vote until I was 21 even though I had a low lottery number that assured I would be drafted and shipped to Nam if I didn’t resist.

A year later I met a twentysomething gentleman who had defected from a law enforcement career and had stolen boatloads of photos (no easy task in the film era) showing me and thousands of other patriots fighting fascism during the previous year.

Anybody who thinks 1984 didn’t arrive until the 21st century is in denial of what was happening throughout the cold war era.


The “negative treatment” Killer Clown has received over decades is the reason we’re afflicted by his sociopathy today.

If the corpress had simply covered his criminality, his bigotry and his misogyny in a diligent fashion, if he hadn’t been transformed into a reality show demigod, if he hadn’t been viewed as a cash cow for cable news and print media on the campaign trail, he might well be serving time in an orange jumpsuit to match his mane, or at least consigned to the footnotes of history, alongside the likes of other like minded lechers and con men with delusions of grandeur.

But they didn’t, because in the end he represents an America they may find gauche, but in essence is the essence of the capitalist ethic they hold sacrosanct.

And he’s good copy.

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Engelhardt sez: “Never … has anyone — star, icon, personality, president, autocrat, emperor – been covered in anything like this fashion.”

Ayuh. Even on this ‘progressive’ site he seems to appear in 95 per cent of the articles and commentaries.

And we keep clicking.


Indeed. I was amazed to hear from a friend that after having donated $10 (!) to a fund for medical help for the AIM activists at Wounded Knee, she found herself audited, and blackballed professionally, for a number of years. Who are we paying to do all this? Not only are we paying subsidies to big business and funding war as an integral part of the economy, we are paying for our own surveillance…