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Donald Trump Can’t Make a Deal

Donald Trump Can’t Make a Deal

Zoë Carpenter

Donald Trump has made plenty of bad deals in the course of his career. There was his Atlantic City casino empire, which ended in multiple bankruptcy filings. There was Trump University, which led to multiple lawsuits and a $25 million settlement. There was the deal with electronics chain Sharper Image to sell outrageously priced mail-order steaks, which lasted all of two months.

'Trump has the lowest approval rating of any new President, while ObamaCare’s popularity has never been higher"

Which has to be Comforting to the Insurance Industry.

Health Care as a Human Right.

Paid for through our Existing Taxes, just take it away from where it DOESN’T belong.

The Money is already there, not to mention the Avoided Taxes that the 1% Treasonously withhold from the Nation.


One of the most effective ways for the GOP to sabotage the ACA and much more is confirming Gorsuch for SCOTUS.

Stopping the confirmation of any SCOTUS judges during Trump’s POTUS stint needs to be the highest priority, seeing how unseating right wing judges and their verdicts will be much more difficult than reversing Congressional legislation.

Note that Gorsuch will be among the youngest SCOTUS judges in history if confirmed and we could be stuck with him until mid-century or beyond, to say nothing of one or two additional right wingnut Trump appointees if Bill Clinton’s two nominees retire or expire soon.


True, Donald Trump can’t make a deal, but what he can do and will do, if he is true to form, is make another ludicrous Obama was spying on me type claim to throw the spotlight off his recent failure to repeal Obamacare. His hardcore followers ate that last whopper up with gusto and a new one would also serve to put the Democrats back on the defensive, rather than giving them time to go on the offensive by offering a single payer plan. Yes, it would also create an opportunity for Trump to draw media attention away from the Gorsuch hearings. Can only imagine what Bannon is whispering in his ear right now.

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Trump is blaming democrats for the withdrawing of the great new health plan. This man is just plain scary. He doesn’t have a grasp of reality and only ascribes to his “truth.” What debacle is next? What lunacy will he come out with next? Thank god most in congress realized their constituents would abandon them in next election if they went through with this foolishness.

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I like Trump’s claim that he’ll just do healthcare with Democrats now. If that’s the case, extract Gorusch, renominate Garland, and Dems should put forward single payer, at least the public option and Medicare buy-in to start negotiations. If an increase in subsidies in the ACA and Garland come out of it, that’s a win. Of course, Trump ain’t going to do that, he was just speaking out his backside.


Seeing how Trump’s base continues to hang on to his birther myth eight years after it was proven bogus means that they will hang on to whatever other BS Trump dumps on them. In addition to the blaming Democrats, jettisoning TrumpDon’tCare enables Trump to contrive at least a half dozen new enemies to add to his ever growing enemies list that keeps his base salivating.

The Goebbels play book requires the user to serially contrive new enemies that only the divine leader can save his followers from. To date Trump’s track record serially contriving new enemies is second to none.

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He’s whispering, sweet ‘nothings’.

Muslim Ban-Strike 1
AHCA-Strike 2

What will be Strike 3?
-Tax Plan Benefiting the Wealthiest
-Infrastructure Plan

Or, will Flynn or Manafort sing like canaries.

My ‘liberal’ rep issued a statement claiming that now was the time to “work together in a bipartisan way to build off the progress we’ve made and find real solutions to improve the ACA for the American people.”

Well that’s not good enough. Thus, a growing contingent in her very safe blue district are now reaching out to independents and third-party types who support single payer in an effort to field a name-brand candidate to run against her in 2018. If she can’t/won’t support single payer (her biggest campaign contributor was BlueCross/BlueShield), we’ll challenge her with someone who will.

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Donald Trump can’t …period. He never learned how; he never had to. He was born a billionaire into a dysfunctional family. Now, he’s fat, loosing his hair and he’s impotent (propecia). And, he’s the president - it’s embarrassing.