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Donald Trump Confuses Bluster With Strength on Trade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/donald-trump-confuses-bluster-strength-trade

Trump has no cojones. Just a poser, like his constituency.

Last year’s U.S. trade deficit in goods (it’s even larger in manufactured goods) with the countries mentioned in this article:
$419 billion - China (a large chunk from U.S. companies producing there)
$169 billion - the EU
$81 billion - Mexico (a large chunk from U.S. companies producing there)
$68 billion - Japan
$20 billion - Canada
$18 billion - South Korea
= $775 billion sub-total
plus $116 billion - all other countries combined (not mentioned in article)
= $891 billion total

Trump is a complete moron…although Navarro his trade advisor isn’t.

Trump should retire and back Bernie for 2020.

With obscene images of low-wage migrants being chased down as criminals by ICE, others drowning in the Mediterranean, and the worrying growth of anti-immigrant sentiment across the world, it is easy to see why the Left wants to defend illegal migrants against being targeted and victimized. And it should. But acting on the correct moral impulse to defend the human dignity of migrants, the Left has ended up pulling the front line too far back, effectively defending the exploitative system of migration itself.

Today’s well-intentioned activists have become the useful idiots of big business. With their adoption of “open borders” advocacy—and a fierce moral absolutism that regards any limit to migration as an unspeakable evil—any criticism of the exploitative system of mass migration is effectively dismissed as blasphemy. Even solidly leftist politicians, like Bernie Sanders in the United States and Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom, are accused of “nativism” by critics if they recognize the legitimacy of borders or migration restriction at any point. This open borders radicalism ultimately benefits the elites within the most powerful countries in the world, further disempowers organized labor, robs the developing world of desperately needed professionals, and turns workers against workers. https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2018/11/the-left-case-against-open-borders/

Bernie Sanders on excessive immigration:

He’d be a nobody without Daddy’s help and money. If you can’t see simply by what he says (unscripted) that he is a moron then there is nothing I could say to convince you.

For over a century, the US invested much of its largess in the economies of other nations, by supporting US corporate branch plants in such countries. Hard goods are only one part of international trade. The US receives huge sums of money flowing back to its corporations from profits made by their subsidiaries in foreign lands. Now Trump is adding tariffs to the goods made by these subsidiaries and delivered back to the US for sale to Americans. He is hurting the bottom line of these American companies and reducing the flow of cash from their foreign and domestic profits.

And where does that cash flow of profits made by U.S. companies producing in low-wage countries go?..to expansion of production facilities in low-wage countries, to foreign wages, and to shareholders in the form of increased dividends and share buybacks. 35% of U.S. shares are held by non-U.S. citizens (and companies) and 50% are held by the wealthiest 1% of U.S. citizens.

Right! No argument there but my point still stands.