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Donald Trump, Congress, and War With North Korea


Donald Trump, Congress, and War With North Korea

Michael Eisenscher

We have to stop the game of nuclear chicken Donald Trump seems to want to play with Kim Jong Un.

Anti-nuke demonstrators in Berlin on November 18, 2017.(Photo: ICAN Germany/flickr/cc)


“Its imperative that Congress enact a law that prevents Trump from ordering such a premeditated attack with out prior consent of Congress required by the Constitution.”

That sentence has to be an oxymoron if I ever heard one!


It’s imperative that Congress does this for the Peoples of the World.

If we are ever to move towards living in a world of peaceful coexistence, this is the way to start.


CORRECTION: I am now National Coordinator Emeritus of USLAW. The new National Coordinator is Reece Chenault.

I retired from that post at the end of 2015 and continue in a part time capacity as editor of its Weekly Headline News Bulletin.

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