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Donald Trump Deserves to Be Ridiculed—It’s the One Thing That Terrifies Him


Donald Trump Deserves to Be Ridiculed—It’s the One Thing That Terrifies Him

Sonali Kolhatkar

Donald Trump has a thin skin. That personality trait is consistent with his large ego, desire to flaunt his wealth, portray himself as a playboy and aggressively fight every imagined slight.


All the criticism and words over all these months have resulted in this horrible result, but what choice did the people have. over 220 million in the country and look at the candidates competing- one good one for the Dems, destroyed by the Dem establishment who then blame the Russians(!); lots of terrible candidates for the Repugs, and how different or better would any of that lot have been?
I thought Jill Stein and the Greens would have been worth a try (had I been an American voter, which I thank my lucky stars not to be) but now it seems she cannot even keep the Greens together, and seems to have been drawn into the Russophobic fantasy too.


Sonali is right on target. I think his other vulnerability is that he seems to have the impulse control of a 12 year old -- or maybe a 4 year old. This means that ridicule has an enormously high likelihood of working and when he does lash out, he will make more mistakes.

One good strategy will be to ridicule him every time one of his appointees or a Republican on the Hill says or does something really stupid; of which, of course, I expect there to be a constant and endless supply.


Trump is a mix of trust fund hipster, white punk, casino player and vice loving pimp, business hustler and a fan of gaudy and cheesy archeitecture. How anyone can ridicule this truly perfect American icon baffles me. What's to mock, here?


From an old tale about Diogenes (the Cynic philosopher):

"Diogenes was particularly upset by extravagant and lavish interior decorations, and at one rich man's house, on finding himself surrounded by expensive carpets and sumptuous cushions, Diogenes spat in the owner's face, and then wiped it with his rough cloak and apologized, saying it was the only dirty place in the room he could find to spit."

Just as apropos now as it was back then.


Well, Trump has been a Mussolini wannabe for a long time. It would seem that his wish has been granted.
* I read history and remember well Mussolini's fate. If we must have another Il Duce, I hope his history will repeat all the way to his end.


apoplectic is a great look for drumph


Sonali, Why don't you stop worrying about Trump and get together with Amy to out the truth of 911. Amy doesn't go near this event which allowed the eternal wars for oil. The MIC house of cards and thievery rests on this false flag. Forget the bs of kabuki theater elections.




The only winners from a Trump presidency will be Big Business and stand up comedians. The latter had a tough eight years with Obama in office. Obama is not cartoonish. He is a serious bright person with personality traits that are hard to turn into laughs. The comedians had a field day with George W. Bush, the best gift to comedians since Richard Nixon.


It's very likely Trump is not just what lay people call a narcissist, but actually is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Sonali, you ask us to ridicule Trump but to what end? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you sure this is the right strategy to use on someone with NPD?


Bullies do fear Ridicule more than anything else.

The way to success over Bullies is shining a light, in every way possible, on the fact that they are all Cowards who try to Even the Score of necessary battles they Should Have Fought, but were too Afraid to, with battles they Choose To Fight, always against easy, available Targets.

ABC = All Bullies are Cowards

That Trump is a Coward has been well documented.

A friend of mine, a lifelong Martial Artist with a Black Belt in Karate, once told me that a Tipoff to him has always been when a person says that they "like to fight".
He said that he had found that what they DO like is to Beat Up those with lesser skills, yet invariably lose all Courage when actually faced with an Equal.


On Friday (12/9/16), TaklingPointsMemo.com posted some very interesting thoughts on Trump's actual financial status, which dovetail nicely with Ms. Kolhatkar's article:


Very funny analysis, but I'm afraid you are right in your assessment of Trump.
One aspect of our personality is that many of us want to live vicariously through others,
and Trump is the character that many wish they could be - those guys that think they'll win the lotto,
those that think they'll get the hot wife, those inwardly-living souls who dream of the blustery personality.
I'm already missing President Obama.


Well! te pocketa, te pocketa, te pocketa, te pocketa,
, te pocketa to you, too. But try flying planes, surgery, etc., please. There's more skill and bravery involved than what Trump did. Think the honorable George McGovern vs. the actor Ronald Raygun.


Sonali. Thank you Look forward to your show on FSTV, the only TV station I can stand to watch due to the typical mind-numbing programming of football, reality tv, addiction to cult of personality,and commercials which assault one about every 6 minutes.

You state: "Those among us who have encountered bullies in person know that the most effective way to throw them off their game is to laugh at them and taunt them, driving them to respond in ways that expose themselves, making them appear so weak and foolish that they are demoralized and ultimately beaten."

How true.

In 4th grade, I often walked home down the same street as did the big bad bully, Eric H. I feared him, and had played sick to avoid school a couple times. One day, I guess I had had it . Walking home, he was telling me and my friend Bobby that a Nazi WW2 fighter crashed into his back yard.

I said, "Your house was not even built until well after WW2. That is a big lie. How foolish do you think we are?"

A fight ensued. He was bigger and stronger than me, by far. I ended up on top, somehow (never under estimate the repressed anger of short kids;-) and remember pounding his face with both hands.

He walked home sobbing, and never bothered me again.

Last I heard he was in prison for manslaughter.