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Donald Trump Doubles Down on Deportation Plan


Donald Trump Doubles Down on Deportation Plan

Lauren Carasik

Anticipation that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump might moderate his position on immigration in a long-awaited "pivot" to the general election was extinguished on August 31 when he laid out his 10-point immigration plan in a fiery speech in Arizona.


It is less what he said as the way he said it, in loud angry tones conveying fear and hate. Some things he said were simply stating present US government policy but he said them in the nasty tone of a white nationalist with a hateful us versus them view of America. Our government has rounded many undocumented immigrants with criminal records and had deported them. And, all 11 undocumented immigrants are now subject to deportation. That is US policy. So he left hanging what to do with millions of people who are not deported. Supposed after he built the wall that Mexico supposedly will pay for and all the criminals are deported then decisions would be made about all others. So that leaves even those with no criminal records with the fear of deportation. So basically this was a speech using the familiar tactics of dictators, shout everything and use lies and distortions to drum up fear and hate of others. Besides George Wallace, it is hard to think of any political candidate for president in modern time who used this approach to getting support. That is actually works in the US remains surprising to me. I didn't really realize there is that much hate out there for non-white people in the US. If even more surprising that so many people would be willing to demonstrate this much hate in public and not just keep it to talk are the dinner table or ranting at bars. The fact that it is now acceptable for white people to demonstrate this much hate in public seems to have created a dangerous situation. Somehow all the political correctness that seems to keep a lid on things has been kicked aside and the ugliest aspects of Americans have emerged front and center. For the first time it appears that the idea of multiculturism is really threatened. America could actually go in an entirely different direction in opposition to the values that the country was founded on.


Donald Trump is a know-nothing, narcissistic, lunatic.
That is all.


If this wounded Neanderthal did manage to gain the Presidency and deport 11 million Mexicans; and ensure that the majority of young Black men were ensnared in what passes for a criminal-"justice" system; and made life so hostile that every Muslim packed up and left; and every woman feared both rape and the inability to secure reliable birth control... who would Trump supporters have left to demonize? Who would they turn to then? Jews? Labor leaders? Environmentalists? Reporters and Journalists who dared to deviate from Official Narratives? All of the above?

"He claimed that "illegal immigration costs our country more than $113bn a year", blaming migrants for at least some of the country's economic woes, though they comprise only a tiny fraction of the population - a divisive tactic Trump has long employed to stoke resentment."

Trump's boosting his ego and confidence game on the backs of Mexicans is a very old and equally disgusting EVIL.

Since I believe in karma, all of the castigation that he's blanketed onto target groups will be the mortifying weaknesses in his own putrid soul's conduct that he will have to face (in the company of Luminous Beings) and atone for.

P.S: To readers with bifurcated intellects, my statements above do not mean that I see anything remotely akin to just policy or decency in Mrs. Clinton.


If that was all... the guy wouldn't be a possible contender for President.

Unfortunately, when anyone is lavished with celebrity in this nation they draw a following. And Trump's following--mostly consisting of angry, disaffected, lower-income, white guys--is frightening in and of itself.

His popularity with that ilk essentially sets up a a cultural climate that is equivalent to "Open Season" on Mexicans, Muslims, Central Americans, Blacks, and also a return to the sexist objectification of all females.


"... who would Trump supporters have left to demonize?"

That is exactly what people should be asking. A person like Trump can only maintain power by demonizing some group. People on the left should be especially concerned because any attempt to disrupt capitalism could be deemed a threat to national security. Certainly attempts to block the building of key infrastructure such as pipelines and shipping ports could be categorized in that way. Journalists would certainly be another likely target. Even Catholics if there is no one else left. Right now undocumented immigrants are the easiest target along with Muslims and also African Americans and Asians but the list could be easily expanded to maintain power.


Seems like a Trump negotiating tactic. He had to make the "huge threat" real. Whether it pays for the wall or not, Mexico is going to have to pay to resettle the deportees and for the loss of factory jobs moving back across the border to avoid his 35% tax on imports. How will Mexico afford to build a wall then?


It seems to me that the main emphasis by Trump was on crime. That is why the only people he actually claimed he would deport are those with criminal records, starting in his first hour in office no less. And he vowed to triple the police force to do this even though the present number of such police is straining the budget. He makes it sounds if most undocumented immigrants are violent criminals. Actually, studies show the crime rate for these people is less then for the US general population. Trump offered no solution to the undocumented immigration problem other than building the wall and deporting criminals. Others would have no path to legalization. Their only recourse would be to go back to where they came from and try to return. Clinton's plan is to provide a pathway to citizenship,


Yes, Trump largely repeated Obama'a policies on deportation and also present US policy that all undocumented immigrants are subject to deportation. I think his supporters are completely ignorant of what is going on with immigration. They seem to think there is no enforcement at the border and they don't seem to realize there is fencing that stretches for over 700 miles. His supporters don't seem to know they are cheering for current US policy so when Trump yells out something that is US policy but makes it seem like it actually is not being done he gets a great response. It is like some sort of theater. The reality of the situation is ignored and everyone pretends millions are crossing the border without any problem and then committing horrendous crimes and also receiving great US government US benefits which they are not. There is no possibility for serious dialog with these people. They simply ignore all facts that get in their way in pursuit of a white nationalist type of America.


More. He is the unquestioned leader of a mass racist movement.