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Donald Trump: Foreign Policy’s Useful Idiot?


Donald Trump: Foreign Policy’s Useful Idiot?

John Feffer

He wants to cut back on U.S. military commitments overseas. He calls the Iraq War “one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of our country.” He promises to make deals with America’s adversaries. He’s comfortable with the détente with Cuba.

And he really pisses off the stuffed shirts at The Washington Post.

So, what’s not to like about Donald Trump?


Having correctly identified Trump's misogynistic machismo, why shy away from stating the precise nature of Trump's primary demographic: angry white MALES.

This is somewhat disingenuous for cowing out:

"I was confident back in August that Trump could win the Republican primary, because his messages were perfectly tailored to 95 percent of self-identified Republican primary voters (i.e.: conservative white people)."

THIS is not:

"The man is an incoherent, misogynistic bully."

Correction is due--Make it Conservative angry white males!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Mr. Feffer, while I applaud your colorful turns of phrase, you're acting in complicity with the MSM by dismissing Mr. Sanders as a loser before the contest course is run.

And as one who has made a career of predictions, I shudder when political analysts (lacking expertise with tools of prophecy) endeavor to do likewise. I contest this prediction:

"Before that happens, of course, we’ll have to endure a very ugly election followed by four years of foreign policy as usual. The United States will continue its drone attacks, its selective interventions, its costly alliances. Meanwhile, America will continue to implode structurally, the population becoming even further polarized politically and economically. The essential choice — to refocus national energies on rebuilding the economy at home or to wage endless conflict overseas — will be put off until 2020."

Mother Nature won't be just sitting idle over the next 4 years. With record volcanoes exploding, record storms eviscerating coastal regions, record droughts alternating with record floods... very little will conform itself to past standards of normalcy.

In short, all logic-based bets are off.


The omission in this article that is conspicuous by its absence is any real discussion of Ted Cruz.

The author is OK with pushing the "global policeman" discussion out to 2020, which, if Ted Cruz is elected will be too late. Recent references to him as Crusader Cruz and Ayatollah Cruzmeanie are not to be taken lightly with respect to his potential for sparking one or more holy wars.

This morning I received a yes or no on-line ballot questioning if MoveOn should start an anti-Trump campaign and PAC. I voted NO. in the comment box I noted that from a risk management standpoint, as wretched as Trump may be, Cruz is worse.


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Hey Democratic Party: How is it that the looney tunes front runner in the clown car race has a better foreign policy than the candidate you're trying to shove down our throats?

Clinton is champing at the bit to get rid of Assad, and who knows how many other attacks, invasions and regime changes she and the other neocons have lined up?

Her praise for austerity economics means her expansion of the empire will be financed by cuts to social programs, with Social Security first on the chopping block.

You're using Trump as a lightning rod to draw attention away from Clinton's overseas agenda, but we're not all fooled. It's why a lot of us Sanders supporters will not be voting for Clinton if you manage to steal the nomination.


They do this every cycle, Z, but I'm glad you're resisting. This party has taken its voting base for granted for so long they barely even bother to hide it anymore.
If anyone deserves to lose to a cretin like Trump, it's the Democrats.


The Biden factor was my initial reaction to that comment.

Perhaps the DNC plan is to pull Biden in if the GOP moves to indict Clinton ?


Common Dreams Readers and Commentors

How many have seen following excoriating open letter by Stephanie Cegielski, a close working confident of Trump who has been playing an important strategist role in his campaign?

He's indeed a dangerous narcisstic sociopath, psychopath (not much difference) Not surprising to most but still shocking!!! ... And Cruz's character matches Trump's social personality disorder. What a political MESS the Republican Party is in!!!


The other side of the coin is that a MoveOn anti-Trump campaign is actually likely to help Trump. I left MoveOn because of such things. I suspect they will launch the campaign ...


I read the article. What stuns me is how anyone could have wished to support Trump... from the get-go since everything stated about him (including the line "Trump is about Trump" which I stated in a comment a few weeks ago) by the author--as if sudden revelation--was so absolutely clear to people like me (and millions of others) all along.

Well, I suppose if a team member wakes up and spills the beans there are certain political advantages to that... for the Bernie side of the equation.


The attacks, invasions and regime change, that Clinton has already been involved with and where her war hawk partners in crime already have their minions hard at work is almost every South American country. They will do everything in their power to undermine all hints of populism anywhere in the world but they are hell bent on keeping it from the shores of the Western hemisphere.


This article was fun to read but dismissing Trump as someone who is just going to fade away when defeated is missing the danger posed by the mob that bows at his feat. These people are not going to go away nicely.

They genuinely believe that they have the right to their privilege. An ex-poster on my facebook page put it this way, "Votes or guns". What they are saying is, "We'll have it our way no matter what." This mob genuinely believe that they are supreme and that black lives, Muslim lives, Mexican lives, LGBT lives, or any other live who isn't white and male does not matter.


Trump wants to get rid of the overseas war machine that has been in place since WWII? He may be a racist, misogynist clown, but I actually agree with him there. Why do we have so much military in place all over the world? Hillary on the other hand wants to get the middle east wars going and even add some. While global warming is ripping up our climate, she will be waging wars. I doubt Trump would do anything for the environment or women or education, but I frankly am not sure Hillary would do much either. She might be like Obama and stab progressives in the back.


Of course these people aren't going away. Paul Theroux the travel writer recently wrote a book on the south and said all you have to do is visit gun shows and look at the bumper stickers in the parking lot to see where Trump's issues come from. The core of his support I guess could be called the gun show culture. They all seem to share the belief that the government wants to take away their guns. Apparently many of these people don't usually vote but Trump has got them lining up to cast their ballots.


Their can't be any more odf an anti American agenda than supporting Trump or Cruz.
People are fools to think Trump could use the nuclear football at will to threaten any country.
Cruz is another shit for brains that thinks carpet bombing innocent women and children will prove anything but what a terrorist he is.
Both Trump and Cruz are the best supporters and recruiters for ISIS.
Hillary is no better and is just another republican in speech and agenda.
Sanders is the only politician running that supports government of the people, by the people, for the people. FEEL THE BERN!! The gop brokered convention will put in another loser, either lying Ryan, Romney or maybe even Koch owned Perry, and they will all lose to Sanders. Democrats need to wake up in their state elections and get out and VOTE to take back the senate as well.


'Trump’s challenge of the bipartisan consensus that the United States should lead the world.'
This would be the only reason to vote for Trump.

If he managed to achieve this the street parties across the globe would continue for months.

The other effect that he might have is make Americans wake up and ask why the hell they are doling borrowed out money across the globe, when they cannot address the problems at home.

Of course he would never live to achieve any of this, the military complex, military manufacturers and the Israelis/Jews all have far too much to lose --- another Robert Kennedy in the US's fine history of 'democracy'.



HRC is only a little less worse.

Reluctantly, she gets my vote if Bernie is not the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. The last thing our nation needs as president is an egomaniac overcome by his own self-love - whose delusions of grandeur and grandiose fantasies of limitless success conceal a 'thin-skinned tyrant' without one ounce of humility who enjoys dishing out immediate headstrong recrimination to his critics. (see: "Bernie Is Best To Trounce Trump, San Diego Free Press, by F. Thomas, March 17,2016).


Sometimes articles written capture such a beautiful, naked, honest human insight - also in such an uplifting, self-effacing way - into a sensitive idea, subject or issue that one enjoys subsequently taking moments to quietly self-reflect more on the calming intensity, imagery of what is being said. I had that pleasing soul searching sense when I read the exceptional, mind-opening writing,** "Angry White Men On My Mind," by Ernie McCray, San Diego Free Press, March 19, 2016.

My excuses for seeming a bit mystical or philosophical. But if you haven't seen Ernie's article, I kindly recommend it. No return comment necessary.


My best guess is he triumphs over the machine at the convention and then rips Hilary apart in the general election.

This will setup the battle royal with the vaunted "Deep State" we hear so much about here and elsewhere.

No other candidate is capable of lighting the fuse under an apathetic electorate as the Donald, no other candidate is as willing to do what it might take to put the "Deep State" back in its place.

My prediction is that in that battle, it will not be won by attrition but by a blitzkrieg attack, and will be over by the end of his first six months in office. They will be kneecapped just as Hitler accomplished against Roehm and the Brownshirts, hopefully without the violence and loss of life, but if that is what it takes, I believe that he will go for it.