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Donald Trump: God of the Apocalypse


Donald Trump: God of the Apocalypse

Tom Engelhardt

Once upon a time... when the idea of this kind of man with a nuclear weapon was just unthinkable


Yet less than a year ago many people were saying we should fear the election of Hillary Clinton because she is a warmonger bent on nuclear war with Russia. I guess at least some people are relieved because Clinton lost the election to the subject of this article, Donald Trump.


I’m afraid it was inevitable that someone like President Big Don would eventually gain power here or in some other nuclear nation and be attracted to the idea that HE woukd be the one to make his enemies fall down and go big boom. He lacks, like most of the warlord leaders who preceded him, cannot believe that he himself could be harmed so long as he’s the one who makes the first strike.

Considering his temperament I think he really really wants to use The Big Boom Bomb and is just waiting for an opportunity that won’t cause a lot of preliminary squawk back. I think he sees himself like Charllton Heston in Cecis B. DrMille’s Ten Commandments movie at the parting of the Red Sea scene, striking a power pose and exclaiming ‘“Behold my mighty power!”

As I said st the start of this rant, someone like him was bound to happen to us sooner or later. I feel fortunate that I have been able to live almost exactly as long as the nuclear threat without this coming up till now.

Maybe those around him can hold him back somehow but it’s not looking that way, Though having a bit more sense than The Donald, but not much and seem to be Daydream Believers about being part of his power trip and don’t seem all that motivated to find sone way to put a stop to it before it puts a stop to us all.


Did the 1032 atomic bombs tested in the Nevada area since 1945 start heating up the planet with 50 million degrees Fahrenheit ?


trump has no idea that he’s willing to obliterate human civilization and the planet by his actions, God will punish him, but in time?.


Well, I’m not relieved. Not even a little bit!


1: They were 1 at a time, not several at once.
2. “Nuclear winter” is not even about “heating up the planet”.


“[I]f released,” the nuclear stockpiles would “annihilate not just humanity much of the world”?

“[I]f released”? I have speculated - without ever researching it - that if there were no attempted ‘delivery’ of the two stockpiles - that if, instead, they were simply detonated in their silos, in the air, and under the oceans - that the annihilation would be as great, as total, and - from any humanly imaginable perspective - as permanent.


65 years in, growing up within the dead zone that would be The Strategic Air Command’s brain and nerve center; never a dull moment for those with the imagination and time to wonder, what would melting or burning alive really feel like? Would there be a final collective Scream, heard round the world?
" From diddy to grave, there’s something, there is always something ". Robert Penn Warren, All The King’s Men. Yet, we can’t even stop two overgrown pipsqueaks from going off the very deep end. And, taking millions of sane and good people with them.
Well, that something is not even good enough to bring down an actual raving lunatic like Trump. The collective intelligence of the best and the brightest has slipped a gear, here. The Batshit-Crazy-Commander-In-Chief has been doubling down on nutty for two years now; daring anyone, " please call my bluff. I dare you. I’ve won, claiming the throne and now all the power. Like on TEEVEE, right? "
Yet, because of big money piles promised for a new decade, they’ll forego even a try at knocking Humpty Dumpty Trumpty off his fucking wall. So afraid his black knights could possibly put a mind-cracked, 70 year old bullshit artist back together again. They can’t, btw. Not even in their hottest and wettest dreams. Fantasy is called that for a reason.
By hook or by crook get this nutcase and his shit-for-brains followers and kleptocratic cronies away from the button and out of our lives, please. We don’t need more children wondering what it’s like to melt or burn up on the school playgrounds.


Can you please stop peddling this BS. Both are reprehensible war criminals, ok. As for Hillary (and Obama), just look at all those people who have drowned in the Mediterranean fleeing a situation of their doing. And let’s not forget Obama’s drone killings or his call to increase our Nuclear arsenal. Hope he is enjoying all his Wall Street payback.


I’m convinced that if Hillary Clinton had been elected we would be looking at a significantly DIFFERENT KIND of “JUST AS BAD.”


During Obama’s last year in office, we dropped over 26,000 bombs on seven countries.

But now Democrats are suddenly anti-war. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.


Again, it’s simply a matter of degrees to me. Trump is obviously a deranged narcissistic, fascist nutjob who could start World War III any moment over Iran and/or N. Korea. Clinton was a warmongering Israel-loyalist in bed with Wall Street and the MIC who never met a war she didn’t like, and who cackled gleefully at the sodomy and murder of a foreign leader who had surrendered all WMD’s at the U.S.'s behest years earlier. She, too, could just as easily start World War III had she been elected, also probably with Iran or N. Korea - or Russia over Ukraine/Syria. She would have been less impulsive about it, however, and would have appeared more calculating and intelligent about the decision, and probably at least lent the appearance of trying other conventional military options first, such as a no-fly zone over Syria, which would draw Russia into a more direct confrontation with the US first. In short, NEiTHER of the two candidates were ever a good choice, BOTH of them were evil, hypocritical, war-loving people, and it simply boils down to a matter of degrees, and I do not subscribe to lesser-evilism. I chose neither. And at this late stage where Trump is President, I despise the constant bickering between Progressives over what would-have-been-had Hillary won instead of Donald, etc.


I just find it unbelievable and unacceptable that we, as a nation of over 300,000,000 continue to allow our existence to be threatened by the actions of one man. The very first thing to do should maybe be to put massive pressure on congress to approve resolution 669, the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017” (without a congressional declaration of war expressly authorizing such use), which has been languishing in the gutless forum since JANUARY, as mentioned in Rebecca Gordon’s piece, “Trump’s Nuclear Dreams”, link given in the article. I understand the possible need for speed in some god-aweful scenario to prevent nuclear destruction and maybe, MAYBE, some OTHER person could be relied upon wield such power because of that need but we all know by now it’s not the man who currently holds that immense power. It’s way past time to start putting pressure on Congress to approve Resolution 669.


You’re painting with a pretty broad brush, there. And, it’s been my experience that barn painters rarely get their work shown. With the possible exception of The Ozarks, of course.


You’re right.

After seeing how many Ds voted to give the military an $80B budget increase, I suppose they’re not suddenly anti-war. They’re the same old war-loving bomb-droppers that they’ve always been.


I see now that there is new legislation being introduced specifically addressing the North Korea situation, intended to remove the president’s ability to launch a first strike. I retract my “gutless forum” remark. I hope they can keep it going this time.


They are actually not anti-war. They’re just anti-Trump. Once he goes away, so do they… and the bombing will continue.