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Donald Trump has done less to destroy democratic norms than Mitch McConnell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/donald-trump-has-done-less-destroy-democratic-norms-mitch-mcconnell

McConnell is a serious scourge upon all of humanity, the sooner he it cast from this earth the better for all of mankind and the earth itself. Think I’m reaching too far? How many Americans have died because of his actions or lack there of. Healthcare, storm recovery, etc., the list is long, and this doesn’t even calculate the SC rulings of the future. The worst part, he thinks it’s funny.


It would appear that McConnell’s oath of office means as much to him as marriage vows mean to Trump. How is this not treason, or at least impeachable? Mitch has sold out this country as well as his soul. I wonder, was he was paid in Dollars, Rubles or Yuan?


Bitch Mcconnell, truly a piece of shit! just as uggly, just as greedy, just as evil as trump, unfortunately a bit smarter than the orange one, to our detriment.


"…asked Tuesday about a hypothetical 2020 Supreme Court nomination, McConnell was direct: “Oh, we’d fill it.”

This remark by McConnell was made recently at a Paducah, KY Chamber of Commerce gathering. Much chuckling by the Chamber’s knuckleheads could be heard in the background after the comment. McConnell’s power over our nation is enabled by such as those in attendance. That makes them complicit in McConnell’s trashing of all norms both constitutional and democratic.

If our nation is to hold McConnell accountable for the damage he’s done then by extension, sycophants like those in attendance at that Chamber of Commerce meeting should also be held accountable for their complicity. The most effective way to do that is to affect the commerce or income of Paducah by avoiding the city at all costs.

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When it boils down to the lowest common denominator, how do the voters of KY wield so much power over the country?

The rot is deeply rooted in our entire system. The Senate majority leader has way too much power. He can single-handedly halt the entire legislative process at will and cripple the Senate and no one can do anything about it. Our supposed wise Founding Fathers should never have allowed one person to have that much power. The other problem is that every state, regardless of population, has 2 senators. This results in a gross underrepresentation of voters in the Senate. The 53 GOP senators who have a firm majority represent millions of fewer Americans than the 47 Democrat ones. Speak of destroying Democratic norms: it is built into the system. We are being increasingly governed by people who represent a minority of rural, white, uneducated, gun toting, evangelical, racist, flat Earther types who love what Trump is doing. The result of all that is Mitch McConnell who is one of the most despicable people ever to hold office in this nation’s history. He boasts about rigging the game to consolidate and retain power, and then pretends he’s doing it out of respect for the democratic process.

And what’s important to understand is that McConnell is not merely a “hypocrite,” as you will undoubtedly see him called a million times. He is a strategic, conniving, shameless authoritarian for whom the asymmetry of the rules is the point.

That’s why he announced it (with zero fear of consequence, I might add) that he will fill a vacant SCOTUS seat in 2020. He wants us to know about the double-standard. He wants to appall us with it.

It’s a brazen flex.

McConnell just doesn’t want to win. He wants to rub our noses in it. He wants us to know he cheated his way to victory. He wants to gloat about his domination.

He isn’t confessing hypocrisy. He’s doing a touchdown dance.

built into the system. Each state gets 2 senators, that is bound to result in minority rule especially as urban centers grow. It is built into the system by the Founding Fathers to accommodate slave owning states that had fewer white populations and werent getting enough reps in the House (since black people didnt count as people).