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Donald Trump Has Given the United States a Great Gift


Donald Trump Has Given the United States a Great Gift

Bill C. Davis


Not quite a homonym, but close. Trump is a poultice poised to be Potus.

He is a poultice put on the body politic to draw out the poison. Whether or not that is his intention, it is the fact of his presence on us.

What he has drawn to the surface are various toxins isolated in a boil ready to burst. Election day is the lance. It would be an encouraging moment if he were to be shunned soundly on that day. But however unwittingly, he has done the country a great service by calling these elements to the surface.


The homonym poultice for POTUS when applied to Trump is a good one! And the only antidote to this horrible political, miasma is Bernie Sanders.


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I think Adelson only supports Trump so he can concoct an impeachment countdown clock in his casinos. Trump couldn't stay within the coloring lines of the constitution any better than W or O, but doesn't have the establishment's endorsement and so would be fair game.


Another in what is going to be a long line of character assination pieces on Trump and his followers, now that establishment Democrats feel that Clinton has cinched the nomination. In fact, this one could have been written by Hillary.

The danger, here, is that it paints a picture of Trump and his followers as having no substance beyond their racism, sexism and xenophobia. This is simply not true, no matter how distasteful, obnoxious and crackpot Trump certainly is. On some issues, he is actually more liberal than Obama and Clinton, or at least no worse, and this is the very thing the Clinton camp does NOT want discussed.

I am certainly not suggesting that anyone should vote for Trump, but know such articles to be the lesser of two evil rants they are. This is exactly the poison that the Clinton camp needs to spew in order to get your vote should Bernie not get the nomination. Buyer beware.


Exactly. They are far from silent and they are NOT a majority. But isn't that what the vocal minority of the far right are very good at doing.

Things like:
Right to Life
Compassionate Conservative
Weapons of mass destruction
Family Values
Preemptive strike
Guns don't kill, people do


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Trump will change his style and tone, forget the primary Trump. And he has a big bonus: Hillary R. Clinton. He will crush her. Her "carelessness", i.e., corruption is to big to hide, and Trump is not as polite as Sanders. If the Democratic Party fields her, Trump will win. You'll see. Of course the Democrats are still on time to choose better.


The last thing we need is an us vs them demagogue. The only type of leader ever needed is one who says we are all in this together. Whether we like it or not we are all in this together and pandering to people who won't accept that is far from a gift. George Wallace won five states running as independent with the us vs them message. As a Republican, Trump could win far more states than that.


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"Putting him aside for the moment, who wants him in power? Who believes his brand of power and authority is ideal and good for us"?
The sick f**ks that would like to bring about U.S. Civil War 2.0 that's who. And damn, I never realized how many of them there were until Trump got them crawling out of the woodwork.


Regardless of who gets elected POTUS this fall, be it Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders (providing he stays in the race and/or gets in the door, if one gets the drift.), it will indicate just where the American people at large are at, and who we are as a country, overall..


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To the contrary, what it indicates is how successful the following are:

  1. Voter gerrymandering districts
  2. How many Progressives are cut off the rolls
  3. Who counts the votes
  4. Which precincts are left open
  5. How the super-delegates weigh in
  6. How "The Supremes" (court) weigh in
  7. How many districts use touch screen (computer generated outcomes) voting machines
  8. Whether closing off the hugest demographic--Independents--in key state primaries assures "the win" to the already crowned queen.

For anyone to have witnessed the DEGREE to which Sanders has been left out, constantly framed as a loser before he began, and in many instances his voting based blocked FROM voting... to still offer your ridiculous conclusion is on a par with blaming the kids in Flint for drinking the lead-laden waters.

I have to ask myself which is more repugnant--this constant mantra that blames citizens/voters regardless of boatloads of evidence to the contrary; or the forum's kinder, gentler brown-shirts who don't recognize themselves as such... in their idolization of Trump.


On the contrary, if the American Electorate at large allows the above to happen, it'll indicate who we, as Americans really and truly are as a country.


"Who believes his brand of power and authority is ideal and good for us?"

Who believes the ones in power now are? The endless war. The endless corruption. The endless healthcare crisis, infrastructure collapse, stagnant wages, invasion of our privacy, the ending of our once open society and overall wellbeing of the people who make up the citizenry, and for that matter, the world?

Who in CD_land_ wants to defend those that have brought us to this point? Who dares say the ones who f*cked things up so badly will fix them?

If this is good enough for you, if it really is, then I'd suggest to stop bitching, whining, pissing and moaning about everything and instead, relax and enjoy your own little private paradise in Hellsville, USA.

Hey, just trying to stop the killing.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to have a drink!

Have a great weekend! :sunglasses:


Exactly - that means he could also be better than what his words made him out to be.

Hillary, however, is thoroughly tested. She has experience, and “got things done” - involved in some of the most horrible, inhuman crimes any politician or government figure could commit.

Who's more dangerous - an untested leader who talks like a Nazi but may not be one, or a leader who has proven beyond doubt that she is a bona fide Hitler in skirts.


Of course, if Bernie wins, as he should have convincingly if the Dems/Hillarites had allowed fair, honest elections, that would be best. Despite the odds, there’s still a chance of that.

If Bernie is not nominated, then I agree with you and many others here that Bernie should run as an independent or with the Greens.


Yah,well, it sure ain't the age of enlightenment is it?


Well, of the three candidates that matter - Sanders, Clinton, and Trump - only one (Sanders) was not using the 'us vs. them demagogue'. Yet look at who the MSM is calling upon to drop out.