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Donald Trump Has Never Cared About Workers, and Never Will

Donald Trump Has Never Cared About Workers, and Never Will

John Nichols

The biggest lie ever told in American politics is the claim that Donald Trump cares about working people.

He never has. He never will.

As a bankruptcy-prone business mogul, Trump always financed his lavish lifestyle at the expense of the workers and contractors he screwed over. Now he is doing the same thing as president. That was made abundantly clear last Friday, when the government shutdown that Trump engineered denied 800,000 federal employees their paychecks.

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Trump is the culmination of the playbook laid out by Edward Bernays’ (1928) Propaganda, nothing less, nothing more. A soulless silhouette of a supposed man sold to the American public through the glow box and consecrated through the electoral college. Along with the influence of the various Russian operatives, there are myriad causes for concern raised by the installation of 45, a number that will live in infamy. If America cannot learn from these moments and find a corrective course it shall be doomed to slide into irrelevancy on the world stage, nuclear weapons and all.


You said it.
Just wanted to point out that U.S. Economic, Defense & Industry leaders have far more daily influence on this nation than Russians ever will.


Even sadder is the fact that so few within the d-party care about workers. They don’t even try to hide it.

In fact, Chuck Schumer laid it out in no uncertain terms:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


Who does? I mean, hell, most workers don’t even care about workers.

The reality is that few of his fans believe he cares about them. What they like about him is that he drives other people they hate nuts. Other people, incidentally, who also don’t care about them.

There’s a point where you’re getting left behind that you just want to see it all burn. And that’s where a lot of his support is. They never wanted to make “America Great Again”. They wanted America to pay for leaving them behind and ignoring them.

Mind you, this isn’t all of his supporters. But it’s a very big chunk of them.


they’re in a jam because of neoliberalism. if the Democrats actually just returned to their accomodationist New Deal roots and meant it, they’d be the dominant political force in the US by lunch tomorrow. Sadly, the price they pay is to not get anywhere near as rich and also have to work harder at fundraising. But the reality is that they would end the GOP in a week if they ran into FDRs embrace.

I was a Democrat and a liberal for years waiting for this to happen, and after Clinton, it became clear to me that the party’s structure itself was constructed to prevent such a return or the possibility of a takeover. I radicalized and I left. Literally…:slight_smile: I just wish more Democrats would have the stomach to leave their herd.


The trouble is that we progressives use flowery language while the rethugs pass insane legislation including against women’s rights. We need to stop the cry baby language and pass real laws.

Me too- how did the dems get hijacked by Clintonism

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That’s true of DC in general


Agreed! the democrats have a “class” problem in that they are scared shit less to even mention the word “class” or debate that there is major class warfare in america … just like every other banana republic in the world

Ever seen the inner cities of this nation … many are at 3rd world status … even rural areas in alabama and other rural states are at 3rd world status

the failure of the democrats and their minions in the lame stream media to even broach this subject is an absolute dereliction of duty


Agreed!!! Those in the ivory tower do not even like the “working class” or anyone in a labor union much less a banana republic emergency.Even all the way back when the Viet Nam War was raging- college student protestors did not want to mix with labor unions- stupidly turning down what would have been an even more powerful movement - and even in Occupy the same thing happened. We must all stick together- and stop dividing and sniping. I am in a union family!!!Progressive all the way- down with classism.Marching tomorrow.

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Then let’s hold them to it- no more Shillaries in the future- more progressives- and no more pols being ashamed to be liberal. Liberal means tolerant, inclusive, with fair wages, treating the Earth with respect, and not just looking at a Wall Street portfolio like many of these pols do. Congress and their aides are getting paid, and the Coast Guard and border security are not!!!

They’ve figured it out- just don’t want to act on it.

That Schumer quote emphasizes the intent of D-leadership.

Democrat policy choices had clear negative impacts for workers in America. Under the Clinton/Obama era, most elected Democrats favored:

  1. The Free Trade ideology (NAFTA/GATT/WTO/TPP) that shipped manufacturing and technology jobs out of the country with rigged currency exchanges, no tariffs and no environmental or worker safety provisions.
  2. An explosion in costs for healthcare and higher education leading to the highest personal debt in generations. First taking Medicare-for-all off the table and then taking the Medicare buy-in option off the table.
  3. Financial deregulation that led to inflated housing costs, strangling whatever is left of pocket money. Bailing out the lenders instead of forgiving the inflated debts.
  4. Threats to cutback Medicare and Social Security benefits (Simpson/Bowles commission) instead of repairing the withholding limits.

That’s all under Democratic leadership. A handful of true progressives spoke out. Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders come to mind.

Other “wait-and-see, lean-in faker democrats” verbally said yes while creating useless regulations and trying to fool the D-voters.

Note: Congress is run by bankers (Barney Frank) and the bankers choose Elizabeth Warren to head the TARP oversight committee that ensured all the money went to the bankers. Later they tapped her to create a fake Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under banker control in the Federal Reserve (owned by the largest member banks, is neither Federal nor has reserves!).

That didn’t get very far and created a vacuum for Trump to fill. Trump was a great bullshitter and ran to the left of Hillary. Now he’s f*ked because he betrayed his promises.

That said, Trump hates American workers as much as the Democratic leadership and reports to the same CEOs on Wall Street.

Trump is the furthest thing from a “commie” and is bizarre that NYT, MSNBC & CNN have decided to paint him as a Putin stooge.


No, the biggest lie ever told in American politics is the claim that Democrats ever cared about workers or ever will. Even FDR’s New Deal was designed to save the ruling class from truly progressive reforms. Plus a lot of the New Deal policies were racist, such as Social Security that excluded domestic help. Do you think Obama or the Clintons cared about workers? No, they both wanted to send American jobs overseas via NAFTA and the TPP.


Of course Trump doesn’t care about the blue collar trash that worship him. That is precisely why the ignorant trash worship him!
This is a common thread with trashy inferior humans, they seek gods that despise them. Evangelicals did the same when they adopted a god that will dump them in hell. But the vile and base white trash exceeded all low self esteem expectations by adopting an evil and degenerate clown as their god. They’ll get what they deserve.

Well John, with all of this Trump incite, the question is where the hell were you 2-3 years ago? You know, when you’re writing could have helped the voters.