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Donald Trump Has No Mandate—Sad!


Donald Trump Has No Mandate—Sad!

John Nichols

Donald Trump is assuming the presidency without a mandate from the people—and this fact drives him crazy. For the tens of millions of Americans preparing to oppose his administration and its draconian policies, this is not merely a salient detail; it’s an essential tool of resistance.


Trump has plenty of mandate - those many millions who voted for him and possibly millions of others who've moved to support him, compared to Clinton anyhow, like me who voted for neither one but is elated Trump beat Clinton. And Trump beat Clinton not unlike how dubya "beat" Gore. Both dubya and Gore had mandates, different ones obviously but, like Trump, a mandate from those who voted for him and others who now support him. No one can pretend to know what happens next with Trump. Yes, he has a track history, but not in politics, only business so far. And since he's a business man and not a lying cowardly politician like the toy boy Obama, he is going to do biz with Russia instead of bombing them with nuclear warheads like Obama's agenda, and the huge array of NeoCons in our government.


I guess ethics are not your strong suite here, since you are willing to look the other way when blatant corruption is on display, or only look for it in the people you happen to disagree with. Sad!


How is it that in American society being a cheap bully has become the embodiment of strength? I see that all the time in movies too--people who work with diplomacy, courtesy and respect are labeled "weak" while the jackasses who try to bulldoze their way over everything think that's being strong. News alert: it takes a heck of a lot more strength to use self control than to just give way to every ugly impulse that happens to spark through the circuits of your brain.


He has no mandate. He has propped up ego and money. First the tediousness of the job will drive him nuts, then the constant protests and rallies will keep him feeling insecure, along with all of the legal problems and possible impeachment proceedings, all together will make his new job a thorn in his side. He may even quit and walk away.
He would like to muzzle dissent but won't be able to, so the threats will make people more angry. His supporters will come unglued when they start seeing what it means to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He's on thin ice.
I don't think he'll make it two years.



You've got a problem tibetan . . . are you losing your sub-minimum wage job as troll?


Hey, don't hold back, "tibetan." Why not put it all out there like this Letter to the Editor writer in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune:

"America is a free land once again! The darkness of atheist, socialist, globalist oppression has been lifted! We are back under the Constitution again of the founding fathers. They weren’t the founding comrades, as the left would want us to believe."

Joel C. Elliason, Hudson, Wis.

Now that's comittment to one's beliefs, however twisted.


The Republican Party is very comfortable in its' own skin. It knows what it is and what it needs to survive. From survival, and tenacious wherewithal, it powers itself to governance and then drops its political and economic agenda, like a cluster bomb, on the body politic.
Do you hear Republicans saying we're spending to much on security issues? On the DoD, Homeland Security, Police Budgets and Prisons? On badly designed and developed weapons systems?
" Deficits don't matter ", Dick Cheney
Do you hear Republicans talking about increasing financial regulation of banking and financial matters? Do you hear them talking about mundane regulations about workplace safety and the equal payment for equal work? How about food safety?
" I'm here from the gov't. And, I'm here to help you " ( snickering ). Gov't is not the answer, it is the problem ". Ronald Reagan
The Republicans have made gov't grievances and absolutely reasonable gov't regulatory safety a problem. Fall off a roof and not in a safety harness? Get an operation and the doctor cuts off the wrong leg? This is " to much of a hassle and cuts my productivity ( profit ) down. Stop the gov't from intrusive regulations on my business, dammit! ".
And, in economic and politic matters, this never-ending grievance meme continues to magically charm the American voter. Over and over, again.
" Democrats are to nice ". Maxine Waters. Maybe, as a coalition party, they have to be more nuanced, but they need to quit being so compromised as to be unrecognizable. Or, the Democratic Party needs to dissolve, like a sugar cube in water, and be replaced by something else more durable. Like a steel ballbearing in lubricating oil, perhaps? No more descriptives like spineless, gutless, chickenshit, etc., please. That is what the Democrats could learn from the Republicans, but they never seem to get it, do they?
Just exactly what do we have left to lose, if we don't learn this, anyway?
What part of this last election cycle, and eight years of temerity and difference-splitting governance, would tell us not to do this? If we get another chance, that is.


It IS a problem within American society that being 'tough' is a good thing - causes that swaggering John Wayne thingy that many males adopt. Causes a mindset of conceit & sneering at other less-swaggery societies. Not generally seen among the educated, this is strictly prevalent among those who need something to prop up their feelings of worth - you know the 'we are the champions!' thing they have to chant regularly so they get reaffirmation of who their group is & that they do belong to that group !


Breaking through with the truth on many fronts is necessary. Clearly Trump barely won and it appears that without the help of Russia and James Comey he would have lost by quite a bit, possibly by a landslide. The truth that America is not falling apart has to come out. The truth that global warming is real and is mainly caused by human sources has to come out. The truth about Trump's business connections to foreign countries has to come out. The more the truth is able to emerge the better.


Trump lies more than any traditional politician I can think of. Many politicians bend the truth at times but fact checking by Politifact after the debates showed that Trump did not tell the truth far more often than any of his opponents in the Republican primary. Clinton had one of the best scores on telling the truth compared with any of the candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries.


Trump is president for two reasons. An anti-democratic institution called the "electoral college" was designed by the founders ( most of whom, like Trump, were among the wealthiest men of their day ) to prevent the popular election of the president. The second reason is computerized voting allows for the easy and undetected hacking of the vote count. The verification of the count in all the separate states is not possible as a practical matter, demonstrated by the abortive efforts of Jill Stein.

There is no reason for anyone to have confidence that the election represents the genuine votes cast and plenty of reason to believe it was fraudulent. The election results reflects the will of the oligarchic minority of billionaires who bought the election. The focus on Russian hackers has created a spectacle that successfully diverted attention away from the inside job carried out here in the secret and unaccountable operations of corporate vote counters that can deliver customized non-auditable election results for the right price.

Trumps simple minded rhetoric, derived largely from his reading of Hitler's collected speeches, all his transparent bullshit about workers, ( Hitler's "Volk"), his promise to redeem a fallen, benighted nation ( laid low by the Treaty of Versailles), his "vision" of "new national pride" in which divisions are resolved in resurgent patriotism ( a nation reasserts its moral values and rejects communism and other types of perversion in a new and eternal Reich ), show that he has indeed read the speeches of Adolf Hitler. Too bad he's a deluded bastard out of touch with reality, whereas Hitler was in touch with the weltanschaung of his Volk and knew what he was doing and what he was up against.

He has no mandate! But guess what? We have no functioning democratic political system. We have an oligarchy, now run by a blustering oligarch. Jimmy Carter should not have been there since he told Opera we don't have a democracy, but he's a politician first and last and they do love to wallow like pigs in their own shit.


The more I hear about this Russian hacking the more I agree with your assessment that it is really a massive p.r. campaign of distraction. Why wouldn't the PTB and the Deep State destroy two candidates whose policies they detest; one before the election and the other, after?
This strategy doesn't even factor in Sanders, Stein and the Libertarian Weld, the brains behind that outfit. They were preemptively eliminated from the debates, at the getgo.


I was fortunate to witness Dr Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka speak in person, and after hearing them articulate how they would address Americas problems, it was clear why Donnie and Blondie didn't want the nation to see them on the same stage. Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are class acts. Many here, seem to believe the support of Corporate Rule and Bought and Paid For politicians will be our salvation. Sad.Very Sad.


He may not make it two weeks! As a Constitutional Criminal every day of his so called Presidency, a cell at Guantanamo with his name on it must be reserved. To keep the Donald company, a couple dozen more for his cabinet would be great. Let's 'Make America Legitimate Again'.


I voted Sanders, then Stein. Knowing, of course, my Stein vote was a protest vote, in a very bluish state.


Best comment I've read yet about the supposed election interference by the Russians. Indeed, everyone parroting the media or the CIA's accusations is helping to turn the focus away from the real perpetrators which were Republican operatives using a variety of ways to disqualify voters and undoubtedly having access to the machines used to count the vote. Prior to all this in other elections, the media nor the CIA have had any interest whatsoever in reports of election fraud.

It is actually Steve Bannon that wrote most of Trump's speech and he is quite familiar with Hitler's speeches. Bannon is a very dangerous character who is quietly slithering behind the scenes mostly unnoticed.

Excellent observations.


Lawsuit filed today for violation of the Emoluments Clause. These will keep him hamstrung, needling him at every turn. He's already seen the whole world stand up against him. He must be fighting tears right now. He's screwed. Sad.