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Donald Trump Has Some Explaining to Do


Donald Trump Has Some Explaining to Do

Michael Winship

First things first, Donald Trump: Release. Your. Tax. Returns.

No excuses.

Second, if we have to have a cartoon character running for president, I would prefer Bart Simpson. He has better writers and a healthier sense of self-awareness.

Like Donald Trump, Bart clings to a life’s philosophy best summed up as, “Whatever it is, I didn’t do it, unless it’s something good, in which case I did do it, even if I didn’t do it.”


Buyer beware. The "Hillary is the devil" "lock her up" crowd could care less of about Trump's tax returns but the bombshell in his tax returns that Mitt Romney first suggested several months ago is probably financial relationships with Russia. As president, Trump would probably be a walking conflict of interest. Almost two-thirds of the people in this country are members of minority groups or are college-educated whites and for the most part these people are not buying the Trump's biggest scam. These are mainly the people we have to count on to stop Trump. Nobody should vote for a candidate who will not release their tax returns. Bernie Sanders was reluctant to do so but he at least released his returns for 2014. We will probably never know what he was hiding in the older returns. No matter what people think of Hillary Clinton nobody can accuse her of hiding tax returns. At last count I think the last 33 years of her returns have been made public. People should keep demanding that Trump release his returns as has every candidate for president going back several decades.


Trump's refusal to reveal tax information is likely driven mostly by his widespread business failures that would deflate his standing with supporters who view brand Trump as a winner. Most of Trump's successes have been with his star power brand...naming rights, reality TV and the like, not running brick and mortar or cyber businesses.

"Putin and Trump dragging us down the lane to a kleptocratic, even fascist hell" ?

Anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome or having been locked in a closet for the past three plus decades cannot deny that the Raygun Revolution (which included the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) launched the US (and subsequently many other nations) on a trajectory to the "kleptocratic AND fascist hell" that more of the 99% have become victims of with each passing year.

Each of Raygun's four successors has accelerated the speed at which we are being "dragged down the lane" and there is no question that a Clinton or Trump administration will continue and likely accelerate that downward spiral for the 99%.

The only way to erect a road block to being dragged further down the "lane to a kleptocratic and even fascist hell" is to elect Jill Stein in November. Don't let Clinton spoil Stein's opportunity to reverse the trajectory.


With regard to Trump's ridiculous charge that Obama and Clinton are the co-founders of ISIS a Clinton policy advisor had this to say "What's remarkable about Trump's comments is that once again, he's echoing the talking points of Putin and our adversaries to attack American leaders and American interests, while failing to offer any serious plans to confront terrorism or make this country more secure." We really do need to see Trump's tax returns and fast.


I agree that we need to see his tax returns. But we also need to see the content of Hillary's speeches to Goldman Sachs.


What in the hell is up with all this commie hysteria? Stop and think a moment. Is the current plan to march on Moscow as soon as Trump is defeated? It looks like a coordinated campaign, which includes the current rise in military tensions on the Crimean border. It's just bizarre that so many supposedly liberal commentators are going whole hog on the Satanic Putin trope.

Greenwald was the first to comment on this disturbing groupthink trend. To its credit, The Nation has weighed in, as well:

Against Neo-McCarthyism
In their eagerness to defeat Trump, liberal pundits are reviving a damaging discourse.


Trump got away with pushing his birther campaign so far beyond the point of proof of Obama's birthplace, that it empowered him to believe that any statement he made, irrespective of its valdiity, would nurture a following. Hubris on steroids.

Although that strategy worked for him during Obama's presidency and during the primaries, there are not enough general election voters to embrace Trump's fantasies.

Pundits comparing Trump to Goldwater must not have been around for the 1964 elections. I had a front row seat and can assure you that Goldwater was a much stronger candidate than Trump is today.


So more anti-Russian propaganda right here on Common Dreams? It turns out that our oligarchs conduct business with the oligarchs in other countries, some of whom reside in Russia. That shouldn't be a shocker to anyone.

Now let's be fair and unbiased and talk about the fact that Exxon was given a waiver on the US sanctions against Russia so they could continue with their joint oil venture in the Arctic with a Russian company. Let's talk about the Clintons taking money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in exchange for favorable arms deals. Or how about the Clintons close association with, and taking millions from, a Lebanese businessman who helped the former Nigerian president steal billions from the Nigerian public coffers? And that little mining deal approved by Hillary while SoS that gave 20-25% of our uranium to Russia? Going to ask what Russia is doing with that uranium and why she approved the deal, knowing full well what uranium is used for? Or how's about this: while SoS, Hillary made an agreement with the Japanese post-Fukushima that food imports from Japan would not be curtailed or tested for radiation. Other goodies, in our search for bias-free journalism, would include an examination of the Clintons' financial support of an international educational group, based in Saudi Arabia, that runs schools based on sharia law and sharia educational standards. Bill was the CEO of this education corporation for years and may still be. They also support and promote a group that is seeking to privatize education in the US. (And here we are supposed to believe that Hillary is for public education. Snort.)

And where is the $2 billion that was collected to help Haiti after the earthquake? Bill Clinton runs the Help Haiti Fund along with George Bush (who seems to have dropped out somewhere along the way). Only $50 million has been accounted for, and that went to build a luxury hotel for the businessmen flocking to Haiti to profit off the devastation. The Help Haiti Fund is listed as a regular "donor" to the Clinton Foundation. It cannot possibly be legal that the Help Haiti Fund can donate its money, which was supposed to go directly to the Haitians, to the private Clinton Foundation. This is open money laundering and theft.

Shall I continue, or do we want to keep on trying to create a new bogeyman so we can commence with WW3? This Russia bashing is going to lead nowhere good. It needs to stop. Common Dreams should not participate in this shit.