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Donald Trump: He Can't Win, Can He?


Donald Trump: He Can't Win, Can He?

Duncan Cameron

Most Canadians watching the U.S. presidential race were astonished to see Donald Trump emerge as serious contender for high office, let alone become the presumptive Republican nominee.

For months, pundits explained Trump could not win the nomination. His candidacy would be laughed off, thanks to outrageous promises to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S., or build a wall to keep Mexicans from crossing the border -- and make Mexico pay for it.


Because of the electoral college it is going to be very difficult for Trump to win. But to make sure he loses Democrats have to get the Obama coalition out to vote. If they vote in big numbers Trump should be defeated. However, this is going to be challenging, particularly getting young people out to vote. Without Obama at the top of the ticket his coalition may not produce enough votes. I would expect Obama to work hard to get members of his coalition to vote for the Democratic nominee.


Thanks to you, and every other person working diligently to perpetuate this corporate governance that is ruining our country, Trump will very likely be the President.

Good work!


Please tell us what you don't like about Trump. Otherwise, considering that you are jumping on the Trump PC bandwagon, I'm guessing that you are actually a Trump supporter.

Some guys would feel more secure talking to women (raising their voice) if he were President, and they would have an advocate for packing their metal phallic heat in all 50 states.

Please tell me Matt that you aren't a Neo Trump Leftist. Pretty please?


Much comical, but nothing funny about this wizard of id


If Trump wins, the major political Parties can be thanked. it was their constant, year after year support for a form of fascism that created the 1% and the decimated middle classes. Finally the ignorant American voter has awakened to his foolishness and decided to do something about it. Only one candidate understands this and Sanders is causing all H to break loose in the Democratic Party, because he won't play the old, back room games so loved within the Party establishment.


"Canadian admirers of all things American, can't bring themselves to believe that Trump could be elected"

This statement is as disturbing as yesterday's CD article that noted 49% of Canadians have no opinion of the TPP.

Perhaps those "admirers of all things American" need to start questioning the basis of their admiration ?


Bill Clinton still has rock star status up here in Canada. If he visits to make a speech they show up in droves.


That figure struck me, too... particularly with that entire city burning!

What would constitute an effective wake-up call to rouse that blind, or is it asleep, 49%?


"Canadian admirers of all things American cannot bring themselves to believe that Trump the boorish clown could become the next U.S. president."

"Oh Canada, . . . "

There could be worse things on offer than a "boorish clown".

There could be Hillary Clinton.

In which case, vote for an independent candidate if you think that he / she is better than Trump and Clinton and could win or for the lesser evil if you think that the Independent cannot win and that taking the long view (voting for the best candidate (on this hypo, the Independent) is a luxury that the country cannot afford.

For me, the lesser evil between Trump and Clinton is Trump.

And may God save us all.


Ohio was stolen in 2004.


Clinton is scary because she is a hawk and frack promoter and I don't think she knows she can't tell the truth. Trump is a brilliant creation of himself...lately I think he has created a prophet who predicted his nomination in 2011. And part of the prophecy is he will appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices who are all anti- abortion. This will of course get the Evangelical vote. Scary. But they will vote for him. Bernie Sanders can beat Trump. Not Hillary. She is lost in the past.


Hi there PC.

Dont get too excited. Especially dont get into any more bickering matches. If you are going to get wound up about Trump vs Clinton, you should wait till Bernie has dropped out. Because then, arguing over Trump vs Clinton will be all there is left to do here on CD.

No one here on CD actually supports Trump, but many will not lift a finger to support Clinton, even against Trump. The positions CD bloggers on this are so close to your own that it is not worth calling names or being called names.

Trump is yet to show his true colors. He might be worse than GWB, or not. He might be as bad as Hitler, or some sort of reformer like Gorbachev, if his words can be taken at face value. Agreed that he sounds racist. But he has also spoken of dismantling the empire. I don't take him at his word. He might do something really stupid and cause a nuclear war with Russia and China. Who knows what Trump will do?

But if we take a look at Clinton's record, we already know who she is, and it isn't who she is currently pretending to be. We know what she will give us. More of the same, and plenty of it. More income disparity, more wars based on lies. Similar lies as she has been giving us over the last decade or two. We know that once elected she will continue down that path, even if like Obama, she keeps her peace-nic mask on and pretends that her dirty deeds have honorable motives. Currently the establishment is working hard at making war with Russia. Kind of a worst case scenario of what Trump might do already.


Cameron sez: "Canadian admirers of all things American cannot bring themselves to
believe that Trump the boorish clown could become the next U.S. president."

I would recommend my Canadian neighbours "admire" that fine "American" film Idiocracy. Had its writers not been wildly optimistic with their 500-year projection, it might have been sold as a documentary on the country's trajectory.


If Gore had fought like he should have instead of rolling over, then perhaps Nader wouldn't have had to carry Gore's cross all these years. Gore was a wuss. I'm thinking there might not have been a 9-11 if Gore had been in office, making what happened on 9-11 a personal attack on GWB for a deal gone bad somewhere along the line. But, that's nothing but speculation on my part.


Thanks for taking the time to make yet another argument for Trump.

It just blows my fucking mind. As long as I'm on this forum, I will absolutely "bicker" when faced arguments made that support Trump, however they are couched.

The argument that we can't know what Trump would do as President, THUS it is completely rational to vote for him to keep Clinton out of office is just utter bullshit. Pardon that horrible word, okay?

I'm being strident, mean, and the rest.

Yet, here you are remaining silent about what can be known about Trump right now. (oh I forgot, he's like a clean slate because he hasn't been in a position of governmental power yet, AND no one can take him at his word)

We know that he wants to build a wall, and in the process of pushing for that has demonized millions of Mexicans and stoked the hatred of his followers for personal political gains.

That doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has stated that Muslims shouldn't be allowed to enter this country, and has gone about the country saying this to followers in political rallies, stoking the hatred of Muslims among his followers for political gain.

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has made statements that clearly come from the mind of a misogynist. Rousing cheers from his followers supporting his contention that political correctness makes men afraid of raising their voices to women.

"I mean all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore," Trump told the audience in Spokane. "We may raise our voice. You know what? Women get it better than we do folks. Alright? They get it better than we do.”

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man, the misogynist jerk? Are you serious?

We know that he has made statements that he would direct those in the military to do torture worse than waterboarding, to kill the families of those suspected of terrorism. He backed off of those early statements after getting push back including those within the ranks of the military, but he has made statements maintaining that he is not only for torturing people, but that he would push to make it legal.

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has made the following statement…

"I will make our Military so big, powerful & strong that no one will mess with us"

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has made statements, that are also published on his campaign website, that he would increase deployment of the Navy and Air Force off of the coast of China as a means of intimidation regarding issues of trade.

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has made statements that he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which would be openly defiant of Palestinians.

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he suggested that nuclear weapons could be used against ISIS, as he refused to take it "off the table" as a potential military response.

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that one of the problems he has had with ME policy, is that the US should just "take the oil".

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

We know that he has stood and watched, while his goons and supporters have violently ejected dissenters from his rallies, and implied such actions are what is needed. "back in the good old days…"

And that doesn't tell us anything about the man? Are you serious?

However you would like to characterize my opposition to Trump, I really couldn't care less.

I'll continue to push back against this ridiculous contention that voting for Trump could in any way be consistent with the absolutely correct principled positions against Clinton the War Criminal.


Hey ....

Not disagreeing with any of that. It says a lot. I dont think anyone here does actually disagree though. He is like Reagan or GWB on a bad say. He is all over the board, and thoroughly inconsistent. Which promises would he keep? Only the bad ones? To have this as president would be like. Look I cant think of any greater clown, save some of the other Repug candidates. That woman whose name escapes me was even more stupid.

Seriously PC, I couldn’t fail to disagree less.

If you were Lrx I might respond with an equally damning summary of Clinton's warmongering history. The wilful destruction of the middle east is no small matter, and I have at times become quite angry about it. You might just as well put Tony Blair in for president as Hillary Clinton, except Tony Blair, while similarly dishonest and with a similar history, hasn’t threatened to turn Iran into glass.

But you already know this, and would not even disagree with it, I know you know that stuff so I wont bother.
Oh what fine candidates for president we will have!!! (if we cant have Bernie)
And you will probably give me another roasting just the same, given your current mood.

Stepping aside from T vs C for a moment, I have read your posts for the last 13 years. Yes I do read them. Your posts seem more agro over the last two months, I don’t know what is happening to you. And I wish you all the best.


You don't know what has happened to me over the last two months? Seriously?

Now you have taken the tack of making a psychological assessment of me? How insulting.

I have an idea. Find the posts that are indicative of me becoming more "agro" over the last few months, and post them so an assessment can be made as to my mental problems.

Interestingly, my rate of posting over the last few months has probably been at an all time low, so it really won't be that difficult to do a thorough assessment, so you can help me out here with not too much trouble, if you really are that concerned.

I find it offensive that you pull me aside for such counseling, when I have not engaged in anything that is out of the ordinary whatsoever on these threads.

I've taken much more personal abuse than I have ever dished out. I have attacked support for Trump for a damn good reason. That is called righteous anger.

You assert, that no one on these forums disagrees with my criticisms of Trump, yet for the last few days I've engaged a handful of people, and now apparently you, who are supportive of a dangerous demagogue making the same ridiculous argument that nothing can be known about Trump.

You say you can't disagree with me less, but yet apparently you are not at all convinced that this man is dangerous.

For years now, most people on these forums have argued against voting for the lesser evil. I would even quantify my support of Sanders as being a compromise in that realm, given that I consider him a supporter of the MIC in a significant degree with his support for the F35, and his general support of US foreign policy.

That said, there are degrees to be assessed as to a lesser evil. Voting Trump as a lesser evil makes a mockery of any notion that voting a lesser evil can likely result in some positive gain.

Again, this man wants to build a wall, wants to ban Muslims, wants to kill families of suspected terrorists, wants to make torture legal, and wants men to feel free to raise their voice i.e., be verbally abusive, of women

But will you push back against Trump on these grounds? Apparently not.

I think the people who are in need of counseling, are those who are making arguments in defense of Trump, and attacking me for steadfastly repeating the fact that Trump wants to fucking torture people.

And you are concerned about me being agro? My arguments are for positions that are anything but.

I'm not supporting the ultra agro megalomaniac Trump.

Add this to your psychological evaluation.


Appointing 5 Supreme Court justices. I can't imagine how bad that will be for this country. The end of democracy in everything but name and the rise of the oligarchate permanently.


The ones I have read have not actually been singing Trump's praises, no. Mostly they pointed out Clinton's negatives. Some have been at pains to point out that they dont support Trump. They often seem to be agreeing with you, even though they too can be downright insulting for no real reason.

True. There are much worse.

I dont even seek to engage them. I try hard to igonre pointless agro and such, and I wont mention names. I dont recall in the past that you have engaged in long back and forth bickering.

No, Im not. I have made that clear.

Then I apologise. I wont do it again. Please let it go. I dont know you truly, but I feel a bond through your posts over many years.

No, I will not support Clinton against Trump. Neither do I support Trump. I have made that clear.