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Donald Trump Is a Superspreader of Many Terrible Things

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/29/donald-trump-superspreader-many-terrible-things

The GOP has been a superspreader of fascist propaganda ever since Robert Taft, Joseph McCarthy and the Dulles brothers launched their commie witch hunt in 1950. Trump is simply more in-your-face than other GOP operatives, even Rush Limpbaa and Glenn Beck have been.

The “survivalist” industry, like the arms industry, especially the NRA (its lobby, sales and marketing organization) is expert at pushing its customers fear and greed buttons that increase its sales and profit numbers with each passing year. Some of our local survivalists’ garages are half filled with crates of survivalist food. The other half is filled with crates of ammo.


That’s funny, I’m thinking more of Herbert Hoover. I think he’s been reincarnated into a family in which he suffered such abuse and neglect he ended up with not one but two personality disorders.